06 June 2011

Message from Merlin channelled through Whitefeather.

I come during this to share with you some guidance regarding various planetary energies and their affects on and the at this time.

As the time of the solstices, both Summer and Winter, approach, this is a time of great power in which the Suns power is anchored into the Mother providing a portal for the laying own of the Ascension Grids both within the Mother and within the DNA of all creatures.

This may trigger yet more cleansing and releasing affects, on the Earth Mother these will manifest through the elements of Fire and Water, this is a balance of opposites, both being cleansing and purifying, drought and wildfires, extreme heat and floods, this will be a time of extremes.

For the human populous this will also become a time of extremes, many will begin to step into their new lives, fully into their own ascension processes at last begin to understand their true soul purpose, becoming the you truly are, seeing yourselves as Guardians and Protectors of the Earth Mother and All Her Creatures, fellow humans included.

You will be the Spiritual Way Show’ers. The Passive Warriors for , the , Shining like the Sun at this Sacred time. Dear Lightworkers, Way Show’ers and Guardians, do not be afraid to become the Brilliance that You Are. Let yourself be consumed by the Light and power that is the Sun, whether returning to the Earth Mothers womb or rising to the height of power, your role as Guardians of the Earth Mother is to be Her Shining Lanterns, illuminating Her body with your gifts of healing, wisdom, comfort, compassion and devotion.

Whilst you may still struggle with the mundane in your lives, the balance is beginning to take form, the Spiritual will now take prescience for now and so you must let go of your worries and struggles of the mundane for they will be taken care of in due course and all will be as it should be, placing you all where you need to be, cleansed and free from burdens.
These trials and tribulations you are moving through are allowing all that is not needed to fall away whilst making room for the new to enter. A full pitcher cannot take on more fluids, it will simply overflow and take with it the goodness already contained within, weakening the origins. An empty pitcher is not a sad or useless item, it is a ready and receptive vessel awaiting he new to enter. This is why so much is leaving your lives at this time, both personally and globally, this has to happen. You have to become receptive vessels.

So, dear ones, do not fear the emptiness many of you are feeling at this time, honour it, for it means you are one of the leading Lightworkers, you are an important ascension grounder, an anchor, bringing in the Shining Energy to be able to share this with others.

Dear ones, others will greatly have need of you at this time. There are many within humanity who still do not understand these significant times you are all moving through, along with the Earth Mother. You must now step into your true selves because you are the ones who will lead, guide and comfort those yet to awaken.

Those that are yet to awaken will continue to make war, destruction, fighting change, fearing change, blaming others, not understanding the depth of the need of the Earth mother and continuing their damaging lifestyles, thoughts and action.
Fighting back at them is not the answer at this time, they are in a place of rebellion and no matter how compassionate your admonishments, they will continue to rebel. Yes you are to be leaders, but you must lead by example dear ones.
The Ascended Masters were gentle leaders of transformation, Buddha, Jesus, Kwan Yin, and many, many more. And so now, as you become the Masters that you are, you too must become gentle, transformative leaders of change, working your magic, the Alchemical changes needed, through the subtle blending of energies, working with the power of the Solstice, with this Master transformative 2011 year.

This is a powerful solstice event and many will call this the Return of the . For many, serpents have been prominent in their lives over the past few years. Serpents are the Ancient Master Healers, and Lightworkers, you are those Ancient Master Healers and this solstice energy see’s the full return of that energy to the Earth Mother through the rising Orphiuchus at the dawn of the solstice day. On the dawn horizon and the dawning of the rise of the for those Lightworkers ready to accept and step fully into their power and the power of their own Mastery, stepping into your true places on the Earth.

Are you ready to become who you truly are dear ones ?
Blessings Merlin