6 June 2011

The Heart Glows and The Mind Knows More and More Each Day

June 4, 2011

The Heart Glows

Your Heart is expressing Light and allowing more Light to fill it each day. You are radiating Light without trying now. It is becoming natural. Before many of you relied on Reiki and Healing Arts to force the Light into your 3D reality. Now it is easily flowing through most of you. Continue to allow this. Let go of old healing techniques when you feel ready and realize you are the Living Light. You are the Healing and the Healed. You may hit rough spots here and there but know that you have broken the threshold of darkness and now Light lives in you, around you and through you because you are that Light of God.

The Mind Knows

Your Mind Knows. I am not speaking about collecting facts, the intellect, the personality or the ego. They have nothing to do with mind and Knowing. The intellect and 3D knowledge of facts and the ego is knowing nothing. Resting in the Mind of God, which is your true Mind is KNOWING. Allow your Mind to rest in the now moment, the only place it can be. Let go of all of your “knowledge” of the past because not only is it not true. It is not real. Let God take care of your past and let God&;s Mind, Your Mind tell you what to do now. God&;s Mind knows who you are. You are in God&;s Mind and your Mind is One with God&;s Mind and is God&;s Mind. Let go of the mind the ego created. The ego mind can only fight and attack. It cannot be Peaceful and Loving. Rest in the Mind of God and listen to your thoughts. Do not believe any of the thoughts your hear. Can you do this? You may need to take time and practice this each day. You will realize this is not YOUR voice speaking these thoughts. It is the ego program. Let God turn that program off for good. After you stop believing the ego thoughts God&;s voice can be Heard. God Speaks quietly. God Speaks Silently. When you hear God&;s Voice then you Know.

There is no need to struggle so release any and all struggle. It is time to rest where you have always been and can never leave, in the Love and Peace of God. See with the Eyes of Love, Hear with the Ears of Love and Peace and Speak with ease, Peacefully and Lovingly the Truth. Choose to be an Instrument of God's Love.