The are dearly loved, always, without interruption, by their ever-loving Father, because He created them in Love, perfectly, and nothing can alter the reality of the of your creation.  You are, every single one of you, perfect divine creations at one with Him, eternally.  Your sensation of many, existing as individual independent human beings, is just that: a sensation, an impression, a belief without reality, as you play your game of being separated from your Father.  It is only a game, an imaginary situation you have built in which to play – and upon that unreal environment you imposed time.  Time is always flowing, unstoppable, inevitable, irretrievable, and extremely demanding. If you fail to achieve within a set time frame what you demand of yourselves, it seems that you are inadequate, incompetent, and guilty.  But there is no time; it is as as else in your illusory environment.

Nevertheless, you believe in it, and so it seems to flow irrevocably onwards, and if you miss the moment at which you intended to interject an event, then it is gone.  A later similar event cannot be the same as, or replace, the missed moment, and so it seems that you are forever attempting to correct the uncorrectable and replace the irreplaceable.  Success is impossible because, however brilliant the event you intended to have occur, everything you can imagine has already happened, and so the event you planned is like a joke that everyone has already heard.  That is what the illusion is: a continuously repeating string of events, which become less and less appealing with each repetition, and you have now reached the stage in your spiritual development where you can appreciate the lunacy of history continually repeating itself.

You are ready to awaken into the Reality that your Father created for your everlasting satisfaction and wonder.  However, the thought of discarding the illusion to which you have become so accustomed and with which you are so familiar is, because of its apparent unfamiliarity, very threatening for you.  All the tools and all the skills that you have developed to control and maintain the illusion are useless in Reality.  The fact that you will not need them there is extremely unsettling for you, even though being able to exist and revel in existence without them is an incredibly alluring idea.  To release the familiar and step into the unknown seems foolhardy and dangerous.

But Reality is your , has always been your , and will always be your , and you are beginning to get intuitive impulses, ideas, and feelings that indicate to you that the illusion is unreal.  That is difficult for you to accept because you have been experiencing it for so long, and with such intensity, that for it to be unreal seems impossible.  And yet these feelings are intensifying and will not allow you to ignore them, because they are offering something that, were they real, would resolve every problem with which you ever had to deal, and provide you with an environment of beauty, wonder, and joy of an intensity that is unavailable in your illusory dream world.

You find yourselves unable to resist the impulse to investigate what your intuition is offering you – a state of eternal existence in perfect peace, acceptance, and harmony, as rightful and honored inheritors of God’s divine Reality, where everything necessary for you to experience an ongoing flow of ecstasy with God and with one another embraces you in every moment.  It is no wonder that you are starting to move towards your awakening.  How could you not when intuitive glimpses of Reality keep rising to the of your conscious awareness?

With so very much love, Saul.