Before flying, I close my eyes and imagine my fingers drawing a Pentagram of protection around the airplane. Then, silently in my mind, I say, “I call out to the positive powers of the Universe, to my guides and Masters, and those who share my . As above, so below. Protect me in the white light of your love, and protect me from all things, seen and unseen, all forces and all elements. Protect me in the white light of your love, through the days, weeks, months and years that follow. I ask it, I beseech it and I mark it … and so it is.&;

If I feel the need, I’ll do the same while driving a car, or before sitting down to meditate, or to read the tarot, or throw the I Ching. If one of the kids is leaving, I usually draw the pentagram around them as they’re going out the door.

When asked, “Why the Pentagram?” I explain that to me, the five-pointed , point up, is the highest spiritual symbol on earth. It is the “ of Man” — symbolizing man/mind dominating fire, earth, air and water. It’s also a seal against evil and negative energy.

But the real power of rituals, symbols and invocations lies in their potential to assist your mind to intently focus upon your desires. And, if you are using ancient techniques, you draw upon the energy of those who came before you and used the methodologies for the same purpose.

When you tune into a particular vibrational energy in the Collective Unconscious, you draw upon the power of those who share the lineage.

While recently reviewing “The ’s Companion” by Bill Whitcomb, I found he covers this concept as THE LAW OF WORDS (SYMBOLS) OF POWER. “There are words (symbols) that are able to change the inner and/or outer realities of those using/perceiving them. These words or symbols have accumulated power through use (attention) over thousands of years.

Others would say that there is an intrinsic primordial connection (resonance) between these words (symbols) and the forces or concepts they represent that goes beyond human design. Many people believe this about Sanskrit, claiming that it is the original root language of humanity.”

Of THE LAW OF REFLECTION, Whitcomb says, “The microcosm is the macrocosm. The part contains the whole. As above, so below. Every speck contains the image (or pattern) of the entire universe in the same way that a fragment of holograph still contains the entire original image.

Each person contains this cosmic image. When the inner image is tuned (brought into resonance) with the outer image, a change in one will be simultaneous with a change in the other. To perceive one is to perceive the other.

This is the basis of mantic systems such as the I Ching or tarot cards. It is also why you could say humanity is created in God’s image. The universe is within us and without us.”

Or, being part of God, you are God.