28 May 2011  

Roger Nichols

Good morning and greetingshow are you both today?  Now we believe that you have asked upon a subject which seems to be on everybody's lips as far as channellings are concerned and that is .

Okay, let's start from the very basics on this if we may, rather than where they all seem to start with at the end rather than the beginning. 

What does ascension mean?  As you know we like to define our terminology, it is very important especially in the subjects that we talk about, to define one's terminology.  Ascension, does that mean to rise (yes) okay, so when you ascend you ascend up steps, you walk down, you descend, lifts, escalators all the same right.  So therefore we agree what we're talking about is rising, lifting up.

Then the next point of this is, alright well what are we lifting up?  Is it just our physical , are we, in other words it might sound rather stupid, are we going upstairs, so we are ascending.  Or are we trying to lift something less tangible, as far as humans are concerned"  In other words are we trying to ascend the spiritual side and I think we would all agree that this is really what is being spoken about.

So we have on one side, we have the physical, on the other side we have the spiritual.  Now what seems to be happening with a lot of them at the is that they're getting the two muddled up.  As we have said before, often, would you want to drag your physical body along with you?  If so at what age would you like to do it, okay. 

So if suddenly we have this mighty ascension of millions of people, some are one day old, some are one hundred years old, now we may ask do you think (a) that the one day olders are going to have any say in this and do you think the one hundred year olders are going to want to drag that creaking, groaning, worn out body around with them for the rest of time?  We're not going to answer that, we're going to ask you, we're going to leave it with you and say, just think about it.  You know everyone seems to be getting jumped on, oh we're all going fo an ascension.  Now maybe they're being told that they will, then their physical bodies will then become of a certain age whatever that is.  Do you think this will happen, that suddenly those that are a day old will become forty, and those that are a hundred years old will become forty.  It would be rather strange would it not if that was the case.

How? Why? For what purpose, what's it going to create?  And what we're trying to come across here and what we're trying to say is, think about physical ascension.  Is it wise?  Is it necessary?  And what is it going to create, what is it going to achieve?

And then we ask you to look very differently at Spiritual Ascension.  Now there are a lot of you that would agree that you move from physical body to physical body.  It will have, you'll get born, you'll have a life, that physical body will die, you at sometime then will reincarnate and continue on the process once more and more again.  Now this in itself if you are of this belief is going to really put the physical side in it's own perspective is it not, as being a rather unnecessary piece of baggage that you don't need to carry about with you, okay, when you're ascending.  Alright, do you understand this, good.

We're trying to think of an analogy we can use here at the moment, we haven't quite got one right now, we'll keep working on that.

Those of you who believe there's one poke at this lot, one chance, maybe that's different but there again do you think that that physical body is going to be any better, or have any imnprovements in any shape or once you've ascended to what it does at the moment.  Think about that one.  So let's go back where we were and say and look at the ascension from the Spiritual side, from the side on which we believe it should be viewed.  Ascension is the lifting of your Spiritual Awarenesses okay.

Now it has been said and shown and proved but there have been occasions when a physical being can suddenly make multi steps of ascension.  They're here, they've gone, this has been written in the Bible, lifted up in a chariot of light, and do not decry that, or ignore it, because it can happen.  It has happened and le't say it is a very, very rare occasion and in general with very special beings who were already at that level when they came down for their last incarnation.  Alright, because if they've ascended like that, they will not come back.

Now that is another subject altogether and that's going to upset a lot of people, to believe that if they have suddenly gone up in this chariot of light, taken up into the heavens, however you may perceive it, they are not going to come back in any shape or form physically.  The laws are such that this is impossible because the transcendence that they have had in moving up like that, denies them any possibility of once more becoming physical.  They have gone beyond those realms totally. Let's put it bluntly, there are no exceptions.  Now make of that what you will, of what is being said there, but from our perspective, and from our knowledge and our awareness, that is the truth.

So, we come back to the plodders, the vast majority of people who are slowly, slowy trying to ascend.  Not all of them, we know that, there are many whohave found what they think are short cuts to overcome this, but in general there are a lot of good people who are trying very hard to do the right thing and slowly they will ascend.  But it is a spiritual ascension, it is not physical ascension.

There's not going to be in all honesty and in all reality huge spaceships coming down to take them away. Our friend the Green Man has covered this before in saying "what makes you think that that would happen.  Do you think they're going to pick you up like being picked up at a train station and then dropped of in another area to continue on what you've been doing up until now, because you certainly haven't learnt how to live in harmony with what's around you here", correct.  (Yes)

So why would that happen?  Why is it being put around?  Why is it that so many people have jumped up on the , well it's a rather comfortable one is it not.  Let's say for a start, part of that is the scare of the physical death.  If you're told that you're going to be picked up and transported away to wherever, whatever would it may be, whatever place it may be, and let's be honest on the logic of this thing again, and say that if your physical body is going to be picked up by physical transportation, then you're going somewhere that is physical right.  It is not somewhere spiritual is it, and do you think you would be going for your own good?

We'll come back to this one too.  So there is this fear of the physical body dying and with this people would feel much more comfortable with the idea of just making this little hop, stepping on the spaceship, away we go, rather than the actual reality.

Now let's go back again to something we just said, that you're picked up by these spaceships, you're going to be taken elsewhere, why?  Do you think it is for your benefit or not?  We have all these human beings being split up for some reason and some are going to hop on these spaceships and they're going to be taken away.  We think it would be a very good idea if you looked at what, learnt and listened about what is going on at the moment, the manipulations that are taking place, because if this is to take place then the last thing we woiuld ever term it is as being an ascension.

It can be termed a harvesting but again not in the form that you'd with to know.

Ascension in general is something that takes hard work, dedication, committment, time and belief.  If you can get them all together at one time you can make a pretty fair hop but in general they come bit by bit like the pieces of the life's jigsaw and we're not taking about the physical life, we're talking abhout the spiritual life.  The life's jigsaw being put into place as slowly the picture comes and slowly you begin to see a little bit more of the overall that's going on.  You become a little bitmore aware and you ascend into that.  That's true ascension.

May we suggest that where you're offered a free ride, a free trip, with very little effort on your behalf, it's well worth look at that rather carefully before you decide whether to take the offer or not.

You understand where we're going on this, so ascension is a wonderful thing, it is what we are all about, it is about the collection of awareness, of being, of many, many, many things.  Storing them and taking them into that part of you that lives forever and then slowly creating from that a pathway back to all that is.  That's what ascension is.

We do urge you to consider what we've said, make of it what you will, but look around you and then decide.  Are we saying what is correct or what al these others are urging about hopping on the spaceships, off you go and if so, really what is behind that and why is it being pushed so hard at the moment?  And from what source, we're not talking about the channellers, or decrying them, but we would suggest for many channellers is that it is a very good idea to become a little big more strict in your regime of challenge, of cleansing, and of awareness as to exactly wht is coming through to you.

Do you have any quesions?

(No thank you very much, oh though I will say that they do tie in ascension  and the fact that the earth is ascending and again I guess it still reflects the same as the spiritual ascension to the earth as well)

As you very well know that the earth has a spiritual being, a very powerful one, we have spoken about this on a number of occasions as have others to you, that don't you think that it still would be very, very similar to what we've been talking about the fact that if the earth being is ascending as is the case, is it going to take it's body along with it as well?

Physicality is just one small part of all being, it's not all of it.  We understand why those that are physical are limited in their thinking to looking around and thinking pretty wewll solely on this plane, but by doing so they're missing out so much of what is true and what is real.

We hope this helps answer, okay. 
Love and blessings as always, thank you for your time.