Posted: June 15, 2011

There is no greater system to categorize and classify life than that which the Zodiac offers us. Truly one of God's most majestic creations, the twelve houses the Zodiac contains represent areas of experience that the soul journeys through on its circular ascent (or descent) through life. While it is true that there is such a thing as fate it is also true that the Almighty blessed us with Free Will that we may choose, on our own accord, lives of virtue or vice. It is this ultimate choice that leads to the increase or decrease of one of the most sacred formula known to man: .

The Light Quotient

It brings me great honor and pleasure to share with you now the sevenfold components of the Light Quotient, the sum of which comprise one's spiritual vibration: love, mercy, compassion, charity, selflessness, , and karma. This Divine Measurement is in fact what the Prophet Enoch observed as he was escorted through Heaven as revealed in the Book of Enoch: 'And I saw how they are weighed in a righteous balance according to their proportions of light.' In Astrology the Light Quotient holds supreme value because the synchronicities we experience in alignment with the transits of the planets manifest in direct proportion to one's Light Quotient. Simply put, the Light we carry determines the nature of our experiences.

My Testimony

As many of you know I never intended on becoming an . Before my awakening I spent nine years in the military industrial complex as a communications engineer. Over time as curiosity evolved into passion, and as my education was nurtured from on high, I began to understand and marvel at a great mystery revealed: that as is above so is below. As I decoded my life experiences with Astrology, and as I became conscious of the synchronistic majesty that unfolds with each day, a state of reverence towards God grew within me. Who other than the Almighty could have created a system of such mind-numbing complexity and perfection? As the reality of Cosmic Order illumined my mind I had no choice but to make the leap of faith; I turned my back on everything I ever knew and embraced my higher calling with total faith and confidence. As of August 2010 I became Salvador Russo, Intuitive .

The Circle of

It is of extreme importance that all understand that the Zodiac, which is also called the Circle of Ascension, is a spiral staircase that permits travel towards great heights or depths depending on one key factor: righteousness. Do we choose to live righteously or do we not? Christ taught us to 'seek His righteousness' and that this path would see 'all things added unto us.' In times beyond count I have seen with my own eyes the exact same aspect synchronize with calamity for one and blessing for another, the difference being the Light that they carried. Whereas the sum of all virtue is righteousness I now offer you a great and valuable treasure: the seven most important virtues and vices of each Zodiac sign that by knowing you may choose righteousness and enjoy the glorious fruits that she bears.


Virtues: Fortitude, Confidence, Leadership, Initiative, Guardianship, Championship, Decisiveness

Vices: Recklessness, Impatience, Selfishness, Anger, Violence, Impetuousness, Insolence


Virtues: Diligence, Determination, Generosity, Kindness, Peace, Patience, Endurance

Vices: Avarice, Gluttony, Sloth, Idolatry, Indifference, Fornication, Romanticism


Virtues: Knowledge, Intellect, Reason, Dexterity, Versatility, Vivacity, Familiarity

Vices: Verbosity, Compulsion, Anxiety, Profanity, Belligerence, Cruelty, Tumult


Virtues: Prudence, Nurture, Empathy, Benefaction, Instincts, Fertility, Sensitivity

Vices: Convolution, Insecurity, Mistrust, Dependency, Capriciousness, Evasion, Subversion


Virtues: Nobility, Loyalty, Passion, Dignity, Lovingness, Hospitality, Stewardship

Vices: Pride, Arrogance, Vanity, Tyranny, Bombasticity, Rage, Contempt


Virtues: Humility, Chastity, Purity, , Discrimination, Industriousness, Pragmatism

Vices: Ergomania, Reclusion, Hypochondria, Neuroticism, Aversion, Delirium, Timidity,


Virtues: Justice, Harmony, Fidelity, Courtesy, Camaraderie, Equality, Trustworthiness

Vices: Indecision, Bias, Subterfuge, Competition, Controversy, Decadence, Exaltation


Virtues: Devotion, Resolve, Valor, Resilience, Tenacity, Intensity, Virtuosity

Vices: Wrath, Obsession, Envy, Lasciviousness, Fanaticism, Manipulation, Possessiveness


Virtues: Wisdom, Zeal, Optimism, Benevolence, Morality, Honesty, Candor

Vices: Hypocrisy, Extravagance, Tempestuousness, Frivolity, Gullibility, Self-righteousness, Lewdness


Virtues: Temperance, Dutifulness, Integrity, Responsibility, Aspiration, Sagacity, Preeminence

Vices: Malice, Dereliction, Audacity, Corruption, Derision, Solemnity, Misogyny


Virtues: Altruism, Sanctity, Chivalry, Sincerity, Vigilance, Ingeniousness, Cooperation

Vices: Volatility, Nihilism, Callousness, Apathy, Condescension, Criticism, Infidelity


Virtues: Charity, Faith, Hope, Piety, Mercy, Compassion, Self-sacrifice

Vices: Guilt, Shame, Betrayal, Despair, Deceit, Escapism, Duplicity

The and the Zodiac

A prerequisite for spiritual achievement is the elimination of ego, therefore, it is of critical importance that all heed this wisdom: that the ego filters through the Zodiac manifesting itself in alignment with a person's cosmic chemistry. I encourage you all to compare your stars to what I have written that you may through virtue suffocate the fires in which the ego burns thus creating the environment from which our lives may flourish. Those who are truly devoted to spiritual Ascension will enjoy a tremendous enhancement to their efforts by knowing the signs of not only their Sun, Moon, and Ascendant, but of all their birth planets, a service of which I am happy to provide. With this knowledge all aspects of behavior are revealed that one becomes enlightened to their ways and may consciously choose for themselves a life of virtue instead of succumbing in ignorance to a life of vice. What a grace that such a tool exists and that in every instance the results are perfectly precise to each of our distinctive designs.

The Role of Karma in Ascension

Karma is the only non-virtue found in the Light Quotient and as such it is important to understand its value clearly. In essence karma is the balance of one's spiritual debt or surplus. When we carry or incur negative karma we increase etheric , block abundance from entering our lives, spiritually stagnate, and in some cases, retrograde into lower cycles of experience. Conversely, when we clear karma we transmute etheric , attract abundance through increased resonance, and ascend spiritually. Those curious of their karma should know that its focus can be revealed through the Sacred Science of Astrology, thus allowing for rectification to be achieved with coherence and diligence. One of the most effective means available for one to radically improve the quality of their life comes by way of the clearing of personal karma. In a perfect world this wisdom would be imparted to each child at a young age that they have the greatest opportunity to succeed in life. If you're here on Earth and not in Heaven you still have karma to clear. Do you know what your karma is? You really should…

Spiritual Motivation

One of the most profound things I have come to understand in my life thus far is this: that the integration and expression of virtue absolutely guarantees a blossoming of life and that this blossoming synchronizes perfectly with the planetary orchestra. For example, if an eclipse looms six months away then you have six months to dramatically increase its outcome by raising your Light Quotient; it could mean the difference between receiving free tickets to a baseball game or an extraordinary spiritual gift! The same logic applies for the hundreds and thousands of astrological aspects that occur during each and every year of our lives. Does ever-increasing, God-given reward motivate you? Are you seeing the spiral staircase to Heaven forming?

Challenge Yourself

To those who feel helpless to the circumstances of their lives I have a challenge for you: identify the signs of your Sun, Moon and Ascendant, look to the list of virtues I've given, and then strive to transmute their vices into virtues. I promise you that earnest effort will be rewarded handsomely within but one lunar cycle. Surely it brings our Creator great joy to see His children striving towards His Divine Light and what a wonderful place it is to be on His good side! Remember that powerlessness is an illusion that is vanquished by the alchemy of Self-dominion. As we were all created in God's infinite image do not dare to think even for a second that you were born for anything less than glory!

Premier and Paramount

Let the distinction be clear that the virtues of the Light Quotient are of premier value to the spiritual aspirant while the remaining Zodiacal virtues are of paramount importance. Consider them all as flavors of righteousness that will combine to create a delicious life. The Scripture teaches (Proverbs 4:18) that 'the path of the righteous is like the first gleam of dawn, shining ever brighter till the full light of day.' Life doesn't need to be dark. It was never meant to be. By using the Free Will that God gave us, a Free Will that not even He would interfere with, we can all manifest for ourselves lives that exceed our wildest imaginations, but with one clause: we must do it on God's terms, not ours.

A Venusian Kiss

I must disclose that I am a solar Sagittarian very much concerned with the acquisition of wisdom and understanding. This work was inspired through God's grace and created in sync with a mental kiss from Venus as she transited Gemini, the archetype of knowledge, the counterbalance to Sagittarius. At times we Sagittarians lose sight of the details in favor of the bigger picture. I sincerely hope that I have done justice to you all by merging knowledge with wisdom to provide you with a higher understanding. It is one of my primary missions in this life and I find great joy in sharing what I have learned for the benefit of all. If you have found value in this work I would love to hear from you and for you to consider my for all matters of the Heavens. Remember that if we master the Zodiac we inherit the keys to the Kingdom. Eternally I stand ready to serve and leave you now with a verse of beauty: 'for wisdom is better than jewels and all that you may desire cannot compare with her.' Live wisely, dear friends.

In cosmic service,


Astrologer Salvador Russo

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