Posted: 13 Jun 2011 01:34 AM PDT

Unmask the emotional pain which keeps one lingering in depression. Head hung low with the breath and body contracted tightly. Shadows flee when the Sun sends its rays to burst through the density. Rise up and move beyond. Love yourself enough to heal and move forward in life. ~ Dipali

The and Full in at 24 degrees is on June 15th, 2011. High and low will the emotional level go. Irritations, agitations or nervous tension runs on an all time high now.

Be closely aware of your words, choices and actions as well. Lunar light reveals what you need to know. Heed the call, a choice must be made. It’s a time of letting go, letting out, letting loose from entanglements which trap you. Whatever walls you have built up out of protecting yourself in the past, question them.. “Do you really need the defensive walls now or are they merely a coping mechanism keeping Life out?”

Sagittarius symbolizes faith, beliefs and expanding Consciousness. Take aim to the highest point in the heavens which helps us to rise beyond our struggles. We seek therefore we eventually find. We may want to check into old beliefs and see if they are blocking the path or are they still useful. Hold not too rigidly to beliefs, stagnation occurs. When we learn our lessons in life, they tend not to repeat.
If you send out mixed vibes, that’s what returns to you from Life and others. Stop projecting blaming others for your pain and take responsibility to heal as well as get clear within yourself first before you demand others to alter their ways. This Lunar may be laced with communication and relating difficulties. Fighting the inevitable only exhausts you and keeps you in a power struggle. Accept what is, seek a solution and then move onward.

Since Eclipse comes in pairs, this is the counter-part to the previous Solar Eclipse in on June 1st, 2011 The Sun in (thought) and Moon in Sagittarius (integration) must eventually work together in harmony instead of being at odds with one another both internally and externally. The Intention: Let go, allowing for endings to happen wherever area of life and key themes the Total Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius highlights.

Whatever has been on the back burner brewing emotionally will bubble up now to be felt, resolved, healed and understood so the same things does not happen again. The signs: Sagittarius, Gemini, Virgo from 21 – 27 degrees may feel the Lunar Eclipse strongly. Other signs too will notice key points arising. At the time leading up to the Lunar Eclipse (which happens during a Full Moon phase) address our sub-conscious, emotional and inner world.

This being a Total Lunar Eclipse may intensify emotional energies. Things that have been held tightly together may come tumbling down or fall apart and we may feel we have no control over it.

Sometimes you have to take things apart to see how they fit in a new way after the hindrances are removed. Since it is a Total Lunar Eclipse, there may be abrupt, sudden endings, completion and falling apart of things in life including relationships. We must unmask the emotional pain by first feeling through whatever emotions come up, shift the old way of perceiving things and then have honest discussion or inquiry to help facilitate long lasting change.