12 June 2011

Message from Star Family Healers of Squadron 6-12-11


, Greetings to you from Fleet of , we are healers from the air crew of the fleet and come to you in response to queries and questions about various ailments and releasing queries.

It has been stated that it is time now that your should experience further healing in addition to your own customs, as some have clearly become outmoded and need to be addressed for your own welfare.

Our own healing methods take on the form from an understanding that all beings are sound and light vibrations- particles of , no matter the of their molecular structure. In our understanding outside of time and space, we can see that healing needs to take place on all levels of a person to become wholely healed.

Clearly your medical systems are in need of a boost in this direction to help you to cure many ailments, and we can also teach you to undertake this yourselves.

Seeing that there is alot of what you term 'mystery illness/ dis – ease' we will start with looking at what we term your physical and your relationship with it…

*Take a few moments now to sit here with us, know and feel you are safe to completely relax.

*Allow the sensations of your physical body to rise as you take a deep inhalation of breath.

*Allow your body to naturally exhale, feeling the releasing of all your days concerns.

*Take some time to allow your mind to be still.

*Feel your body, tense each muscle for a few seconds, then relax it.. Start with the toes and work all the way up to the crown.

*Feel every fibre of your physical body as you move up and take notice of any dense feelings or tense parts, we will come back to them after.

*Feel every hair follicle, from root to tip.

*Feel the delicate balance of energy inside of you, notice the way it moves around you, Is there anything hindering it, what does it feel like? Is it as free as the rest of the flow?

* Feel the energy as it is light and sound, it operates in you, you are it, be one with it.

* If there is a slowing of energies anywhere follow it to its root cause to the point of where it starts.. You may notice density, or you may feel tenseness in that part of the body.

* Feel the tenseness and breathe into it, thank your body for showing you this message, and allow it to tell you what is causing it.

* Do not worry if nothing comes right away, dont force the issue, just keep breathing into it and upon each outbreath tone the sound you feel much like AH or OM or even AUM.. whatever you feel will help you get to raising the vibrations to be able to deeply release this tense or dense feeling. This may take several times to perfect, or it may be that you get the answer right away. There is no right or wrong- only the feel of it.

* Once you have your answer allow it to disperse, intergrating this old stuck hurt and pain or density or tenseness so that the body is more in harmony once again. Allow it to transform into the light/ vibrational pattern that is your energy.

*Do the same for any other tense spots or dense places you noticed upon completely relaxing the individual muscle groups.

* Continue to do this until every ache/ pain/and tenseness has been transformed into the very breath of light/ energy.

We advise you to take time out each day to be in tune with your body and to feel it. The more in tune and the more you listen to it, the clearer it becomes, and the higher your state of energy can climb.

This is very simple to do through meditation- just sitting with your body, being fully aware of it, and allowing it to BE. In feeling the energies and natural vibrations you can also keep up on your own health.

Sing to it, chant to it, listen to the sacred sounds for each chakra and its corresponding muscle groups.

Other methods of allowing your fullest healing to continue is allowing your carbon based bodies to upgrade themselves. It is done through intent, the intention to undertake the ascension process. To be the wayshowers of them who are not quite ready at this time.

Allow your bodies to absorb the energies being directed at this planet, ask for them to upgrade you, intend on being fully who you are. Take the time to actually feed yourselves on the light energies as you do this your body will come over warm and tingly. Spend time in the sun. Allow yourself to feel what you need to feel and do not censor it.

Everyday tone the sacred sounds, and raise your viberations into the upper heights.

Invoke, evoke, act on and BE the higher heart centred beings of light/ energy/ vibrations, live how you FEEL and not how you are told.

The next thing is to discuss is your relationship with your natural surroundings and mother earth as it is important in your healing also.

As you know your own relationship with your own self is closely related to this and so I shall start briefly with this topic.

In your process of evolution and knowing your body and energy, from the above exercise it is wise to get to know ones higher self, and to bring that higher vibrational self down into your consciousness and physical manifestation. This is acheived by emptying ones self of all programmings from the dimensional plane of existence known as 3rd density. That is what you have been taught from others around you, from society, religious dogma, ideas and concepts from friends, neighbours, polititians and other entities. It means that you will fully stand within your own power, within your own heart light- in full vibrational being. Yes you can do this while in your physical manifestations. Let go of the idea that these vessels are weak and cannot hold vibrations higher than 3rd density consciousness- that is an old programme from the disinformation being broadcast by those who would keep you in their power.

This is not about control anymore, but about freeing you all with information to take back your own power and control, not from ego, but from the heart centre. To live with open hearts, to live and 'KNOW yourselves'.

Just as it is important to know who you are and your own light/ vibrational pattern and origins, so too, is it that develop the honour and respect inside of you, for you, that you in turn give that to others around you. The other aspects of you- and also them who are your kin/ family here among you.

All life here on the planet is part of your inherent soul family, whether you accept it or not. Even the animals are your soul family. And under your personal responsibility and guardianship. One must return to that honour and respect of all life, for what you do to others you do to yourself.

The highest possible rule or law that you could make for such an effect to live by would be : DO NO HARM. This means to all nature- plants, trees, animals, and people. When you are in communion with your highest possible selves with open heart you will see how all this interacts and why what you do to another you do unto yourself.

It is time to fulfill your responsibilities as true guradians of the earth. This is why we speak to you from the healing perspective of what it is to really heal yourselves.

Respect and honour mother planet your home- live in harmony with and among all beings. The xenophobia in your collective consciousness can be lifted by working on your self, inside.

All the old phobias and beliefs must completely fall away to heal you on all levels. This will lead to your total restoration.

Whilst on the topic of health and nature, much of what you have been led to believe about natural products being unsafe and that you must have a regulation of some sort or it is not going to prooven to be effective or even accepted as a remedy, is pure disinformation. In truth all things were placed upon the planet for your comfort and your health with you. There in fact is no need to be dragged through systems to get well again. It is ultimately in your knowledge and power to take this and make what you choose to make of it.

Remember Creator placed life here on the planet WITH EVERYTHING that would be needed for its survival and evolution.

With this in mind we leave you know to mull over the information as you feel fit. It is here for a reference and guidance for those who are not getting answers and want them. If it does not resonate with you at this time, it is not for you yet. You will remember when the time is correct in your own personal timeline.

In love and respect, we honour you all.

Healing Team of Grand Cosmic Squadron.