By Anakya Ariana

Posted by pleiadianwisdom on June 3, 2011 at 12:56 AM

It is truly amazing – the way things work out. 

When I was preparing for this 'mission' on , I recall saying goodbye to my family and my way of life.  Of course then I was known by another name, and had another form entirely.  It was painful to let go, but at the time I remember thinking it would only be for a while.  That is how an lifetime seems to people who on average live approximately 1,000 years in the same .  But what I did not realise, was that it would sure seem like a long time once I was there!.  Even though I have essentially skipped the first few years of human life (because I came in at age 11), I have still experienced a great deal in an accelerated manner.  I now see myself as a universal being, who has the benefit of being conscious of many layers of knowledge from within multiple dimensions. 

My father told me that I would be free to live my life as I wished, and that if I made any mistakes, he would not be able to pick up the pieces.  I understood this as the "non-interference" laws would apply to me as well as the other inhabitants of Earth.  It seems to me that some sacrifice often has to be made in order to acheive great things.  Although it has not all been about sacrifice.  I came to know that my body had not 'disassembled into light' as would usually happen when one of us chooses to walk in to another body, but rather I had somehow transferred its composite into my human form and aura when I 'blasted' into my Earth human form.

This meant that there was a potential to blend that body's energy with the energy of my Earthly form.  Thus I have since been able to manifest a blended form which I feel best represents who I have become.  I have yet to be able to manifest that form on Earth though, but off-planet it is no problem because the vibrations are so much higher.  I am told that some people on Earth can 'see' my form with their clairvoyant sight. 

Because I can manifest my Pleiadian/Earth body off-world this has allowed me to essentially live half of my life in that manner.  It is of great benefit when I wish to expand my skills and knowledge or interact with others in a more face-to-face way.  I was a in my Pleiadian form (the equivalent of a micro-biologist and physicist), but I have not really gone back to that type of work (although I draw on that knowledge when needed).  I have instead worked hard to obtain my pilot's license (so to speak) which allows me to fly ships which are used for interplanetary recon.  About the equivalent of learning to drive a car!.  After a lot more learning and practice I was able to also fly shuttle which are used for transporting cargo and people. 

The smaller recon. ships carry a maximum of three people.  They are like those that Semjase travelled in when interacting with Billie Meier in (however those ships are now out-moded).  We call them "Beamships".  They travel around a planet by way of a propulsion beam which comes from the base of the craft which interfaces with the magnetic forces coming from the planet.  These craft are capable of travelling through 'space' by disassembling their atomic structure and then reassembling it at another point in time/space.  To the human eye, the ship would 'blip' out of sight and then almost instantaneously appear somewhere else.  That's the best way I can explain it. 

All space craft are controlled via a telepathic interface between the pilot and the ship's central system (which is like a cybernetic brain in the sense that it is like a complex computer – but not exactly).  To access different functions of the ship, one places one's hands just above a control panel (but not touching it) and 'thinks' the commands to the ship.  It takes a lot of focus and mental control.  I do not think I could do it in a strictly human form because the brain function is too unfocused.

I've always had to feel as though I am doing something constructive and serving a higher life.  That, I think, is what drove me to desire this mission and to be able to experience growth whilst on Earth.  It is not enough to be an observer, or someone who just sits behind the scenes sharing advice.  I know this is something that a lot of Starseeds can relate to as well.  There is an inner drive to 'make the world a better place' – mostly because it is currently dysfunctional.  But we are all limited as to what, exactly, we can do about it. 

I have learned through life experiences that, by living a life which is true to your ideals, goals and spiritual truth, we are in alignment with the natural flow of the universe.  This universal matrix is designed in such a way that everything co-exists in harmony.  It is only when we fight or reject living in the flow that we make mistakes.  But of course we learn and grow from them as well. 

In some ways, I am present on Earth to teach and guide others in various ways, but that is something I grew into, rather than doing from the outset.  Sometimes the responsibility of that weighs heavily, but also the rewards are great.  It is something I had to decide to do for myself, and not to please my parents or follow any interplanetary directive.  However, I also find that I am learning a great deal from others, and I have grown to have great respect and love for Earth and her people.  I look forward to seeing what new challenges and discoveries I will make on this journey.