06 June 2011

A Message from Jesus Channeled through



I am . It is such a great honor to be here to speak with you my beloveds. You know I love you all so very, very much.

I am here today to speak to you of the past, the present, and the future. In the past humans have created so many paradoxes here on earth. Human beings have created through fear, hatred, anger, and . This is why there is so much turmoil on earth today and has been for such a long time. This has happened for a purpose and I believe it clearly shows you that you are creating your own experiences. For when you create through , you create more . When you create through fear, you create more fear. When you create through hatred, you create more hatred. When you believe in evil then you create evil. Here on the Other Side there is no such thing as any of this. These are all truly man made creations. People believe in evil spirits. This is absolutely an untruth. There is no such thing as evil spirits. They truly do not exist except in your reality on earth. Your beliefs in the past are what has led you to the present.

This is all changing now. In your present now you are seeing the beginning of much more and much less judgment. As the of begins to grow more and more in human beings, they will more clearly see the many paradoxes they have created. is and always has been the true nature of the Soul and it is and always has been the true nature of human beings. This knowledge has always been within the greater intelligence of your . The intelligence of your mind will want to argue with you about this. It will want to analyze this and say it is not true because this is what the intelligence of your mind has been taught. The greater intelligence of your already has the knowledge that is your true nature.

Human Beings are ready for a change. Human Beings have been asking for change for quite some time now and now this change is coming about. It is happening right now in your present. More and more human beings are seeing more clearly many things that are unjust in the physical dimension. Many human beings are truly beginning to reawaken to their Soul and to who they truly are. We see this more and more, as you would say, every day in the physical dimension. I know that many of you would wish to argue with me about this, you know that is alright, but we see the truth. We see you for who you truly are and we see as the love/light that you are. We see this love/light growing brighter and brighter and brighter every day within so many human beings. The great energy of love, the great energy of and Father God, the great energy of the All That Is is becoming stronger and stronger every second of every minute of every hour of every day on earth. This is what is truly happening! I know you feel it. I know you see it and I know you believe it. When you can learn to align the intelligence of your mind with the greater intelligence of your heart this will be so very clear to you.

When I was on earth in the physical dimension as a human being I taught love. I did not teach judgment, I did not teach hatred, I did not teach anger, and I did not teach fear. I taught love. Love is the true energy of the universe. it is the energy of who you are. If you all could just accept this truth and allow this truth to be right now, you would see such a great change on earth that you would not imagine. This is all that it would take is for you to accept this and allow it to be.

Your past has led you to your present and your present will lead you to your future. Your present is so full of questions. Questions that have answers only you are not looking in the right place for your answers. Your answers are within you. They are within the greater intelligence of your heart. Your Soul is crying out to you ever so loudly now, "please pay attention, please hear what I am saying, please see what I am urging you to do." This is what your Soul is saying to you. It is even giving you so many signs, signs that will validate to you the truth that is within you. This is happening right now, it is happening in your present.

Now let's take a look at what the future will bring. Very soon there will be a great change of consciousness coming about on earth. This change of consciousness is what will bring about the great change that you have been asking for in the physical dimension. You have been asking to bring heaven to earth and in reality heaven is already on earth, you just don't see it. It is already there. You have been asking for more peace, more joy, more happiness, more prosperity, more abundance, and more love. Not only in your lives but for others lives on earth. It is already there, all you have to do is bring forward, bring it into your consciousness. See it, believe it, and feel it. It is already there. This is what your future holds for you.

In the future, human kind will right many of the wrongs, undue many of the paradoxes, and create their true wishes and desires. No longer will the few be able to control the many. On earth in the past you have allowed the few who through fear, hatred, and judgment to lead the many. It is time now that this is changing. Human Beings are becoming less accepting of the status quo. The status quo has only taken away their freedom. Many of you believe you are free but you are not free. When you become the masters you will no longer be the slaves. You have become slaves to the status quo and this is all changing now. It is time for all of you to become the masters. Become the masters of your purpose. No longer accept being the slave. Become the master of your creations. This is why you are here. You are all here to grow. To grow in your spirituality, to grow in your divinity, and to grow as the great Divine Being that you all are. See this is what you have forgotten. You have forgotten that you are great Divine Beings. You have forgotten that you are masters of creation. it is time now for all of you to remember, to reawaken if you will, to who you truly are. As you reawaken to your Soul, to who you truly are, and to this great Divine Being you are, you will simply have to accept this and allow you to be you.

Mother and Father God wish for you to know them as they know you. You are their children and they love you unconditionally. As soon as you realize this, that you are a child of Mother and Father god you will see more clearly who you are but you will see that human beings are your brothers and sisters. They are your brothers and sisters in humanity and they are your brothers and sisters in Spirit. This is and always has been the truth. So I have spoken to you of the past and why it has brought you to where you are today in the present and I have shown you the future.

It is with the greatest hope that I bring you this message today. The hope is simply that you will believe what I have told you. This is all it will take, is to believe. To know who you are, to know that you are love, and to know that you are loved. We in Spirit on the Other Side, have the greatest honor and respect for each and every one of you. You have all chosen to be here on earth in the physical dimension at this very now moment. It has taken great fortitude on your part to help to bring this present and the very near future to reality on earth. I love you all so very, very much my beloved. I honor and respect you all so very, very much my beloved and it has brought me great joy to bring this message to you today. I am Jesus of Nazareth.