20 June 2011

Channeler:  Elizabeth Rose

Question: “ What is a pre-incarnative and can it be broken if it is causing the person unnecessary struggle? I assume it can be broken, but not without consequences. And what is the difference at the end of the day, between a pre incarnative and personal karma? I know there is no escape from karma, but pre incarantive agreements can be broken, just as karma may not be met. I am a bit puzzled. They seem like the same thing at times”

Hilarion: “ Do not confuse karma with pre incarnative agreements or Soul Contracts. Many people believe that “fate” in their lives is dictated by the agreements made in the between lives period, which allows or forbids certain events from manifesting during physical incarnation. Now, you see, that is not correct. What we have described here is the standard working out of the karmic , the of cause and effect, the of resonance, the of attraction; for this interpenetrating has many names upon different planes of evolution.

Karma, the One Law, is what dictates the restrictions met by the entities still on the cycle of , as it is only by working out the lower frequencies of this law at which you resonate that the human Monads still bound by the chains of their own making can ascend.

The moon phases, just like the Wheel of Fortune, represent the working out of this law in your current existence; the constant ebb and flow, the in-breath and the out-breath, the Pralaya state and the New wave, the good fortune and the bad fortune. Heed what we say: no incarnated has been given too much to bear, lest the meeting of oneself could cause the destruction of one more opportunity to gain freedom. This is karma, to which most of you are slaves, and have been so for millennia.

You have been given free will together with a blank memory of your past wrongs, yet you act out the same patterns from one incarnation to the next, like puppets on a string, repeating the same dance with the same souls, chained by the fetters that bind you to the lowest form of the working of Karma; Rebirth.

Most of you do not have a choice but to meet yourselves in the mirroring of your past actions with others, and by using free will you can interrupt the karmic patterns so deeply anchored in your subconscious, the source of your instinctive nature and past programming.

But here is the difference, the key that leads to liberation and ; your Soul Contracts, the pre-incarnative agreements you Higher Self has made in the bardo between lives. Your Soul Contracts are your dharma; your Life Purpose or Soul’s Plan.

Karma is solved by meeting oneself and choosing a response based on your Dharma or Soul’s Plan. Once found (your guides are constantly helping you in this, if you would only still your mind and listen to the whisperings of your heart) it is ultimately integrity that will free you.

Make your choices according to your Soul’s Plan, do not compromise, and do not forget that regardless of the different journeys that each one of you has decided to embark upon, the destination is the same, having a common thread of pure, unselfish love. This is important, for it is the pure frequency of love at our level of existence that we are referring to, not its lower frequency counterpart which most of you, still on the wheel of rebirth, experience as emotional attachment.

There are as many Soul’s Plans amongst the Race as the number of Human Monads. Every soul, every aspect of the Divine, has chosen to be reunited to the One Life in its unique way, and this also applies to the karmic lessons experienced by each soul, for each soul is a facet of the Godhead meeting Itself by reacting to the other’s differences.

The common threads of your Soul’s Plan, your dharma and your karma, are love and integrity, the latter otherwise known as the ability to speak one’s truth. These qualities will help you free yourself of your karma, whilst achieving the common dharma of the Human Race. These common threads between karma and dharma have been the source of much confusion and misinterpretation by those walking on the Earth.

Soul contracts are always empowering; it is your for the soul. No one has soul contracts of illness, poverty or mistreatment which bind the person to suffer powerlessly during his or her earth life, no matter how much free will it is exercised to break free of these conditions. No one makes soul contracts of the sort. What we have described here is the meeting of oneself, the action of karmic resonance, from which you can break free by exercising your free will in choosing a path of higher love.

To answer your question, Soul Contracts are what you come here to learn which you cannot or will not learn through meeting your karma. Soul Contracts are based on learning and practicing what brings you joy, fulfillment and
at-one-ment with the creator, by finding and following your vocation.

Handicapped by ignorance and trapped in the grip of lower passions, most souls spend many incarnations in a perpetual swing, where little or no progress is made. They are quick to accumulate and slow at working out the karma that is forced upon them; they spend lives wearing the chains of wrongs forged long ago, ignorant as to how to free themselves of these fetters, painfully climbing the mountain of earthly life over and over again, powerlessly waiting for their chains to rust away in order to be set free.

This has been especially so in the young phase of humanity, when violence and cruelty were so widespread that very few souls found their dharma through the ability of introspection. Those were the philosophers, artists and hermits of the time, who have now escaped the wheel of rebirth.

Today, at the dawn of the Aquarian age, the vibrational shift from karmic enslavement to dharmic liberation is making itself manifest, at times even amongst those blind to spiritual truths, who are driven by the current generated by selected charismatic souls.

Ponder on this. The common thread to liberation is integrity and love. Both free you from the burden of reincarnation, both are the means to achieve your dharma and work out your karma. Realised Beings are those who have worked out their karma and fulfilled their dharma. Which road would you rather take? The choice is yours, we are only here to point the way. Remember that inaction is, by its very essence, action nonetheless, and not choosing is still choosing; it is passively choosing only the karmic route. It is the longest and hardest way, and the only one that is available for -and forced upon- those who have been referred to as “the living dead”.

The dharmic route is the new way of the Aquarian age to free yourselves from the all encompassing law of karma, for then you will be able to receive only its higher frequency; abundance, love and happiness, based on the resonant frequency of your actions. It is thus that karma works for you and not against you; you are no longer its servants but its masters. The proof of this you can see, on a smaller scale, in your everyday lives.

Some of you struggle to find your Life Purpose, yet some of you say “we are our hobbies”. Why? Because you are what fills your soul, which is the very essence of you. Do not take this for granted. Based on the spiritual evolution of each one of you, it is through practicing and sharing what fills your soul that true enlightenment is achieved.

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