"Little Grandmother"

There are two great ancient civilizations that hold the key to —the Mayans and the Aboriginal people. They still live from the and they are the ones who are teaching us now to start again. Since the , human civilization has developed in a particular way.

We have developed the capacity of our rational minds to the extent that we have made great cities and inventions, and in very recent years have made a huge leap in our discovery of new technologies. We have done some amazing things. But the problem is that we have left the heart behind.

We stopped acting from and making decisions from the heart, and from a feeling of connectedness to all of life and to . We have overvalued the rational logical mind, and believe in only what we can see and experience with our bodily senses.

This was never how it was intended to be. We are being asked now to start living from the heart again—and this is one of the messages I have been asked specifically to help share and teach.

It is a that I have been taught—that the more loving you are, the more intelligent you become. If you can imagine everything we have created from our minds in the last ten years even—all the advancements and technologies. Yet we still cannot solve some of the most urgent problems facing us today.

The largest problem is how to heal what we have done to the already, and how to stop doing what we have been doing to her ever since human beings forgot their connection in the web of life. If we have been able to create so much using just our minds, imagine what we might create if we were operating from the heart!

Mind would not be inactive or unused—it would grow much more powerful, because it would be in right relationship to heart—to the source of being, and to creation. If we stop operating from an ego-driven, mental consciousness, we stop striving for meaningless things that gratify only the smallest part of who we are.

We stop wasting our and can start directing every ounce of our hearts and minds to healing the earth and creating bounty for all beings. We could create a paradise on earth, unlike anything we have seen before.

I have been taught by Spirit that Mother Earth is sacred and that human beings will not be allowed to kill her. She is sacred to all life forms in the universe, not just to human beings. If human beings will not be allowed to kill her—then we need to raise our vibration high enough so that we can shift with her into a higher being, because we have been causing her great harm for so long that something major must happen to correct the path we are on, to help her to breathe again.

For human beings, the situation is urgent. We must shift into a higher consciousness if we are to remain on planet Earth as her children.