I really don't know whether this is true or not. But it's interesting to say the least.

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Date: Tuesday, 21-Jun-2011 12:40:44


A lady contact and e-friend of mine wrote this article a few days ago. The first part are thus her words and not mine. The second part is the message from the being she knows as Our Lady of Divine Justice.

You know how Hollywood always has the white hats turn up at the very last moment? I think that 'Our Lady' might just be the cosmic equivalent…

Here's manifesting it so! Xavier Hermes
My friend says:

I am the of the below, though this information is not mine. Take heed, Our Lady of Divine JUSTICE has spoken and I merely transcribed this to my best ability. Things are going to look very different from now on. What I understand, is though they (the dark hats XH) may disappear, the public at large may not realize it for longer than they should….thinking ''they'' are still at hand in full control and power when they are not.

Humanity is much like the elephant that does not break away, who has merely a string on his ankle holding him prisoner because the string began as chains. He can break free but does not because of ''training''.

We must KNOW they are doing these things to themselves and be absolved of the ideas of ''having to deal with them''. We do not.
Only a phantom of their existence remains, but people must begin to live their dreams NOW.

The Message:


….But you won't hear about it.
The dark forces, the illuminati's, the nasty's, the militants, the gangsters, the mafias, the drug 'lords', the pedophiles, priests, pimps and politicians are committing suicides all over the world, but you won't hear about it on the …..because they own it. "Discretion'' of the dark, also known as disgrace, won't allow it.

One by one, daily they are ''disappearing''. Their (departing) numbers grow. You won't find them in groups. You will not find them at all. Some public figures may make the for a day, others will be quietly in the obituaries, but mostly it won't be seen in the public at all…..why? Because many of them are killing each other and they are dumping the bodies of their own into rivers, burning them, and burying them in out of the way places, the way they have been doing to the children they use for rituals, they are now doing to each other.

Those who are not killing each other are committing suicides………many because their sickness turns on itself, others because they fear the people and others because it is the only way out of their own insanity. We will hear a lot more in the future of suicides. Because DIVINE JUSTICE is at hand.

They are aware they are done for on this plane, and before 'the people who have nothing else to lose' begin to realize their deeds, the dark forces are finding ways to get themselves out.

One of those ways are underground bases. However, these men who design, build and stock them are going insane…….insane with inner betrayals and not knowing who to trust anymore. Many have simply expired their usefulness. Many of them are human drones, who have had their humanity spliced from them by sophisticated drugs and brain-conditioning, and some simply sold their souls for a false power promised but never delivered.

They are 'blowing the proverbial whistle' on the psychopaths who have set up and controlled the world's dark systems of money, , business, science, economy, misogyny, politics, and religions. The inception of these systems arises from sociopathology and now those who kept them alive are finding they are not sustaining. Their insanity has finally caught up with them…..and to their great shock and horror they are destructing.

This is happening now.

Their demise is at hand.

The Light IS HERE…… and those not able to integrate it are frying up from the inside out. Those not able to integrate Light are not made of light and are experiencing many self annihilation paths by murder of each other, insanity and suicide.

They are being incinerated into dust back into essence. There is no recycling into Nature that which is destructive to Nature. It is simply decomposed. Those with black hearts do not have light and they cannot contain Light and do not want this Light.
Let them go….they are not your business. The Great Source knows what to do with them.

Nature will take care of the rest.

When the Light is integrated enough, there remains only those who can utilize this Light through its intrinsic natures…..not just through human beings but through the HuMANE BEING.


It is time for HuManity to remove their attentions from the sickness without…..to heal yourselves, and to now rekindle your personal sovereignty and Divinity.

Create your own dreams and realities, and Vision for your selves, your futures and the sweet children.

Grow your gardens, love each other, and nurture your HuManity.

"In the turn of the next great cycle the sun will produce a 'fire' so powerful that it will burn the souls of the impure but the pure souls will not feel this fire" ~ Wallace Black Elk