28 May 2011  

DL Zeta

happens within the . Joy activates the soul. True joy comes from following the higher of your soul. Joy is something you experience now. If you feel there are reasons why you can’t experience joy right now, begin to create reasons why you can. If you're looking to the future to allow joy into your life, it may always remain just out of your reach.

Joy radiates from the center of your being. If you're looking outside yourself for joy, you will not find it. You won’t find joy in any situation that enslaves you to outer outcomes and situations.

is the Key to Experiencing Joy

It is usually emotions that snare you into joyless situations. That is why the key to experiencing joy is emotional freedom. If you find yourself in any situation or relationship that is not bringing you joy, it’s to examine your beliefs. You will want to look closely to see if you hold any beliefs that say you must do anything that doesn't bring you joy. Often, when you look deeply into circumstances devoid of joy, you find that at the root the belief that you believe you don't deserve joy.

As a Divine being, your birthright is all the love, abundance and joy the universe has to offer. If you believe otherwise, it’s time to transform these beliefs to bring them into alignment with the Divine perfection of your spirit.

You're not obligated to do anything that doesn’t bring you joy. You’re not obligated to spend time with those who drain your , dishonor or disrespect you. As a Divine being, you can look at each person through the eyes of spirit and see what, if anything, you can do to help heal or assist them. If a person insists on remaining in a negative feeling state, you don’t have to allow them to pull down your . It is never for your highest good or that of another to lower your resonance in this way.

Focus on the Blessings in Your Life

Spend time appreciating what you have, noticing the moments of small blessings as you go through your day. Nature is a portal into joy. Notice flowers and sky. Notice the full moon through the trees. Notice night sounds in the woods. Notice the way the sun radiates off the surface of water.

Notice where you place your attention. Where do you put your time, energy and focus? It’s important to spend time in ways that help you in realize your highest good.

Create a ‘Joy’ List

Make a list of what you love, what brings you joy. What you love is directly linked to your spiritual purpose. The things on your joy list that you feel most drawn to right now represent steps you can take in your present moment to fulfill your spiritual purpose. As you take these steps, the path unfolds before you. In this sense, all roads lead to the same place. Don’t be concerned with what you "must" do now. Allow your journey to be a joyful dance with spirit as you allow each moment to unfold its own beauty and perfection.

Scarcity Consciousness and Joylessness Go Hand in Hand

If you resist doing what you feel most drawn to within the moment, if you resist doing what brings you joy right now, you're pushing away the feeling state of joy and the abundance that naturally flows through this doorway. Ironically, many resist doing what is most joyful to them because they are enslaved by thoughtforms that they must work hard at joyless occupations to manifest abundance. By denying joy, they push away the abundance they are seeking!

Every moment of every day you're receiving "cues" from your environment of the next step you can take on your journey of self-realization and joy. Begin each day by asking yourself what you can do that brings you joy. Give yourself permission to act on the answers. As you place your focus on joy, you will naturally know how to handle any challenges that come before you. When you're in a state of joy, your is open and flowing. Information, guidance and life force energy pulses through you. You are open and receptive to guidance and feelings of well-being.

Many of you have settled for what passes for joy in your life, feeling it is impossible for you to be truly joyful. You will always find this circumstance disappointing. You will only have true joy in your life when you bring your focus to allowing it. Don't settle for anything less than this no matter what is going on around you.

Merging with Your Spiritual Purpose

You don't have to know the specifics of your spiritual purpose. It is enough to set an intention to align with your purpose for this lifetime. See this intention entering the cells of your body. Align your energy and your resources with your spiritual purpose. In time, you will begin to make different decisions in how you spend your time. As you take steps based on your intention to follow your spiritual purpose, it will begin to take form in your life. You'll find yourself drawn to new people, situations and ideas.

Joy is Self-Love and Appreciation

Part of joy is experiencing love and compassion for yourself. Value who you are. Value the gifts you have to offer, value your time. You do not owe anyone your time. Take charge of how you spend your time. Affirm you are a unique and Divine being and this will be your experience.

Much energy is available for those who are on their spiritual path at this time. If you are aligned with your intention and your joy, if you hold the intention to assist with the healing and transformation of the planet, much abundance is available to you now.

There are times when you will need to say no to others. Dependency is not for your highest good; nor is it for the highest good of others’ to validate their choice to live in a state of crisis. This sends the message to others that they can command your attention by creating crises. The way to experience joy in your life is to respect and honor your time. When others respect and honor you, validate this behavior by rewarding them with your attention.

The path of joy involves accepting all that has been in the past. Release the past, never looking back in regret. Open to receive the message of the experiences you created. Release the past by loving it and expressing gratitude for it.

You will not experience true abundance as long as you resist doing the things that bring you joy. Each moment you allow yourself to move along the path of joy is an opportunity to experience greater love and abundance. As you allow yourself to experience joy and abundance, you will become magnetic to people and circumstances aligned with these frequencies. From this place of alignment, more love and abundance will naturally flow into your life. We offer here some ways to cultivate the path of joy in your life, opening to receive greater love and abundance and blessings.

This is where you begin to act through joy – to choose and do things based on the joy they bring you. As you explore all the things that bring you joy, you come face-to-face with your spiritual purpose. If you're not sure of your exact purpose, just begin doing what brings you joy and you will soon find it.

Begin each day by affirming it is another glorious opportunity to experience joy. Hone your gifts and talents and share these with others. This is another day to step into the unlimited abundance of spirit. Having a goal and purpose for everything you do allows you to examine each proposed activity to see if it adds meaning and joy to your life or if it is just another empty, meaningless activity void of fulfillment. Observe if what others are asking of you is for your highest and best and for theirs. Examine if staying at a job that has grown stale is for your highest good. Learn to read the subtext of your life. By staying at a job where you feel in undervalued and unappreciated, you are affirming it is the same as saying you're not worthy of anything better, that you are in effect the one doing the undervaluing and under appreciating, and others are simply mirroring this to you.

Ways to cultivate the path of joy in your life:

One) spend time in nature

Two) notice where you place your focus and attention

Three) create a joy list

Four) focus on the blessings in your life

Five) create emotional freedom. End self-sabotage

Six) Value and honor your time and energy and learn how when to say no to others

Seven) cultivate your imagination. This is your doorway to experiencing joy

Eight) be here now

Nine) practice discernment with others

10) read the subtext of your actions to learn any ways you are buying into scarcity

11) build a new vision for your life

12) align with your spiritual purpose

Excerpt from Abundance Magic: 44 Steps to Manifesting the Future of Your Dreams by DL Zeta http://www.celestialvision.org/abundance-magic-ebook-by-dl-ze/