There should never be a forcing of the will, not yours, not anyones.  Nor should there be a taking away from others.  When you live diliberately, you live fully.  I've learned that when I understand who I am,  I allow others understanding.  As you fuss about your choices you become fussy.  Make the way simple, avoid comparisons and judgements.  and profound of the source is endless, its beginning is without end and all is renewed.  A will run until it is effortless, they run beyond the imagined reality and start to flow into the zone without barriers.  Many of us grow through experiences and realize there are no absolutes.  All things change and wisdom is gained.   Fill yourself with idependence and it is only then that you can change your world.  Through walking your path with a heart of joy, many will join you.  Love is contagious,  it is spoken and written about daily.  What is your love story?  It is precious and noble,  it is particularly unique,  and it is cultivated.  Connect with not only the but that which is unseen and unknown.   Use your feelings as a portal to the great divine, lose the fretting and trust the internal source in the .  Let now be enough,  except the natural, unfolding of events.  Be content for all moments are fleeting.