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31 May 2011  

Channeler:  Lena Stevens

Dear Friends,

New Moon is Wednesday, June 1 at 3:03 PM Mountain Daylight Time. This signifies the beginning of a window of change and opportunity. This new moon is accompanied by a and is the first of 3 eclipses; full lunar on the 15th and another partial solar on July 1. There will be more information about the significance of this time period in the June forecast but it is important to be aware now of the power of this new moon as it launches a potent time of change and realignment.

Paying attention to and being present in all your relationships is perhaps the best way to use this new moon time. Take at least one thing you have in your life that you use on a regular basis and really pay attention to your relationship to it and with it. For example, if it is your car, do you say hello to it every morning? Do you clean it regularly? Do you feed it good ? Do you thank it for its service? Do you talk to it and share where you are going? Do you cherish it and take care of it? Are you in gratitude for it? Pay attention to these details.

The same suggestion can go for your home, appliances, , electric toothbrush, furniture, tools, and almost anything that you have that is of a physical nature that you depend on for living your life. Instead of wondering and worrying about what may happen out there somewhere on the planet (earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanoes, tornadoes etc.) pay closer attention to what you have right in front of you. What kind of relationships do you have with your physical environment and the things you own? What kind of attitude do you have regarding your things? The change you are looking for is not out there. It is within yourself and how you interact with your environment. So start with something you have and spend a little time with it during this new moon. It will expand you into a place that will eventually allow for greater awareness.



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Wednesday, June 1, 2011, 3:03 PM MDT
Sun and Moon in Gemini 11º

The cosmos is about to present us with a 'perfect storm' to practice our crisis/opportunity kung fu. Three eclipses in a row create a notable opening for realignment. The slope gets slippery; we shift our weight, we lose our footing, our assets realign, resources appear, we perceive the dance in a new light.

Eclipses are cyclical. Six months and 19 years. We experience two eclipse cycles a year – one winter, one summer with two or three solar/lunar eclipses together. And each eclipse cycle is related to a prior eclipse 19 years previous. So, review what you were doing 19 years ago – that would be about June 1992 when we last saw this eclipse cycle at the same degree. Those same issues and themes frequently come spiraling up for review.

Here's the current line up:

June 1 – New Moon-Partial eclipse of the Sun Gemini 11º visible in eastern Asia, northern Alaska, northern , , Iceland, and the northern tip of .

June 15 – Full Moon-Total eclipse of the Moon Sagittarius 24º visible in Australia, Asia, Japan, India, Africa, Europe, and South America except the northwestern part.

July 1 – New Moon-Partial eclipse of the Sun Cancer 9º visible from the southern tip of South Africa, Antarctica, , and New Zealand.

Often the effects are strongest in the path of the eclipse, although they affect the entire planet.
Eclipses are precise alignments of the Sun, Moon and Earth. Electromagnetic energies are briefly interrupted, up graded and reset. Shift can come easily, suddenly, completely. Eclipses are thought of as marking beginnings and endings. As this cycle of three eclipses begins with a New Moon, we have the opportunity to set our intention about what we would like this entire period from June 1 through mid July to bring to us. In fact, it is practically mandatory. You don't want this much energy blasting through your reality without a point of focus – an intention. The times are like the exhilaration you feel when crossing a raging river over a big log. You don't want to look down, only where you want to end up! That raging river holds the chaos of the collective change we're passing through. Don't end up in it; know what you want to create and keep your sights focused and undistracted.

The first eclipse is the initiator and accelerator. There's much support available especially from Saturn, Vesta, and Pallas Athena. Saturn wants us to be disciplined, aware of time, not putting things off, showing up, moving things into balance one step at a time and in Libra relationships, business, social justice and valuing connectedness, aesthetics, art, and beauty are the most likely playing fields.

The second eclipse will hold more emotional impact, bring into play our subconscious lunar natures and stretch us out to a galactic level as it touches near the Galactic Center of our galaxy. Energies that awaken and transform us from deep within the consciousness of our cosmic structure are pulling us out of our hamster-wheel lives and linking us to forces much greater than we have ever experienced. Remember to link your heart to the heart of the Sun on a daily basis to keep energetically current.

The third eclipse is the most powerful and rates a five on a four-star rating scale. Very likely a major turning point of the year. The last time we saw a similar configuration (last summer) we manifested the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. What we have here is a Grand Square/Cardinal Cross made up of Saturn, Uranus, Pluto and the Sun/Moon in the first 10º of the cardinal signs known for their ability to generate crisis/opportunity. Squares generate the kind of energy, pressure and conflict that cause events to manifest for all to experience. Situations come to a head. Pluto, Uranus, Saturn tend to manifest experiences that we as a collective need to experience to learn important lessons for our evolvement. It's a pressure cooker for growth! And we can't discount the increased ramp-up energetically called into play by the Mayan calendar. June straddles Day 3 (sprouting, 5/20-6/24) to Day 4 (leaf formation, 6/25-7/12). It's like my says, "…you are going to feel a little pressure" as he puts a foot long needle into my jaw. We will, no doubt feel pressure from this configuration. We may feel intently the shifting of security out from under us and feel the uncomfortable wave of void that comes from cutting loose our enmeshment with our current constructs that make us feel safe. Moving towards the peak of sun spot cycles as we are now only increases the intensity.

Now, this is no situation to walk into with a loose container, no intentions and dragging a lot of emotional baggage. Take some time at this New Moon and clean out, get very clear about what you want in your life and of what you're letting go. Cement it with some ritual. Write it down. Walk in Nature. Ask for help. With a Gemini archetype active, it's always a good idea to discipline the mind, your thoughts, your communications. Be conscious and deliberate. Thoughts and words matter to the extreme. Perception can shift in an instant. Be as fluid, flexible and adaptable as fleet-footed Mercury, the ruler of a Gemini Moon.

In June, seven out of nine planets plus Chiron are either changing signs or directions (retrograde/direct) not including the Moon. The energies are conspiring to keep the rug pulled out from under us and provide us with practice in finding our center inside. Contact with this void, unknowing state could be almost constant. Out of the cracking open come new ideas, new resolve, quick thinking, cooperation, and wit. Of course we are used to the inner, personal planets, Venus and Mercury changing signs on a 3-4 week basis: Venus moves to Gemini June 10, Mercury moves to Cancer June 17 – no big deal. But with more significance, Neptune, only two months and 0º into Pisces turns and retraces steps on June 3rd retrograding towards Aquarius (August 3rd). Jupiter says bye-bye to Aries and enters earthy Taurus for a year (6/5/11-6/12/12) to expand our sensual relationship to being human, to interest us in expanding our resources, satisfy our appetites and explore where stubbornness gets us. Saturn finally moves direct on June 13 after five months of retrograde introspection and slowed progress and will take until mid-September to pass again the point where it left the road. Our agreements and commitments are up for reconsideration. Old forms of relating and doing business are being called out for their selfishness and greed. Saturn in Libra values fairness, equality, and social balance. The fresh energies are in people mixing it up in whole new ways. Chiron also retrogrades about June 8th until mid-November opening one more portal to release the past and reframe the energy into personal power borne of experience. Not to mention that pesky, Full Moon eclipse June 15th and coming June 21st. (Picture Munch's painting of "The Scream" here) Well, that's probably more than you wanted to know, but you get the idea – Lots of shift and movement, a lesson unto itself regardless of what's slipping and sliding around.

Expect to notice the field of the eclipses several days before and several days after the exact day of the event. Step over doubt and anxiety and move up to gratitude as often as necessary. And celebrate your willingness to be a part in this shift from a 3rd chakra orientation of will to the creation of the web of the 4th chakra of love and connectedness that is growing from the heart of each one of us.

06/01 New Moon/Solar eclipse 3:03 PM MDT
06/02 Mercury enters Gemini
06/03 Neptune retrograde until 11/09
06/04 Jupiter enters Taurus until 6/11/12
06/08 Chiron retrogrades until 11/12
06/09 Venus enters Gemini
06/12 Saturn goes direct until 2/7/12
06/15 Full Moon eclipse 24º Sag 2:14 PM MDT
06/16 Mercury enters Cancer
06/20 Mars enters Gemini
06/21 Summer Solstice-Sun enters Cancer 11:16 AM MDT
07/01 New Moon/Solar eclipse 9º Cancer 2:54 AM MDT