2 June 2011  

Channeler:  Lena Stevens

The main theme for June is Realignment.

When a vehicle gets out of alignment it shakes and shimmies and wants to veer off the road. What causes it to get out of alignment is hitting bumps, potholes and other obstacles. If a vehicle is left in this condition for too long, the tires will wear out. A vehicle will not realign itself. You have to take it in for help.

Many of you have been hitting potholes, bumps and roadblocks in your life experiences, throwing you out of alignment with your expectations and what you perceive to be your physical environment. You feel off center, somewhat ungrounded and unfocused. With the aggression mode of the year this feeling may even be exaggerated. Many of you are still looking for support and wisdom in the wrong places, in an old model or outdated paradigm. You expect that if you do certain things or have certain thoughts or focus your in a specific way, you will achieve predictable results. The personality is confused by the potholes and roadblocks and doesn't quite know what to do next.

This month provides the opportunity for realignment we have all been waiting for but you have to meet the challenge half way. If you do the work, you will be rewarded. If you expect to be handed realignment on a silver plate, you may be waiting a long time and wear your tires out in the process.

What does realignment mean?

Daily life consists primarily of a sequence of events and experiences that are guided and measured by points of reference. Your points of reference are made up of your external physical structures such as your home and everything in it, your physical tools for living, your physical accessories to your person, the greater physical environment such as roads and buildings in your community, and the physical placement of these physical points of reference. You also have points of reference such as time and schedules, your daily habits and rituals including meals, hygiene and practices; your , your own measures of accomplishment and success, and your own measures of satisfaction, love and acceptance based on the responses of others. This structure you have created for yourself allows you to function in this physical life.

What we have now is a condition of this structure being out of alignment with the higher vibration hitting the planet at this time. Since we all have an underlying desire for change and evolution, that desire supersedes the personality's attachment to the current structure. Although this change towards a higher vibration has been a gradual process, there are markers along the way that remind us of what we need to do and that anchor the change that has already occurred. This time frame we are in now is one of those markers and provides and opportunity for necessary realignment.

One thing that a higher vibration allows for is a greater conscious access to the quantum field. There is a greater capacity for seeing exactly how your thought forms and your belief systems create your reality, and a greater capacity for opening your intuition and expanding your senses, allowing for a more multidimensional experience of life. This is truly an exciting time. However you must be willing to do the work and meet this challenge half way for there to be results.

If things are not working the way they used to or the way you want them to, there is a reason. If you feel you are coming up against a brick wall in your efforts, either your efforts are focused in the wrong direction or your motivation is out of alignment. What does it mean to do the work and to meet the challenge half way? It means giving up your old dreams. It means being willing to release and let go of anything you know in your heart does not serve you. This may include relationships, habits, inappropriate work, any activity run by the obstacles (stubbornness, impatience, martyrdom, self-deprecation, arrogance, greed, self-destruction), physical environment or location not serving you, and taking on responsibility or karma on that is not yours. It means being willing to trust your intuition and having the courage to act on it. It means paying attention to the points of reference you have and changing your relationship with them from one of dependency to one of cooperation and exchange. It means becoming so flexible that you don't question when your physical environment changes in ways the mind cannot comprehend.

Contemplate what it would be like to walk out in the morning and find your car parked in an entirely different place than where you parked it the night before. Contemplate what it would feel like to have a part of your physical environment suddenly become foreign and unrecognizable to you. This has occurred on a smaller scale for some of you with keys and other small objects disappearing and appearing in a different location. You may have also come back from a long trip or time away from your known environment and felt like you did not recognize the streets that had been familiar to you in the past. These are all examples of the fluidity of the physical realm manifesting itself as you slide around between parallels. So part of the work is becoming more flexible and releasing your attachment to the placement that has become habitual for most of you. In fact you can help this part along by taking action and moving your physical environment around or even moving into a new physical environment.

Doing the work means changing your points of reference to reflect an inner anchor rather than an external one. Most of the points of reference are external. Visualize your life with you in the center as the hub of a three dimensional wheel and all your reference points revolving around you like the spokes of that wheel. The external crust these spokes have been plugged into has now disintegrated compromising the integrity of the whole structure. There is no longer any stability in the old form and you find yourself reaching for a connection that is no longer there. What is absolutely necessary at this time is to realign where you are connected and where you expect to be connected. Instead of your physical points of reference providing you with structure, there is now a need to align yourself with the non-physical points of reference. Visualize yourself still as the hub but now with a strong channel reaching up into the sky and aligning with the sky realm; the universal masculine and patriarchal energy; the sun, moon and stars, and all the inner wisdom and intuition and comes from that realm. Another strong channel reaches down and deep into the earth connecting and aligning you with the earth and the universal feminine and matriarchal energy, and all the wisdom and creativity embodied in you from that place. Use this new alignment as an axis, moving the power away from the external and into yourself and this new alignment. It is not that you need to eliminate your external points of reference. It is simply that you need to put them secondary so that you become aware of how they are governed by the unseen forces of the quantum field.

This realignment will affect many areas of your life, different for each one of you and too extensive to go into in this forecast. Just be aware of anything that is different and be aware of your attachment to current external physical points of reference. Work proactively with this realignment; ask for help and welcome change. Watch where you resist rather than accept. It is very simple. Resistance closes the energy, shuts the door to change and causes great mis-alignment. Acceptance opens the energy, creates possibilities and moves you towards alignment. Remember that the universe is naturally organized. And the natural order of things is to move towards order and alignment. You throw roadblocks in the way of your own ease when you resist. Any resistance, judgment, blame or denial will only cause you to suffer and feel victimized. Take advantage of this opportunity to move forward, realign with spirit and trust that your greater self knows what it is doing.

How the month shows up:


You could be intensely challenged this month or you could feel tremendous relief at the movement and how quickly things have realigned for you. If you are hitting a roadblock, stop and examine your motivation and your relationship to the issue. Heal what needs to be healed and step back into a cooperative collaboration with what seems to be not working. Be in acceptance and be willing for a new alignment to settle in around what you are trying to accomplish. This alignment is taking place on all levels; the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Some of the effects will not be seen for a long time as new patterns and assemblage points take their own time in filtering down to the physical realm.

There are many choices being made collectively on the astral plane that have to do with which probability to anchor. During this time there could be a tendency to feel tired and unfocused as this process occurs. One day you could feel everything aligned and all systems go, and the next you could perceive your life as being completely disintegrated. Remember not to believe everything your mind throws at you, as most of it is an illusion. Also remember that we are sliding in and out of different parallel realities, trying them on for size. So if your keys are not where you left them the night before, know that you have been busy on the astral with your clan member s from the other side. The false personality is truly terrified at this point and hanging on to old points of reference for dear life. Be gentle with yourselves but do the work. Be relentless about acknowledging with gratitude all of your points of reference without giving them any power.


Relationships will need work this month. Some relationships will realign themselves easily and automatically. Others will need special attention. There may be lots of projection reactions from those who feel "left behind". If you are one of those, don't begrudge those who are experiencing life the way you wish to. A of mine once said, "wishing doesn't make it so, making it so makes it so!" So allow things to be different and make it so for you. If you are experiencing great alignment, have compassion for those who are struggling without going there with them. You can serve better by setting an example and keeping up your own as a point of reference for others. And remember not to take anything personally.

Some relationships will go by the wayside as you realign with what has meaning and importance for you. As you shed the skin of the "shoulds"and "have tos" that come with taking on responsibility that is not yours, it will become very clear where you need to make changes in some of your relationships. Many of you are already in the process of doing this. By the same token, you may be called to step out and be of more service in your community putting you in a position of connecting with others more than you have done in the past. Look to serve your relationships and your relationships to serve you. If they need realigning, allow that to happen without judgment, blame or feeling victimized.


The environment has its own way of realigning itself and we have seen some of the effects of that process already with the phenomena that has recently occurred. Without coming from a place of prediction or fear, it is always best to be prepared for anything to happen. As a species we have come too far to fully obliterate ourselves. That would be too easy and unsatisfying. The planet will continue to cooperate with the process of evolution by supporting whatever lessons we need to learn, especially around our attachments to what we have created and become dependent upon as our points of reference. As always, be flexible in your plans, never blame the weather and continue to be a cooperative participant in whatever happens.

When intense phenomena happen there is a tearing of the pattern that has kept a certain balance and equilibrium. As much as this balance and equilibrium has helped us live harmoniously on the planet, it has also kept us limited in what we could bring in new information from the quantum field. It is almost necessary for there to be some ripping and tearing of the fabric that has contained our experience with all its limitations for there to be an opportunity to bring in new innovation and information. So the environment is cooperating with our need at this time in history to expand our of information in order to create resources for ourselves that have not existed in the old paradigm. So let the winds blow, the water flow, the earth move and the fire roar.


As this is the month of realignment, anything you can do to help your physical body with realignment will be helpful. Chiropractic adjustments, acupuncture, any energy medicine working with the quantum field, chakra alignment, brain wave recalibration, walking a labyrinth, any shamanic practice of accessing the spirit world of non-ordinary reality, walking backwards, walking sideways, hanging upside down, and most importantly changing up your routines and habitual practices to break up your personal patterns to make room for a new alignment. Make sure you also set some time aside every day that is unscheduled to give you an opportunity to experience just simply being. See if you can consciously expand your awareness and all your senses to take in more chi, more sunlight, more light, more juice from the earth. Be an open vessel.

Physical challenges this month may involve brain function, memory, dizziness, balance, sporadic energy levels, tiredness, subtle but consistent nausea (due to solar plexus opening up), mild headaches (due to third eye opening up), sciatica and lower back issues (due to fear and anxiety affecting the kidneys). Drink plenty of water, as this is a water year and honor the spirit of fire by working with sun every day.


A squirrelly month for being attached to any iron clad decisions in this area as things may change from day to day. Practice extreme flexibility and remember that even though it would seem that certain areas could be predictable, nothing is predictable and even areas that have been predictable in the past will be completely unpredictable. This is a time to work in the present, move on what is showing up right in front of you, and trust that what you are creating is in alignment. Change can happen very quickly, things can disintegrate and build back up again in a new alignment almost overnight. If you have been thinking of restructuring, remodeling, expanding, downsizing or any other change, this is a good time to initiate the process. Be careful to stay within your means and not to count on anything you don't have in your hand. Remember to become less dependent on your physical points of reference and to put more energy into the non-physical ones. Trust in your intuition will certainly pay off whether it is in the direction of expansion or in the direction of elimination. It is a good time to start new projects as well as to re-examine existing ones to see how you can update them if necessary. Watch your finances. Don't be miserly, as you should show the universe that you are prosperous so it will hand you more of the same. But don't be overly indulgent either. Stretch a little bit but not beyond your comfort level or way beyond your means.


The realignment in this area will be around values, power, resources, global priorities and justice. There is also a theme emerging around the realignment of truth, what really happened, who is telling the truth and who isn't. Truth is a big topic and will be the indicator that some realities are very different that others. This has to do with the experience of time and certain vibration levels that are out of sync with each other. The issue of truth will be one that will be at the forefront of many global issues and certainly politics for many months and even years to come.

Look for certain truths to come to the surface. The collective is ready for them and can now deal with them in a mature fashion.


June 1: is Wednesday, June 1 at 3:03 PM Mountain Daylight Time. This signifies the beginning of a window of change and opportunity. This is accompanied by a partial solar eclipse and is the first of 3 eclipses; full lunar on the 15th and another partial solar on July 1. There will be more information about the significance of this time period in the June forecast but it is important to be aware now of the power of this as it launches a potent time of change and realignment.

Paying attention to and being present in all your relationships is perhaps the best way to use this new moon time. Take at least one thing you have in your life that you use on a regular basis and really pay attention to your relationship to it and with it. For example, if it is your car, do you say hello to it every morning? Do you clean it regularly? Do you feed it good ? Do you thank it for its service? Do you talk to it and share where you are going? Do you cherish it and take care of it? Are you in gratitude for it? Pay attention to these details.

The same suggestion can go for your home, appliances, , electric toothbrush, furniture, tools, and almost anything that you have that are of a physical nature that you depend on for living your life. Instead of wondering and worrying about what may happen out there somewhere on the planet (earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanoes, tornadoes etc.) pay closer attention to what you have right in front of you. What kind of relationships do you have with your physical environment and the things you own? What kind of attitude do you have regarding your things? The change you are looking for is not out there. It is within yourself and how you interact with your environment. So start with something you have and spend a little time with it during this new moon. It will expand you into a place that will eventually allow for greater awareness.

June 1-8: What is out of alignment? What have you been struggling with? What is not working in your life? What are you missing? What do you wish for? What is easy? What is in front of you right now? Where do you see a door open and where do you see a door closed?

This is a time of assessment and truth telling. Let go of attachment, be accepting; be open to possibilities, opportunities, change and transformation. Be careful not to measure yourself against others or against your own outdated points of reference. Make an inventory of all of your points of reference, acknowledge them and tell the truth about your dependency on them. Be very present and aware of whatever is coming to you as an opportunity to start something new or a chance for change. Take care of your body and refrain from defining a symptom as a condition. It is probably temporary and due to the intense solar activity as well as the influence of the eclipse.

June 9-15: This is a time characterized by "fireworks". It is explosive change, creativity, destruction, manifesting, loss, miraculous healing, and reversals. Whatever happens, don't struggle. You could experience such expansion and lifting of limitations that your life is totally different. You could also experience the more negative side of devastation, breaking down of the old and disintegration of your known reference points. Whatever it is, it is progress and evolution and necessary at this time. Be in acceptance and do what you can to participate in the change. As things break down they come back together in a new alignment. Remember that the universe is organized to move towards alignment. If you are experiencing a part of your life in pieces, ask the universe to bring you a new alignment. This is a good time for practicing the visualization of shifting your focus from your external reference points to the axis aligning you with the sky realm and the earth energies.

June 15: Full moon and total lunar eclipse is at 2:14 PM Mountain Daylight Time. This is the second eclipse in the triad of eclipses. The energies are strong in pushing for a new alignment. Any resistance will result in great discomfort energetically, emotionally and possibly even physically. The best way to use this full moon time is to be still and be receptive to a new alignment. Find that still point of peace inside you where nothing is happening. Practice your internal alignment and anchor your vertical axis. Pull the charge out of your external points of reference and bring that energy into your solar plexus. Be with yourself and be in acceptance with whatever is happening out there in the world.

June 16-23: This is the greatest window of physical change. If you were planning to make a significant change in your physical environment this would be a good time to plan for it. Accept the change that others may be making as well especially if it affects you. When change occurs there is always realignment necessary afterward. If you are making the change, be conscious of this and allow for realignment. If the change is occurring from the outside and affecting you, invite whatever realignment is necessary. If you do not have any significant change going on and are feeling a bit stuck or limited, be proactive and do something to create change for yourself. Move some furniture around, shift your routines around or introduce a new pet into the household. The necessary realignment will follow.

In this window we could see physical changes of a greater global nature as well. Again, be accepting and see everything that happens as a cooperative effort towards evolution and necessary realignment.

June 21: is at 11:16 AM Mountain Daylight Time. A good time to vision what you wish for yourself in the future. By this time your patterns should be sufficiently shaken up to allow for some clarity in a new direction or at least in a realignment of how you are currently playing out your life. Do some intention work, visioning, sharing, celebrating, practicing gratitude, working with the sun and the earth, and having some fun. Enjoy the chaos and the creativity and the innovation and the inspiration and the resilience of the collective and your personal part in the experience of life on this planet.

June 24-30: This time frame could come with some ups and downs, uncertainty, doubt, questioning and confusion. It is a time of adjustment when the energetic highs come down to earth and decisions shake themselves out. Be careful not to judge yourself for anything that seemed like a perfect idea and now is not unfolding in the way you wished. Be careful not to judge others for not delivering what they promised or seemed to be able to offer at the time. At the same time something that was surely never going to work may suddenly appear to be the best option yet. So be flexible, be ready, be accepting, be focused, present and alert. If something is not working let it go. If something wants to work really well, let it into your life. Always remember that where one door closes another always opens. Look for the opportunities rather than bemoaning the losses. Laugh, cry and be in love!

Have a great month,

NOTE: The new moon with a partial solar eclipse is July 1 at 2:54 AM Mountain Daylight Time. This is the third eclipse and the bookend to the intense time of change and realignment.