4 June 2011

Snapdragon Tracy

Meditation by AA Gabriel
time is accelerating
all around you and all through you
it is changing and affecting the way your works and responds to physical stimulus
your bodies rhythms are no longer matching the clock
and the progression of time is no longer matching the setting and the rising of the sun and moon
we are going to cleanse your bodies with pure white light
this is going to help rid the old cellular memories and rhythms that keep fighting this new flow of time
and then we will bathe you with golden light which will help reset these

3 deep breaths, very slowly as deep as you can
as you draw the third breath
bring the white light down to you from the heavens
straight down from above
allow it to enter through your
it is pure white to the point of verging on crystalline
with each breath draw it down deeper into your body
through every , every organ, every muscle and tissue
in your bones
flood your chakras with it
from the top as it enters down through to your toes
allow it to rinse away accumulated set points
these set point are biological markers of time
and they are out dated
as you feel this cellular releasing and moving with the light
pass it through your feet
in through the floor
through to the earth
ground it into Gaia
where the waste will be burned away
in the core
and the pure white light will remain to charge her and heal her
and help to the same, to help her adjust to the new flow of time
keep flowing the light through your body until it flows as clean and pure and white as when it enters
now as you draw each breath the light begins to change
only a slight difference at first
but with each inhale it becomes more and more golden
never losing that purity and never losing that crystalline quality
this light is the light from God, the christen , in light
you feel the blessedness of it
the sacredness
it is like plating each cell in golden love
the highest purest love
no longer will you bodies try to fight the passing of time
or wage the internal of battle of sleep and awake
these process will flow now as time flows, independent of outside forces
from this point on, trust your instincts do not fight them your body will know when to rest and when to work
now step out of your body
this infusion of light has also charged you light body
feel your body flowing and glowing as you stand in front of your seated form
you are pure light
feel it, revel in it, give thanks for the glory of it
look around you
use the eyes of your light body
this is the dimension of your creation
do you see a path?
look around you
are you on it? is it to the left? to the right?
there may be several, there may be branches
but one FEELS right
when you look at it you feel peace you feel exhilaration
that is your highest path
it almost glows
step on it, breathe it in, try it out
now explore it
where does it take you, who is there
I am behind you on this path
you walk with angels
explore your path with me
and you will remember how it feels so you will recognize it when it appears before you in this life
come back when you have seen what you have needed to see