17 2011  

Petra Margolis

June 16, 2011
As the earth is changing faster and faster and we see the actions of all people on earth changing as more and more is coming to light, the have asked me to start bringing out a weekly message to keep everyone up to date as far as the energies and what is really happening on earth.
This is the first one and I will do my best to bring out one a week on Thursday or Friday of every week.
So welcome to our first weekly message.
This will be a combined message with many of the masters involved.

I am and at this time you can see the energies coming to light as our students have been working on integrating all different emotional energies. They have integrated a lot of hate and anger but also what you would call the positive emotions like love and compassion. At this of integrating the 7 sins you can see what comes to light as one of your congressmen has revealed much of those sins.

Now the 7 sins are just an example as they will also work on the 7 virtues and this will assist many on earth as all that needs to be revealed will come to light and will start to change the way many on earth are viewing the world around them.
Big changes are ahead of you as the year of 2012 is coming closer and you see the turmoil it is bringing all around you.
This is the time to start preparing for the final stage of ascension.
I am and would like to add something to this message.
The work that needs to be done is not done from a place outside of the energies on earth.
Everything that needs to be done requires an anchoring on earth.
Many are still looking at the skies for an and this needs to be found right there where you are, on earth.
The earth is ascending, you as humans are ascending. This is not coming from the skies as all beings out there are not within a physical form upon earth.
It is you as human who need to bring in the energies for the new earth, the changes have to come from within you.
You can already see it happening as the world is falling apart around you; many are taking their rightful place. But also many are still looking for something outside of them.
This is your time, this is why you are here.
No point in looking at the skies to find the answers, look within you and find your rightful place here on earth right now.
It is time to get ready for the ascension as you all know it is going to happen and the time is going faster and faster and if you do not prepare it will pass you by and you will find yourself on the new earth thinking what did I miss?
The ascension of the earth is a time where you have the chance to ascend yourself, move beyond the limits of the physical body and return to your original of being.
The coming weeks will be full of renewed energy fluxes that will take you from moment into another very fast and it will be a roller coaster if you do not start to integrate and work with these renewed energies that are being sent through your sun as the sun is preparing for her new state of being as well.
Climate changes are happening and this is an effect of the suns preparation as she moves into a new state of being where she can support the new energies that will be present on your new earth within the 5th dimension.
This is your time, no matter what happens around you, close to you or in the rest of the world.
This is your time to prepare and take advantage of what is happening within the energies that are changing and will start to change even faster in the days to come.
Isis and Kuthumi
June 16, 2011
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