30 May 2011

: Jillian Willow

There is a quickening to the pace of what you so call time. It is your perceptions that are shifting as you take in the golden codex's of the universal grid. The grid that connects you all with one and one with all! The wisdom of the universe! Your thoughts are shifting from linear to quantum and you are experiencing frequencies of a multidimensional proportion. Now that you are awake, you see. You are seeing the different dimensions and how you can play in each of them. Or how you cannot go back to some that you have left behind. You are realizing that this life on is simply play time for you soul. Master creators! Tuning into grid that connects all, you are seeing just how big the bigger picture is… and it is making your worries seem small… for at this level, LOVE = love only vibrates eternally… there is no to it and you are love, so there is no to you.

Do not worry what you are DOING at this point in time, focus on BEING. Just BE in the present and all will fall into place. So many times you worry about where you want to be in a month, three months, six months, a YEAR! Did you know… that by doing this, you are putting limitations on yourselves and not staying in the flow of the universe? All you can do is be in the now , and this is all. You can manifest things and situations for your life, although, as you think they are on some time line, they are not! In the larger scheme of things, you already have all! Staying in the flow of the abundant universe is the key. There is always more than enough for everyone!

Volunteers who have come here to help the beloved planet as she shifts on her axis, you are here to hold the higher frequency vibratory pulsations that she needs, to ease the birth pangs she is experiencing. This releasing helps to calm the effects of the shifting, by helping keep and weather catastrophes minimal. This could be worse, but with the conscious collective praying and meditating on helping , these natural disasters have actually been lessened. The animals that are disappearing in large groups, this is all for a . The animals that are becoming extinct, this is also for a , and although the planet has been abused by humanity for too long, it will surprise you that this is not what is causing it! The Earth is making a transition, and with transitions many things change to make way for other species that will be better suited for the earth after shifting is completed. "Global warming" is not your fault and it really does not exist! Even though you should want to be better custodians of this planet, this is a process, a cycle, that was going to happen anyway. This is all natural and should not be feared… if anything, embrace these changes in LOVE! And send the Earth your love and she will reciprocate. Letting go of old patterns of thought, embracing new. You are all here for a purpose and this is why so many of you are crying out for answers, help and guidance. Your cries and prayers are always heard. There are people in your life for this exact . Angels walk among you. You are never alone. Please know this.

June is going to be a pivotal month for all. Relax and flow with the changes… There are many crystal activation points within the month. The 1st, new and partial solar eclipse. The 15th, full total lunar eclipse, July 1st, new and partial solar eclipse. Gather in groups or alone and connect with these activating energies which will prepare and activate you to higher frequencies and attune you to multi dimensional wave lengths.. in nature, connecting all in the universe!

You are experiencing so much in the dream time realms. Lightworkers are working ever so hard in the dream state to heal and uplift others. Know that you are being taken care of lightworkers, because your work is so revered. You are taken care of in all aspects of your journey here on earth, if you need assistance from the higher realms, ask for it and we, your guides will come. We will open the doors that need to be opened.

We are all a part of this great dance of the universe! Rejoice! And and savor the fruits of your labor!
Do not worry about the future, it will come, and do not dwell in the past, it has already gone. Live for the moment.
Invoking your true divine essence…

With you always. Loving and protecting.
Guidance Messengers.