14 June 2011  

Janet Trevisan

Devatas: “Let us just look for a moment or two at things as they stand for you at this time in your space-time reality.

There are the changes which you are observing quite often happening and occurring and it is that at certain points you may feel that you don&;t quite know whether you are turning left or if you are turning right. But we can tell you that your pathways are. as we said, centred; for the Centredness is of utmost paramount importance at this time.

It is good Janet that you see, let us say, clearly on this being of Nibiru. It is NOT going to crash into your planet earth. It is that it does enter on occasions so many thousands of years through your solar system, but it will not crash into your earth neither will anything else of any consequence.

You every year pass through what is called your ‘leonids’ do you not, which are indeed little comets in a sense and particles of dust. And these, if seen from the point of view of the negative which you are being given, would put the fear of god, literally, into everyone, expecting that millions of comets would hit the earth; big, small or indifferent.

But we tell you they do not, they burn up, they disappear. And although what is spoken of as Nibiru or comet Elenin, whichever name you prefer to call it by, it is not going to occur.

So you will see that there will be a fluster of excitement as always, and then it will peter out. So we tell you this so that you can see clearly your pathways.

We understand that as we tell you these words, that there are many around you who will say nay and shake their heads and perhaps in desperation, for indeed it would mean the ending so to say, of civilization as you know it.

And this will not occur either.

Your civilization as we said now, is Upgrading. And it is that Upgrading which is Guided, and it is Guided not only by your own Higher Being-ness, your higher selves, call it what you like, but it is also Guided by Solar and Galactic entities.

These are interconnected if you did but know it, and it is a time now for your species to literally move into new quarters, you could say. For it is time now when you do move into your Higher Aspects, into your Higher Spiritualised Mind.

It is as we said previously, a -Process; a -to- process; your , the Planetary the Solar – and it is indeed the at the centre of your Galaxy.

These energetics which are coming through now are such that every thing will indeed be modified, but modified in a natural process, will be modified like the Awakening of Consciousness should be.

The problem for your population let us put it this way, is the low levels of consciousness which you have willy-nilly, because of your basic emotional structures, been held within. This is where all the disturbances are actually coming from.

And it is such that the that you see and the portends that the brings forward, is of a negative nature even though it is disguised as Light information.

Understand the One-ness of Who and What You All Truly Are and in doing so, understand that field of astral consciousness.

Now you have to deal with this lower nature to a degree, and that has externalized for you in the past, your wars, your diseases and your major problems has it not.

But gradually now you see as a species, you are moving slowly away from this and it is indeed that many in your populance, would indeed rather not be involved in any of these things, when left to their own devices.

Your governments and your institutions have for hundreds if not for thousands of years in their own ways, been involved in bringing forth disorder guised as order, and hence your wars etc., have come about.

It is now time that the consciousness of the masses says no and you have already seen over the last few years, large pockets of this occurring around your globe; people have marched against war and will do so in the future in more than the million odd of the previous times.

It will be that your politicians will have to stand and take note, and being human beings believe it or not, they also will have to start to transmute their astral bodies, their thoughts and their actions.

It will not be chaotic but it will be difficult; difficult in the sense that the order must take the place of disorder. But this will be gradually handled and you will be given a means by which this can occur.

Now let us move away a little from that field of negativity if you wish to call it that, but we give you this information as a positive aspect so that you may learn and know and realize that there is difference to that which is being put out and to that which is actually occurring within the mass psyche.

When you see your species as a whole, then you think or you tend to think that your species is the be-all and end-all, maybe of your Cosmos, for this in the past has been the theory.

But now you start to intuite that there are other Being-nesses, other conscious beings who as yet, your sensuality has not given you access to, and yet there are those who have had access. Not necessarily because they were more sensitive to the arrivals of such, but that they for some reason or another, have been chosen for specific tasks.

We would tell you also that those amongst you who have over the years experienced near-death experiences, also are starting to recognize and realize that there are changes in levels of consciousness. And that what you called your physical reality is but part, one small issue of Who and What you Truly Are.

But we will say now, that as you Expand the consciousness, you will do so in the near future to a great degree, you will be surprised to link so to say, with those other aspects of your own Being-ness.

But this may sound almost as if you are working with split-personality structures, but in fact, it is not so. For when this expansion of Conscious perception occurs, then it is Inclusive; it is that all comes into One-ness as we have said before so many times, and you have the Expanded , the Expanded Knowledge.

And with that the capacities that this entails, your sensory perception Expands, and as it does so, so you will be given many different gifts. And it will be as if you have woken for the very first time.

You shall see with new eyes and you shall see new realities; you will hear with new ears and you will perceive sounds that you never as before, knew.

And touch, taste and smell likewise, and as you move, then Higher states of Awareness come in; the Higher Mind, the Higher Spiritualised Mind and the scenarios which these have been for millions of years, we would say, have involved within.

This is all part of who and what you are as a species.

It is not that you are two, it is not even that you are many, but it is the discovery of Who and What You Are in that Expanded state.

It is that you are Waking so to say, out of the darkness of the chrysalis and spreading your wings now into a vast arena of Becoming; and yet we would say, that even this again is the first step forward.

It is the scenario where you meet and interact and acknowledge many other Beings. Some of these Beings may be those that you can recognize, others may be in garments let us call it that, of which you have so far no inklings.

And yet the Essence in That and in All of this is One-ness.

The more you can expand the Consciousness into as we said previously, the Purity of Awareness, the more you are added to, the more that you are able to comprehend and experience and At-One with.

When we say, At-One with, it is difficult perhaps to understand this terminology for it is on your level, very different to that of which we mean.

It is more that you Become in your own Expanded One-ness.

And so as you do so you encompass whatever, whoever, however, wherever you are.

It is the Knowingness of this Awareness which becomes the All-Important.

And as you look then, so you intuitively Know and Understand. And as you move within this frequency, so in its vastness, it is still comprehensible; you still have in one sense, your own reality.

You can at will externalize whatever you wish to in a sense that it may be other Beings, other systems, indeed other dimensions. But Know that as you do this, you have then the capacity to Be There and to Understand, and to intuitively Know instantaneously that which you wish to know.

It is that you can create on those levels fantastic scenarios even to a degree, galaxies and universes ultimately, and much much more.

And when you pass beyond these capacities, and when you pass into the True Body of Light that You Are, then you are the Creative Vehicle let us say, through which all occurs.

And when you Lift your Consciousness ultimately, into All That Is, then you are within the Heart of the Creator/Creatrix; that of which there is no definition, save that it falls back blandly on its words.

You have much to discover, you have a long journey ahead and it is a Glorious journey. You have walked through in a sense, a very difficult birthing period within your earth and within your many incarnations.

And through this you have learnt much and hopefully, as you Lift your Consciousness, all that you have learnt, all that you have perceived on its positive level, will start to bear fruit. And that which was negative and which caused negative karma to occur, is left behind, like a shuck, and rest so to say, on its own dimension which if necessary, that too you can encompass.

Yet we can assure that as you move forward, it will be like you look back a million, million years. And say ‘how was it I never knew, how was it I never saw, how was it I was never taught’.

Then you will Know; and how Glorious this is – Indeed.

We Bless you”.