14 2011

Karen Downing

There is a beautiful duality in the solstice; one of the is experiencing a flood of light and the other half, darkness. This balance of light and dark exist at once, together, not as polarities, but as halves of the same whole. This is a great philosophy to remember when looking at your own life. You cannot know light without dark, you cannot know happiness without sadness, and when you can make the shift to see these concepts as one in the same, you are changing your perception from separation into .

The solstice provides for seasons, , harvest cycles and many of the things that one could take for granted. Without the tilt in the Earth’s axis, there would be no solstice and the sun would traverse around the equator at all times. Without the solstice, the far north and far south would not experience beautiful summers or snowy winters, and there would be no distinction in the seasons of the year. Without this experience, each day would be very nearly the same. How could you learn about cold without hot, dark without light, wet without dry?

When you look to the solstice as an example for life, you can see how by experiencing two halves of a whole you can master the concept in entirety, finally achieving that delicate balance that allows for both halves to be experienced simultaneously. You hibernate more in the winter months, eating hardier foods and taking time to look within. During the summer you are busy with activity and eat less than at other times of the year. Do you see what a beautiful balance this is? The solstice experience gives every person an opportunity to have time to receive during the winter months and then time to put that into action during the summer months. Two halves of the same whole, which when in balance, allow for beautiful co-creation of your life.

The solstice energy reminds you to balance these two halves on a daily as well. To take time to rest and receive guidance and then to put that guidance into action. When you look at these two energies in your life, is one taking over the other? Perhaps you are running around doing, and not taking time for just being. Or are you gathering information and guidance, but are resisting putting that guidance into action? The solstice reminds you that even though you have natural fluctuations in your life, eventually you always experience the other half of the whole.

The solstice time also signals the end of one cycle and the beginning of another. If you are in the southern hemisphere, the beautiful energies of the solstice to journal and allow the guidance to come through. You will find that you receive wonderful information about what energies you can work on releasing throughout the winter months. If you live in the northern hemisphere, this time to look around you, what have you been putting off? What project have you not finished? the summer months to start bringing these projects to fruition. Now that Saturn has gone direct (June 12, 2011) this forward momentum to propel you into that next 6 month cycle.

The solstice is a grand example of how you can experience not only one extreme in life, but also a balance with its other half. This is the way of the new dimensional thinking and being; experiencing all things in balance. Think about this process like a pendulum swinging back and forth. At first, the ends of the pendulum’s path seem extreme, but the more that you trust the process itself, you start to see that the real experience is not in one extreme or the other, but in the journey. This shift in perspective is what the solstice energy is all about.

You will find that as you move away from focusing on the extremes in life, your faith is bolstered in a way unknown before. That faith is supported by this solstice, which reminds you that the cycles always continue. You can use that reminder in your own life to allow you to see that with death comes rebirth, that with illness comes repair, and that with debt comes repayment. Nothing is ever lost; even in the coldest winter, there is trust that summer will come.