15 June 2011


Most of these deliveries of do nothing to give you the most important thing you as a human and ascension candidate. And that is because of the mental to get details about all that has been predicted and denied by the mind. But the details don't matter to those ascending, due to their ability to observe and not get caught in details.

No I give is for those ascending, only for those who are going to need them. Are you ascending? Not if the details are more concerning than happiness and caring in the moment. Details 't needed to give ego an attitude. All ego needs is a minute concept to add to its current data collection to cause man to be all about the details. Ask me about details and get them, but not about density creating matters or new choices to be made. No new choices are needed. Choosing is over. All who chose ascension can ascend when the call comes. No longer can ascension candidates who didn't make that choice get in on the most exciting advancement of the light ever designed or activated.

Channeled materials are good to get assistance as a new choice is being made, but after the details are given they can be deleted on the data board so you are not continuously looking for more. Once the moment comes, you can directly experience the learning for yourself – and not do the "attachment to details" conveyance of openness – that's not good enough. Being open means: open to any detail, not only those previously discussed. Information only closes the door on "awareness as needed".

My words are not to be considered the ultimate . I want you to go directly to the inner access to inside the grid of light near your physical heart. No words are there, only God's divine essence that has always been there. No creation exists that does not contain this grid. It is the name and form that gets details to manage out of this great well of mastery. Its pretty simple actually, no conveyance of messages can give you any more details of needed awareness, all you need is to turn to this grid and ask to be guided to . No answer is the best.

Channeling comes naturally when the grid is consulted. Nothing that has any value can give you as much as this one thing that costs nothing. To be able to have its abundance, all that is needed is an open heart and longing to be a clear vessel for light. No content contained in the body's cellular memory can obliterate this grid, but it can cover it up and control your ability to access light from it.

Clear cellular memory with deep breathing. Breathe in new air with the message "my breath cleanses all lifetimes of memories that distract me now." Cleanse and clear with this mental demand and get lighter on the details you demand from the mental body. No details are needed. Stay in the moment and all that you need to be aware of will appear. Align your more difficult memories with God's will as a growth tool, and get rid of anger about all those details that are negatively charged.

Happiness and awareness are the same thing. Awareness, without attached emotions, completes happiness. No change is needed, as a clear, detached is God's way of being. Are you able to detach from details? Can you accept that all details are not going to be available? That life is meant to be a perveyor of circumstances that aren't already known.

Choices made in new circumstances are what tests the awareness. No drama is about being in control. When the need for details disappears a Master remains, awaiting instructions from the breath of life and the divine grid it activates.

Ascended Master

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