13 June 2011  


Full Scope June 2011

This full moon occurring in is all about reconstruction of what was and what should be again. that is your infinite spirit and going deeper to blend this within your physical form as you clear out the old and reprogram the vestiges needed to be of . This will be deep time of letting go of material attachments and ideas the had you engrained with. This will be a time of planting new seeds of awareness where old outmoded ideas resided.

This will be a time of much transpersonal state. These are moments you experience when you take an illusion from ego and take infinite awareness and see through the illusion. that is seeing it for what it is and breaking the hold the illusion had on your being when you work your pure awareness of spirit into the egos illusion of idea. This is a transpersonal state of being. Witnessing spirit work in unison with the physical or soul level of your being. When I say soul level I refer to 3rd dimensional vestige. The spirit is pan dimensional and brings integration to your physical form.

Eclipse is felt plus or minus one month before or after. As it goes with this full moon the more soul level vestiges you work, you will deepen your connection of oneness with the quantum and further activate your own alchemy and deepen your multi dimensional being integration. The effort you put into inner work now manifests your own mastery of being. That mastery is the alchemy of your spirit and you are the alchemist . The Sagittarius moon denotes deep strength and you now have awoken the strength within to deeper ascend. The tools are within at your own disposal.

At the last new moon eclipse we were in a slow period with a time of reflection and in that time you may have found that many things came to light that needed to be cleared from your being and from your life in many areas. this last eclipse may have left even those of Sagittarius sign fatigued and exhausted as many well as all signs . things came to the surface from the underworld depths of your being. New moon eclipses bring to light like a vortex opening.

What needs to be seen and cleared so further steps on your true path can be taken. this moves your being .

We are entering now a time of rapid movement yet again after the slow down. So fasten your seat belt as we move forward with this moon. You may have hit a point of where you wish to throw in the towel. but don’t. you will be glad you did not with this eclipse and moon coming. You will have to clear assumptions and excuses you have your being about quitting and get back on track for those who feel they have lost their way or feel blocked. That again goes back to the transpersonal state I mentioned above and doing that will help you go forward as needed in your ascension and in your physical experience.

Keep in there is always obstacles along the way but its up to you to clear them. No one else can do it for you. Your being at this time will come up with e creative and divine inspired ways to blend your being. Follow the call to which you being called and respond with infinite awareness. This will ensure your movement forward is not bumpy.

It will also ensure you awake and manifest the potential of your being and all it has to offer, in the way that works for you. As the spiritual being you are in physical form each being has a tone to their being and a harmonic to their tone of speech in linguistics and manner. This will also come to light for you in how conduct your own manner this full moon and down the road.

Now is the time to look within and see where your tone is. We are in a period where you need to focus on what it is you want ,not that of which you do not want. Avoidance of putting energy where it need not be will prove very valuable at this moment and all down the road.

however through the past that we come to understand our life lessons and what we don’t want .so do keep note of those ,but avoid putting energy into something that given you a ridge and trying to make it work. Instead put the energy into seeing why the ridge developed and how you can take that ridge and further your own being and ascension and then letting it go. Doing this and dealing with your fears will only ascend you further to where you are suppose to be. As each of us entered this physical world with a soul agreement and this further delves you into understanding yours.

The further you deepen your oneness to the stream of quantum consciousness you further integrate your multidimensional being and feel that transformational and transcending experience. Now and forever your spirit is boundless and you can do anything ,there is no limit.

The only limit your being has is what you have instilled upon it. So perhaps it is time you reviewed your limits and remove them. Keep in mind even when you have a reaction that is your own chosen reaction, no one else’s, it is yours and yours alone.

The spirit has no reaction and that is the way of the truly enlightened being. Reaction itself is purely a 3rd dimensional way, not that of spirit. Its time for you to clear your soul level vestiges and realize its only you who can do it. no one will do it for you.

You are the key to your own quantum alchemy. Turn the key at once and open the door within to your mastery of being. For you are the alchemist and the alchemist is you. It is the alchemist of your being that holds all the infinite wisdom of the quantum verse just waiting to be resurrected. For that matter fear is not fear it is a that is a key to higher energies when you take the and see it’s light ,you can then feel its higher frequency at work. Nothing is bad, or negative ,it is a key ,they are keys of love to access your inner alchemist . Open the door today. For your true being awaits. .

All you are doing by doing this is the doingness of self relationship and relationship with the oneness stream of consciousness. All this work further deepens that connection. It begins with your experience. For if you have not experienced it your self ,you can not share it with another. The key action for this full moon eclipse is to witness where you are putting wasted energies and further follow your heart, not your mind. The ancient ways followed their heart.

In modern society too many are thinking and not feeling. The old way is to follow the heart of the etheric spirit. This is how you will understand what is true for you and what is not . putting to an end living in a life you do not want . But always remembering that which you don’t want leads you to understand what you do want in your life manifesting your true path from these realizations .

So to put plainly the meaning of the planets and moon for this cycle takes all mentioned above with the following meanings.

The full moon is in Sagittarius and will enlighten where you are struggling with heart and ego and how your spirit is working to counteract egos illusion . So the transpersonal state mentioned above will be in much work for you at this time as you pierce the egos illusional veil with the sword of truth that is your pure awareness of spirit within your physical form.

If you have not yet applied the transpersonal state which is going to the root of the ego vestige of being with who, what, when, where, why and how, then now is the time, working it with pure awareness witness to break the illusional veil it holds on you and availing yourself of deeper insight and inner freedom and balance of ego and integration of ego in your multidimensional form.

doing this will ensure a unison at work within your being. Sagittarius moon is in north node denoting these workings will be with vestiges of your past experience as you let go of the old programming of being and let pure awareness plant new seeds of awareness that you have transmuted within your beings ego with pure awareness.

So to say the least this will be an emotional moon with lots of deep realizations in its wake for your being.
Your focus will be relationships and your attachment to them and letting go of old ones that no longer serve you purpose and also this is a time for you to focus on deepening your relationship with your own being and seeing what hinders that relationship.

once told me to put all the pieces of my life in a pie and see what fits and what does not. If its causing you struggle or emotional upset ,it is no longer needed is this moons message here. And being true to your being and honoring who your being is. that is having unconditional love for your own being.

Mars in Taurus has you feeling difficulty with when understanding to approach things. The key here is to respond when you feel the need to respond and following your heart. There is an air of eruption to this aspect as you clear out old vestiges this full moon eclipse. You may at times feel lighter and clearer. But the sudden letting go of the old can leave you upset or angry and the energy is there to take it out on others especially if you have felt belittled by someone at this time.

The key here is to keep your cool and keep in heart how you would want to be responded to if you had belittled someone. You would want understanding and calm response. Not a hot tea kettle put at you. So keeping in heart the respect you show others and understanding will always come back to you. This is something to keep in mind and heart as its trine to the moon may not have you looking logically,.

but even amidst chaos it is possible to still see with infinite spirits aware witness and truly see what is. this is responding in away perhaps you have not done before and further embracing your heart. Not responding with anger, but more compassion .

Ceres is square with the sun and moon ,so with this aspect you may feel added pressure to get things done and see what is from what is not .this may cause you anxiety and depleted energy. The key here is to take one thing at a time and trust the quantum verse will guide you to where you are supposed to be. Here again you may feeling loss. What you let go is not losing anything.

That is such a common misconception when something is let go. The quantum law of physical things,, relationships, events, everything comes and goes. That is just the natural order of things. But what is infinite is your spirit and it is boundless, and it understands at the moment something has passed it has passed. There is no need for grief or pain. Simply going forward.

So ceres wants you to understand the lesson of self sacrifice is not about losing ,its about what you are have gained in awareness. But you may also feel compelled to compromise by ceres, if the compromise does not fit you own heart or spirit, do not make the compromise. As with this aspect there may be compromising going on in a relationship you have to keep it. The key here ,if it does feel like a healthy compromise ,but like an order or condition, do not make the compromise.

As the wise spirit of Sagittarius will not be bound by condition because this full moon also wants you to see what unconditional love is for your being and within the relationships you have with others and if you are putting in love with no conditions but being served back conditions this moon will make you well aware of that and see where it is time to pluck the strings and let go.

Mercury planet of communication is in trine to Neptune. Unforeseen circumstances will come out of nowhere and feel like tremendous stress. But the key surprise element of Neptune is actually fun. Because with unforeseen experiences comes unforeseen intuitive ability and you can follow you gut instinct here and see where the ride takes you. so out and about and nights on the town this weekend could have a surprising outcome. given the energy of any moon last plus or minus five days and the element of the eclipse felt a month before or there after.

This aspect also adds a fog like feel to this eclipses feel, which can be felt as tough, but if you are responding in the way you are being called to by the quantum verse ,then this eclipse should feel like great relief. If it doesn’t then it is your own inner resistance you have to deal with. This trine now at work this full moon eclipse will give deeper intuitive capabilities as it is a strong aspect when the planet of communication is in Neptune ,planet of the intuitive and mysterious. It will expose much discernment if you are already highly awake and well in tune with your beings attunement.

Your intuitive feeling will give you deeper empathic insights into other beings and things. Pay attention and feel properly, make sure you understand what is yours and what is another’s. This may also help you in the areas you feel you have to compromise. Feel them out and feel if the compromise is worth your beings effort. if not , then it’s also time to draw conclusion by the eclipse of full moon and let go. So keep in heart not to feel like you lost something, feel joy of clearer being for letting go what no longer fit or suited your being of who you are or what is not your spirit.

Jupiter is in Taurus having a sextile with Neptune. This aspect may look tough but it really is not. It is actually an abundant rush of spiritual and creative energy if you work it as so. This heightens your love factor for others and in a deep way. also for your being . You may have been feeling jealous of others in certain ways,. Selfishness also applies here. You will come to see areas where you are being selfish to your own being or others and you will want to work this out from the root. Insights given here you come to within further ascend and enhance your connection to oneness of the stream of consciousness and further awake your own true alchemist and let you express and share that with others.

Well this your chance to transform and transcend that jealousy to an approachable conduit of love. This can fall into place with other beings you are at odds with giving a new flair to what was once unapproachable making it approachable and watching their faces turn when you show them deeper compassion and respect. All the while doing this you open up deeper compassion within your being expressing it and letting it flow out from your etherical heart of spirit. Which is the true way of being. You are good enough and so is everyone to show that energy of unconditional love to is what this ball of sextile energy is showing you.

Venus planet of love is in Gemini, giving two sides to every experience and story in trine with Saturn planet of lessons. Here Saturn is emanating you to live from purest intentions an see without judgment what is going on with pure awareness . Pluto is quincunx surrounding relationships and this is where the stress is coming from. but with again discernment and letting the powerful aspects of the full moon of Sagittarius to guide you, you will feel release from that stress and inner resistance when you surrender to the call asking you to respond and clear what is no longer needed so relationships can flourish within your being for your being and with others.

Black moon is giving an energy of bossiness and the need for control, this will clear once you put into perspective what needs to be and clear out what is needed giving you the inner peace you deserve .

You will also have no tolerance for those who can’t face emotional things and these are areas to you will have to focus on and clear that best suits your heart and being. Energy obstructions or disturbances in flow of a matter are common with black moons influence ,but keep in mind black moon offers true insights where needed out from the shadows of your being. And it will be up to you to see what is true from what is false with your being and in the relationships being highlighted by the full moon eclipse. With Venus in Gemini you can bet all areas of love will have you looking twice to see what is and what is not real to further ascend with unconditional love and to feel that unconditional love around you as you reflect it out from within. As the law of attraction goes, what you are reflects around you.

The response given now to what you have been given insight into this eclipse and full moon will again put you deeper forward. But what you choose to put off will also have its outcome and you will feel only deeper fight or flight of self if you have not responded. Ever wonder why you feel like everything is going wrong? Look within and see why. It begins with you, no one else. When you respond to the call of the source and follow that call you feel sweet release.

This full moon will have you understanding it takes work and lots of it to go forward. But it will also have you experiencing that work is well worth it after you do the work feeling all the stillness of being it can provide and deeper awareness. This full moon also gives you the ability to take on Sagittarius strength and let go of burdens you have been shouldering in many areas .

This moon is a deep time of further spiritual connection and time of deep inner action and applying that in the actions around you from the conclusions you came to within about your being and the relationships with which you are affiliated including your own relationship of self.

As with any full moon it is the height of power for your being and all its energies should be harnessed and applied for maximum outcome of being and physical experience in the physical spirit being you are. Rebirth is the air as you reconstruct your being with that of which was sleeping . As you reconstruct old programming planting new seeds of awareness you will feel deep release by this full moon . Clearing the old always manifests a new door to open where one has closed. What you had to deny may have to now be faced and no more running.

With the asteroids there is some influence from past lifetimes that needs to faced at your ego this lifetime, or if not you will remain stagnant in that area this incarnation if not faced now . You need also not feel any hesitation to speak the truth now or further down the road. Be bold, be honest with yourself and others ,the asteroids are speaking. The asteroids are also asking you to revisit old talents and see if they truly were for you, if not perhaps try new talents or new outlets as conduits for your creative thumb. As what is not useful now will not be in the future as the asteroids have focus on north node of past life talents not used or manifested as of yet and egos past life and this life vestiges that you are currently stagnant . Applying the new talents now show with south node to be great ideas and creative ideas . Those areas worked with past life ego imbalances worked out now from their root will also have great outcome and further open your own alchemy.

The key to this full moon is facing denial, seeing what is from what it is not and reconstructing the old with new rebirth from infinite awareness that is felt within and witnessed and expressed radiating around you by letting go what is no longer needed in relationships so that you can further enhance relationship of self and soul agreement. You also will feel deeper ascension in the heart and unconditional love by doing so as you clear the old making way the true alchemist of your being to be reflected out from you out into the quantum verse .

The key metaphor for this full moon eclipse is the rebirth of the alchemist can only be done by your being and you are the key to bio plasmic alchemical resurrection and release .