Grace and Forgiveness…


It is with great…. that we come forth

this day to share a message of love and grace..

Grace is that "state" that you already abide within…

There is no-thing you ~need to do~ to obtain

Grace………..You already live within a


Allow those words to ~sink deeply~

there is nothing you ~need to do~to obtain

what you ~already are~….!!!


~except to let go of what you are Not~  !!!!!


The thought of what it would be like to create

separate from  this "house i dwell within"

is what you are experiencing now…and many

of you are awakening to the fact that you

truly never left this "house" of love…

yet you are experiencing the 'effects"

of that thought…plain and simple…


i will call that state

~the pain of separation~


precious hearts……….

Grace………..that state of pure love

which is the only love  that is real has already

been given unto you….Yes…you are already

seen as totally innocent by your creator..

your """"


If you could live from this knowingness within

each and every arising you would begin to

"take deep within" how deeply your are loved

 you would begin to feel from the depths

of your being the  magnificent love

that you are…….

to bathe yourself in this knowingness is what

self-love is all about……..


To "put on your crown of light" and wrap

yourself in ~my "cloak ~

is to recognize

that you are the love that i AM..


It Is Time precious hearts

to Own this truth…

You Are The Very Same Love

I am…you are the Light…the Love

that all of creation springs forth from!!!!!!


You have already been gifted with the

waters of grace that set you free…

Yes…precious friends…if you would


"know grace"            you must  ~live grace~


allow yourself to truly take that deep within…


you must    ~live grace~


What does this statement mean…??


There is an awareness that permeates the soul

when you live from a state of total self love…

.The natural by product of this presence

within you is to see that very same truth

within all persons..places..things…


What i am truly saying is that as you dive

deep within and uncover all of the effects

of  your lack of self-love and grow into the

remembrance of the innocent christ light you

already are………..then…oh then……..there is

a soft and gentle approach to each day..

each arising…each moment becomes a sacrament

to extending that very grace to the "other"…


ahhhhhhhhhhh…if you would but allow it

it is a grand de-Light"……oh yes…for as you give it

you fill Yourself with it…and why???

because precious heart there is only You


as you give to you….you give to ~you~…

one and the same!!!!!!!!


You literally "greet " the very light that

you now KNOW you are within  and One with

AS each now moment..


Yes…you discover…remember

what i truly came here to mirror to you..

to try to ~point to~ in a variety of different

words and actions..


That truth is that

~ There is Only Love ~


all…All unlike it is an illusion..

and yet…that very illusion cannot be left untransformed..

and what transforms it precious hearts…??



yes…this is the path before you now..


It is Time for you to

~step into Your True Self~

and allow all unlike it to vanish

like a wind as you reach deep within

and discover its presence and bring

it back within the heart of love..

the heart that heals all things...


Within each choice that you as a spark of the

 divine light ~make for self-love~

by going deep within your own garden..

 pulling up  the roots of the seeds containing

a lack of self love that you

have planted deep within your sub-conscious

you now create a "space" for grace to descend

into your  very being…

in other words…… are growing Christ…Love..

Abba…whatever name you choose to use..


andAbba is continually expanding itself


how grand to truly realize that You

right where you are

are a part of that!!!


As you do this you "soften" your soil

and as you soften your soil more and more

of the waters of grace can enter within

your holy mind and bloom the most wondrous

of flowers…


This process "grows Christ" and the natural

effect of this practice

is that you not only come to remember

the Light you are…………you realize

that ~ all things are pervaded within that

very light ~


Now…you have begun to experience the

truth that i spoke of eons ago…


Your only desire now has become

only to Know  and experience the mystery that

surrounds you and from this desire you begin to

realize that as you only acknowledge that light

within all things…………loves perfect presence..

the mystery  of abba begins to reveal itself

to you more and more..


a softness…a gentleness begins to radiate out

from your very being

and it touches all with its perfection

in ways unseen or often known by you..


You become the living light…!!!!


~the bearer of Miracles~


Now….you discover that your only true

purpose is to extend this love wherever

you find yourself to be..


You have now re-membered

that to really Know Grace for Your Self

you must give it away….you must extend it…!!!


Precious hearts…greet each now moment

with the gentleness of Christ..

Look upon all with the eyes of love

for to do so

is  what must naturally flow from an

awakened heart…extending the radiance

of your own True Self..



When you truly Know your Innocence..

you will recognize it within all…


This is a most wondrous time over these coming

days of your Solstice to plant new seeds

in the garden of your one true heart..

Plant seeds of gratitude…plant seeds

of forgiveness…plant seeds of allowing..

plant seeds of grand self-love…

water them each  day …ask the waters of grace

to come and bring the purest of waters to

your newly planted seeds..


dig up the roots that have grown weeds

that no longer serve you…bless them

and bring them to me…i will dissolve them

and transform them into seeds of Pure Light..!!!!


Love will add to your new blooms of grace

with each release of that which truly

no longer serves the perfection and grandness

of the love you truly are..


Remember… are the caretaker..

the one chosen to "look over and take care of"

your own garden (your consciousness)

but remember this…


Love and Love alone….is the


yes….you choose from the seeds that

speak of love

and  That Grand Mystery will bring forth

the most wondrous effects of that planting…

does this make sense to you???


This solstice……..grow grace in your garden…


Give the gift of Grace to all of your

brothers and sisters

by recognizing the truth of

who you are and giving that very gift

to all that you see…………


Drink  in the love that you are..

that surrounds you…that birthed you..

Look in the mirror and remember

that you are a reflection

of that very Mystery of love itself..

Really stop and ~take it in~ that

it is that very radiance that birthed You..!!!!


Know this….anything else you think

you see in that mirror that does not

speak to you of this truth

~Is Untrue~…..


allow ~all of that ~ to fall away

as the leaves would fall from a gentle wind

allowing new growth…new life

to unfold…


Love..Laugh…Dance and Sing

with that..

we bid you adieu…


~The Voice of Love ~


denisa and jeshua

(a co-creation of extended love)


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