Starblog #1: 2011


Hello Shining Stars!

Welcome to the first of my new Starblogs, where YOU are the star! Yes, you…how are you? What's happening in your life right now? What's your story today?

Each month I'll be bringing you insight from our classical gods and goddesses, the planets, placed in our skies eons ago to bring us signs of the times. With this astral guidance you can perhaps navigate the seas of your life with greater ease.

This month we're looking at three eclipses…

There’s a lot of crazy around right now – are you feeling kind of wired, or maybe kind of weird? A little wrought perhaps or even confused, anxious, drained? Hey, you’re not alone because we’re all in this together. June 1st brought the first of three eclipses this month – that’s a lot of shadow work my friends! The fell in along with the New Moon. Are you of the Twins? Did you feel the intensity then? was highlighted too but all of us would’ve felt the to some degree.

The Eclipse began a period of relegation, that is, secrets are in the process of or are about to be revealed! What have you been hiding lately? Fear not, everything must see the Light eventually. If this is your time then so be it. Embrace this time to be honest with your and others, the growth potential from opening up and letting go is amazing now! Face your fears, your shadows in the eclipse. It may be frightening to tell someone you’ve been lying to them, or keeping a part of your hidden, or that you’ve deliberately concealed some information or object. In Gemini/Sagittarius these eclipses can relate to the areas of education, religion and spirituality, friendships, business and travel.

Of course you may be the one on the receiving end of an exposure. How will you choose to react? Can you practice empathy and forgiveness once all grievances have been aired? Gemini likes to talk! So don’t be surprised if you start off on a rant and then run into the philosophical teacher that is Sagittarius, asking you to be more generous and see both sides of the incident.

Are you finding it difficult to make progress this month? Worry not. It’s actually divine timing. There’s vital information that needs to surface before you can move ahead; the June 15th Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius will reveal these juicy, missing morsels. How do you find a Full Moon? They can be emotional at best and with the eclipse there’s likely to be hidden feelings that surface, so watch out for the little crabs emerging from the choppy seas that is your life! Whatever is revealed now can be released and the key for June is finding the courage and to do so. Are you a Gemini or Sagittarius? This could be extra important for you. It may be no coincidence that Sagittarius’ planetary ruler, jolly Jupiter, has moved into stable Taurus this month too. Now we can tap into a reliable source of optimism, positive expression and good cheer, as well as the higher knowledge and wider perspective granted by lord Jupiter that can help any of us struggling with the revelations we must face now.

Before I go I have some more news from the Sun and its second eclipse (July 1st but close enough to tie-in with the June eclipses). This one takes place in Cancer and involves Capricorn so you guys listen up especially! The desire to belong, to be needed and nurtured is highlighted now. Cancer is like the universal mother who can care for us and show much love and comfort and nourishment but Capricorn, standing opposite, is like the stern masculine figure who wants discipline and expects order and a rational approach to your feelings. The second eclipse for these signs can bring up such issues now, particularly if you are overly dependent on another for love and support – particularly financial support. If you require a carer of some sort that isn’t the same, but to be capable of independence and self-sufficiency and to neglect this in favour of having another person look after you may be pulled up for questioning now. It’s not a time to hide under your shell, or if you’re the one confronting someone, try to avoid playing the harsh tyrant role picking on their sensitivities. Those who feel needy for attention now may want to look more closely at the source; who do you rely on to feel good about yourself? This could be presented to you in a rather shocking way. Because what you perhaps must realise is that you need to learn to rely on your self and your own source of happiness. So if your external source disappears now, even temporarily, take that as a cue to begin the search for your inner fountain of happiness and self-love and nurture. Or perhaps you just need a little reminder that it’s always been there?

That’s all for now my shining friends. Keep your Light strong and be kind to one another during these times, you beautiful stars!