14 June 2011  

Channeler:  Janet Trevisan

Devatas: “Your is vast and your galaxies likewise but there is no limitation to the expanse of Consciousness.

Now we say this advisedly when we use the word Pure for there are on astral levels, and that type of sensing, many reasons not to move the Consciousness out, for obvious reasons.

Yet as you move now consciously in the Purity of Consciousness, then you are freed to Expand.

And as you do so, so you see around and about many, many galaxies, many systems.

Now we would like you to understand that you see is seen through the nature of consciousness as we have just said. And because of this, the reality that you perceive is likewise of a mental conscious nature.

On your third dimension you perceive materialization. But as you expand consciously as you are doing now, you are beyond as we said, the personality structures.

And so the pure consciousness starts on the very highest level of the highest mental level and moves onwards.

Everything is Conscious-ness on many different levels as you well know. Yet when we tell you that the Universe and the universes, multi-verses in other words, are likewise Conscious, then it starts to dawn on you just how vast Consciousness is.

Consciousness is a word that is not really understood on your level for you are just as a species, waking up.

As we say this, you may feel indignant and say that of course, I am fully Conscious and aware; and you are on a mundane level. But to Transcend into those higher scenarios of which we now speak, means an Awakening Mind per se and a very strong pure conscious focus per se also.

The purity of the focus is itself the assurity of success; for it allows you to integrate and to interpenetrate those places that otherwise it would not be possible to reach. As you do this, so you relate and interrelate to the Light of the Universe.

And this itself is Massive.

We show you this for we show you capacities that are to be given eventually to human-being-ness.

The word human-being is really a very small part of the Spiritualised Being-ness that You Truly Are.

And the Expanded, Aware, Awakened Pure Consciousness which you are working through at this point in time, is a capacity which will be developed eventually for your species.

The necessities now for this part of human consciousness to Awaken, is that it understands its Inter-connectedness.

The Interconnections have always been part and parcel of who and what you are, yet they have been closed off till now for the majority of mankind.

As you expand your to advance into deeper and deeper realms of your , your , then you will start to understand that gradually now, there is no need for .

For technology as such, as great and as grand it has been for you in your pasts, plural, will be of little use in your futures, plural, for it hampers one, let us put it this way. The nuts and bolts of technology cannot pass through to certain levels of integrated-ness.

It is necessary that the mind itself is Opened and allowed to Ascend through its own Transcendance to the frequencies of which we speak.

The Light Body Illuminates the whole Consciousness of your whole galaxy. And it is from the Light Body that the information is being given to your part of the Milky Way.

You have spoken about energetic waves; and we tell you that the energetic waves are of such a nature that they Enlighten the species.

It is the story of the Nature of Spiritualised Humanity to Arise let us say now. It has not in the past been of this caliber.

In your past, in your distant pasts, there have been those who have been capable in a singular manner, of accessing certain degrees of these energetics of which we speak.

And now it is that the full, let us call it, Impact, Impregnation if you like, of this Light comes to you, to Enlighten the masses.

It is indeed a Lifting of the Awareness.

It is not something that should be feared and we show you this; we show you waves upon waves; as you could say, Light Frequencies upon Light Frequencies which interpenetrate with your DNA, with your genetic structures and ultimately with your higher mental bodies, and set you free.

It is not that mankind is to be destroyed. It is not that mankind will even lose consciousness. On the contrary, mankind Awakens In Conscious Awareness, as the perception starts to Transcend. And a new scenario is added to that of which he already has been.

It is a growing-process. Everything in nature is part and parcel of a Whole.

Everything in nature as we have said so many times before, are like wheels within wheels and it is simply a moving-forward, going through if you will, the Heart of Mankind; and Lighting in the Light Frequencies of their own Higher Nature.

You can use a religious terminology for this as has been done and you can say that the Christ Within is Ignited; It is the ; It is the Light- of the individuals.

Everything that is being spoken of in all your stories and books and magazines, of death and destruction and of planetary crashes and marbles being played with the heavens, is really and truthfully only part and parcel of the hurdles let us say, that the lower nature of man goes through, as he passes into the astral realms.

As the Consciousness expands as we have said, and becomes Higher and eventually more pure, then the Light Body is attained; and the Consciousness is a Pure Conscious Awareness.

It is, and we have used this term in the past, a Growing, a Glowing process.

Your Consciousness Expands and as it expands, so Yes, it is that you See and Know and Integrate with those finer vibrations which then bring forth to you, those Beings of Like-Mind.

You use the terminology Extraterrestrials; we would say it is just a growing process whereby you meet your brothers and sisters in Spirit.

It is a Vast family of Being-ness if you did but know this. And there are no secrets, no conspiracies, no negativity other than distorted minds of those who would wish to have power through fear.

Therefore we tell you now and show you now, these happenings and these energetics, so that you may go in Peace; for what would be the point of the destruction of your planet.

You have a planet which is precious and which for thousands of years, has hosted life of many divisions and sorts; and it is not about to be destroyed.

It is about to be Enlightened.

So we Bless you.

Do you have questions this evening?

Question: “I think there are two eclipses this month. Is there anything you’d like to explain to us regarding the energetics around them?

Devatas: “The lunar eclipses will be magnifications of the intensifications of these frequencies of which we speak. They will possibly affect your emotional bodies and definitely the emotional bodies of the masses. For again as we have just spoken to you about the astral levels, and the blockages as yet within many.

The extra intensities of these moons and the connections to the planets surrounding, will play on different chakras within the body.

We suggest that during this period, you drink water”.

Question: “This weekend as you yourselves have predicted, there was quite a turn-about in peoples opinions. You know that we’ve had this referendum. To my mind it was more about stating whether the church still has a hold over the majority of people or not. So would you say that the ‘losing party’ in inverted commas, will go kicking and screaming or will they appear more quiet in this transition”.

Devatas: “The energy is withdrawing; the vibrational frequencies are changing; and as this occurs, the Awareness changes. It is a growing process; it is a natural process and it is a revelatory process.

Mankind is coming into his adulthood perceptionally speaking and sees through the glass darkly but it is that the energies are no longer there to support that which has fed so to say, off the emotional bodies of the masses”.

You are living in a very intense period, that is a pressurized period let us say. And the pressurization of which we speak, works on all the chakra systems within your body, including those above your heads.

So where you are focused, that will Become your Reality as we have said many times before.

Question: “In line with what you’re saying, and with the Crop-circles which are coming in now, what should we anticipate in seeing both within the Crop-circles and also in the skies?”

Devatas: “There will be changes being seen this year. And what we say, in the sky will be colours. Be aware of different colours in the sky.

The Crop-circles, as you call them now, maybe different shapes, but the Real Crop-Cirlces as opposed to man-made crop-circles, will now have an intensity, which because of the incoming-energies will be Stepped-up and this will become very apparent to those who enter into them. It is part and parcel of the perceptional change.

Very well, it is interesting. We shall look forward to seeing.

And We Bless you and wish you well.