You – the human children of , part of our Father’s – are in the process of awakening from the dream that you built for yourselves to prove that you had no need of God or of one another.  It was an insane thought that you developed and expanded on.  Time became the flow of thought that you used to build sequences of events, from the of what scientists call the “Big Bang” up to today, and forward to the when you choose to awaken, and allow the dream and the mad thought that built it to dissolve into the nothingness from which you imagined it.

In the illusion, imagination can be useful or harmful depending on the use to which it is put.  It is the , the Light and Love of God, given to you at the moment you made the illusion – to ensure that you had the means to free yourselves from it when you chose to do so.  It is infinitely powerful, but in the illusion you have placed severe limits on it, and on your ability to use it, because the illusion is a place of limitation and restriction.  The limitations it provides make you feel small and insignificant as individual human beings, and yet it seems to offer fantastic possibilities as you learn to work and play with them.

Imagination is the way out of the illusion and also the way to travel further into it.  You can imagine and forgiveness, the return to Reality, and the Presence of your loving Father who sublimely satisfies all your needs and desires; or you can yourselves and others, and attempt to direct your lives in ways that encourage and support those who share your views of what is right or wrong, while condemning, fighting with, and punishing those whose behavior you unacceptable.  And while doing the latter, you can call on a severe, vengeful, and egoic god, that you have made in your own unenlightened image, to support you in your opinions, and in your wars and conflicts with those you have so judged.

You can either judge and condemn, and thus support the illusion, or you can practice loving kindness and forgiveness, and thus dissolve it.  For eons you have chosen to do the former, and the results of those attitudes can be seen everywhere.  But now the tide has turned, as many of you are realizing that your ongoing pain and misery have only been intensified by those unforgiving attitudes, and you have started to see the wonders that can be achieved by acceptance, forgiveness, and reconciliation.

It has finally become apparent that the Supreme Intelligence – God, your Father – must have infinite wisdom and infinite knowledge; and even your own extremely limited wisdom has shown you that loving kindness achieves results that are far more positive than confrontation, judgment, conflict, and war.  So you have realized that God, the Supreme Intelligence, must be a Being of infinite loving kindness and acceptance, Who wills only your eternal happiness.

There is no space within Him – Who is All that exists – for judgment, blame, vengeance, or punishment, which would be (were it even remotely possible, which it is not) a war by Himself against Himself.  Nothing could be more insane!

God, your Father, is not insane; He is infinite divine Love – and that is all there is.  This Love is limitless, infinitely abundant, and wills only to share Itself infinitely and indiscriminately with all life forms, all of creation.  It is impossible to make any meaningful comparison between the infinite loving vastness of God’s divine creation and the tiny illusory environment that you have made and in which you continue to hide from Him in fear and misery as you fight one another for essential resources that appear to be running out.

You are infinitely loved in every moment of your eternal existence, and yet you persist in trying to convince yourselves that you are unworthy sinners deserving punishment and death, as you play wholly unrealistic games within your tiny illusory environment to prove to yourselves that this is so.

Finally, the misery you imagine surrounds you is becoming sufficiently painful to start you seeking a better way of living – a more feasible form of existence that is not constantly causing you suffering and disappointment.  All you have to do is to recognize the Love that envelops you constantly, accept It wholeheartedly just as It is offered to you, and share It abundantly and indiscriminately with everyone just as It is shared with you.

Let go of your need to be right, of your need to be vindicated, of your need to see others punished for wronging you, because it just reduces your sense of self, making you feel small and helpless, in a ferociously threatening environment from which there seems to be no possible way to escape.  When you let go of those needs and forgive yourselves and all others, you will find yourselves expanding into an environment of peace and acceptance as all your fears fall away.

Forgiveness is the key, it releases the vast clutter of grudges and resentments that you have been clinging to so tenaciously for so long, and which have been effectively smothering you, depriving you of the Oxygen of infinite unconditional Love, and of the awareness of the existence of such a state.  Yet that state is your true, your only state of existence, and you will awaken into it.