We – all of God’s creation – are on an ongoing journey of wonder, delight, and ecstatic excitement.  You – our sisters and brothers – seemingly adrift in a universe completely unaware of you, that is in an apparently endless cycle of and , decay and renewal, suffering and hope, have truly been asleep for only an instant, dreaming that universe.  The death, decay, and suffering are just a horrible nightmare, while the , renewal, and hope are the effect of your memories of the calling you to , as you most surely will.  To permanently resist the divine call to is impossible.  Although your sleep has lasted but an instant, your experience of it seems interminable, as would any separation from your , if it were possible.

The fantastic creative gifts our Father gave us all to use and enjoy enabled you to make and maintain the universe, your imaginary reality, that you built to replace the divine One, and prove to yourselves that you could live independent from God, thus having no need of Him.  That idea was, of course, quite insane, because all that exists does so within God.  There is nowhere else and nothing else; existence without Him is inconceivable and impossible – and yet you attempted it!  It would be hilarious if it were not for your nightmare that brings you so much fear, pain, and suffering.  Our hearts go out to you in love and compassion as we see the misery you have made for yourselves, and we are constantly nudging you towards wakefulness.  Remember: “resistance is futile!” And that is just as well because you need to awaken into the eternal joy that is the divine eternal day.

Pay attention to our nudging which is subtle and discrete, a barely perceptible intuitive thought, quite unlike the loud and raucous noise that normally fills your heads.  To become aware of our nudging it is very helpful if you can shut down or reduce the ‘normal’ cacophony of thoughts forever rushing so intensely through your minds, demanding your complete attention.  Sit quietly, relax, stop attending to that rush of thoughts, just let them fade from your awareness, allowing the nudges of your friendly and loving spiritual guides to replace them.  When you feel relaxed and at peace, it is easy for you to access this guidance which is directed to each of you personally in the form with which you best resonate .

More and more of you are doing this as your awakening process approaches completion, and as your numbers increase so does the momentum of the awakening process.  You could liken it to a small spring gurgling to the surface high up in the mountains, running down a rivulet into a stream, and from there into a mountain lake where the waters have spread out, relaxed, and slowed down.  You are the spring thaw flooding the lake and getting the waters moving again and leading them towards the Ocean of divine Love that is waiting longingly for you all to pour in and become one with It once more.  The thaw is irreversible and the water is flowing powerfully, happily, and enthusiastically on course and on schedule to flood into that vast Ocean from which it separated so long ago.  The exhilaration of that sudden and explosive moment will be sublime ecstasy unending.

With so very much love, Saul.