13 June 2011  

Channeler:  Lena Stevens

Dear Friends,

Full moon and total lunar eclipse is Wednesday, June 15, at 2:14PM . This is the second eclipse in the triad of eclipses. The energies are strong in pushing for a new . Any resistance will result in great discomfort energetically, emotionally and possibly even physically. The best way to use this full moon time is to be still and be receptive to a new . Find that still point of peace inside you where nothing is happening. Practice your internal and anchor your vertical axis. Pull the charge out of your external points of reference and bring that into your solar plexus. Be with yourself and be in acceptance with whatever is happening out there in the world.

This full moon also brings an opportunity to reach for an expanded awareness. Breathe into that awareness and discipline the mind to accept the multidimentional information downloading without having to track it in a linear way. This is not a linear time and you must release the to understand, the to know and the to control. If you feel anxious, work with spirit and focus on the earth and the sky and know they are your true points of reference at this time.



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– 24º Full Moon/Lunar eclipse
Wednesday, June 15, 2011 2:14 PM MDT

The arrow in Sagittarius' bow is aiming farther than it has ever aimed before – not just beyond the horizon but to the of our Milky Way pushing us beyond our long held container of beliefs that have served us for the last two thousand years. The fiery Sag Moon conjuncts the North Node – that point that illuminates the next step in our evolution. Sagittarius expands our beliefs, our vision, our truth. As Copernicus expanded and linked us to the solar system five hundred years ago rocking the world as it was known, so now is the time to link beyond the planetary and into the galactic consciousness realizing our deep connections to the realms beyond our physical senses.

We find ourselves in the middle of the powerful summer eclipse period. This second eclipse of the three eclipse package brings to the fore our emotional and subconscious lunar natures as the Sun and the Moon join the Nodes to link us to the degrees of our Galactic Center. It's download time.

Deep core healings of the wounds caused by our competitive, individualistic cultural practices can be triggered and released by this powerful window. This is the shift point we have been waiting for. The summer eclipse period – June 1st through July 1st is the pressure cooker for movement. The masculine is reaching deep to heal its isolation from the feminine; and the feminine is releasing victimization and anger and surrendering to forgiveness for what has gone before. The rebalancing can be swift and clean if we rely on the power of the quantum field to make it so. Sagittarius says keep your eye on where you want to end up, not where you've been. Chiron working in conjunction with Neptune in Pisces supports the North Node here. Those courageous enough to engage in this sacred shift into balance are working not only for themselves but also for the entire collective. So much points to the shaking lose of our foundational beliefs about church, government, business, relationship, security and moving towards a world where connection and cooperation release a new creativity recognizing our co-creating with Spirit.

Much support is manifesting to complete and let go of what has gone before. We are strattling the chasm between the old paradigm of living and the new, higher frequency manifestations of the divine through each of us. The solar flares are bombarding us with extremes of electro-magnetic energy providing us with the fuel we need to anchor these new energies.

Ceres, Goddess of the grain, Mother of the Earth, Nourisher of the people, squares the North/South Nodes standing strong in her reminder to be clear about your source of nourishment and honor and bless it daily. All around the globe food, water, and agricultural practices are bringing people together in grass roots movements to take back our source of nourishment.

Mercury, that androgynous shapeshifter, rules this chart and is traveling closely with the Gemini Sun. Mercury loves expressing through its own sign. The airwaves are electrified. Stimulation is high. There is a restlessness in the mind, and the body physically and energetically can be inclined to be slower to change its patterns as it adjusts to higher frequency energy use. Precious little down time and assimilation time exists. The Gemini/Sagittarius polarity helps us keep our minds open and adaptable, flexible to new ideas and optimistic about what can happen in the next moment. Sagittarius helps us sift the truth out of the illusion created by the dinosaur establishment bent on maintaining its hold on us with its bad breathe of lies. The North Node says, 'wake up people, your point of growth lies in being able to see and act on the truth. Irresponsibility for what is unfolding is no longer tolerable'. The intelligence of Gemini along with its ability to grasp many things at once is balanced by Sagittarian wisdom and focusing on the bigger picture. Work to deflate judgment. Don't lose sight of your dreams and aspirations when things move through wobbly intensity. Hold the line of where you want that Sagittarian arrow to land.

, June 21st is only about a week away. (11:17 AM MDT) One of the four most powerful points of the year, here is where the increase of the masculine light of the Sun peaks and the feminine lunar cycle begins in the sign of , the Mother. Family, security and heart-centeredness are supported by this emotional, watery feminine time. The direction of the South rules summer where we create a container for connection and support. Use the instrument of the South, the drum, to soothe your heart, connect to the Earth and open your expression of love.

Prominent in the solstice chart as well is Mercury, caretaker of our thinking and speaking, square to Saturn, our disciplinarian, we will have a vehicle to curb any appetite our egos have for negative and self-deprecating thinking during this Solstice period. Be patient and hone your communication skill of speaking from your heart. The Cancer Sun's benevolent trine to compassionate Neptune in Pisces will provide an invitation to surrender to one's receptive, imaginative and nurturing self. Moving out of the head and into the truth of the heart in these times will be the flow with the maximum support. Bless the Earth, the Moon and the Sun.

06/21 Summer Solstice/Sun enters Cancer 11:17 AM MDT
07/01 in Cancer/partial solar eclipse 2:54 AM MDT