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Deep in the heart of , or so legend goes, is a fabulous 1000-foot high pure white pyramid. Not only is the pyramid white, but it is also capped with a huge jewel.

The first western records of this mysterious pyramid came from an american , Fred Meyer Schroeder, who wrote of the pyramid during an excursion with his Buddhist monk companion. He wrote in his diary:

“It was even more uncanny than if we had found it in the wilderness,” he wrote. “But those [ pyra-mids) were to some extent exposed to the eyes of the world—but still totally unknown in the western world.”

Schroeder described the pyramid as:

“Each side of the pyramid was of a different color: the northern side was black, the eastern blue, the southern red and the western side had a tint of white. The flat top of the pyramid was covered with yellow soil (clay).”

The eastern side is planted by coniferous trees having a tint of blue and green colors. The southern side was also damaged by local inhabitants and revealed the yellowish color of the clay, or for Schroeder, red. The western side of the pyramid is white because it is covered by massive stone blocks, in grey and white colors. It is this side, together with the light yellow of the top, which created the story of “the White Pyramid”.

When he asked his companion about it, the monk-guide told him that they were written about in the ancient scriptures, but that the pyramid was ancient even in the days that they were written in.

It was not until the spring of 1945, in the final days of World War II that the prymadis were mentioned again. At that time was fighting to stay on the mainland and the US Army and its allies were on the offensive.

One day, Pilot James Gaussman was returning to Assam, in India, after having flown the ‘Burma Hump’-ferried supplies to Chungking, China, from India. Engine trouble forced him to drop to a low altitude over China. What he saw astounded him.

“I banked to avoid a mountain and we came out over a level valley. Directly below was a gigantic white pyramid. It looked like something out of a fairy tale. It was encased in shimmering white. This could have been metal, or some sort of stone. It was pure white on all sides. The remarkable thing was the capstone, a huge piece of jewel-like material that could have been crystal. There was no way we could have landed, although we wanted to. We were struck by the immensity of the thing.”

He took photo’s of the pyramid, which would not surface for another 45 years. Until then, his written account was archived by the US military secret files and were deemed ‘Top Secret”.

The pyramid would be rediscovered two years later in 1947 when another airman, Maurice Sheahan, flew over Shaanxi Province and caught site of an enormous white pyramid in the mist below him. Realising that this discovery was amazing, he took a number f pictures of it. As the war was now over, he sold his story and photos to a number of US newspapers, including . The Chinese vehemtly denied its existence.

It must be noted that in 1962, Sheahan wrote in a letter to bible student E Leslie Carlson that the article had been mistaken in terms of the pyramid height. He claims that the pyramid was closer to 500 feet, rather than 1000 feet. This was due to an error translating Chinese li to meters and then to feet.

Chinese pyramids do exist but are usually made of mountains of earth. They were built as burial mounds and contain the remains of ancient emperors, including the famous ‘Yellow Emperor’ whose ‘pyramid’ can still be seen at the city of Xi’an. Chinese pyramids were also built during the Han, Tang, Song, and Western Xia dynasties.

So does the White Pyramid exist?

Following the opening of China to westerners in the 1990′s, there have been numerous expeditions trying to locate the pyramid. All of these have ended up fruitless. There appears to be no sign of the mysterious structure. With the advent of Earth, many armchair archeologists have also attempted to spot the structure, also without success.

There have been a few theories on where, or what this pyramid can be:

The Dimension shift Theory

One theory put forward is that the pyramid exists in an alternate reality or dimension. At times when the barrier between the dimensions is thin, the pyramid pops into existence for a period of time.

Tibetan Buddhists believe in a mythical kingdom hidden somewhere in called Shambhala. This hidden kingdom is mentioned in many ancient texts. Shambhala gradually came to be seen as a Buddhist Pure Land, a fabulous kingdom whose reality is visionary or spiritual as much as physical or geographic.

Some people believe that the pyramid could be a portal which opens between our world and this hidden kingdom. Those who are pure would be able to travel into the portal to reach Shambhala on their journey to spiritual perfection.

UFO’s and alien visitation

UFO researchers have pointed out a similarity between many UFO sightings and the pyramid. Many pyramid UFO’s have been seen and in some cases documented and they have uncanny physical similarities to the reports of the White Pyramid. Could the sightings of the pyramid be merely a sighting of a UFO which has landed?

It must be pointed out that this Shaanxi area of China has a huge number of recorded UFO sightings, from both ancient and modern times.


As mentioned before, there are a large number of pyramid-shaped burial mounds in the area. Could the witnesses merely have been deceived by a trick of the light when looking at a known pyramid structure?

Government Deception

For many years the denied the existence of ALL pyrmids in China. Following the publication of the book ‘Bridge to Infinity’ by Bruce Cathie, the government then admitted that some 400 pyramids exist.

During the time of ‘denial’, the Chinese government attempted to hide the pyramids by planting trees and shrubs on them. This would make them more ‘hill-like’ and prevent people from trampling on them.

Could they have covered up (literally) the White Pyramid?

Liangshan Mountain / Qianling mausoleum

In 2009, Russian pyramid investigator Maxim Yakovenko visited the pyramids of Shaanxi and believes that he has solved the mystery.

Liangshan Mountain is located in the vicinity of Qiang Xian, a small Chinese town located 80 km to the northwest from Xi’an. In 684 AD, the second emperor of the Tang Dynasty Gaozong was buried at the bottom of the mountain with his wife the Empress Wu who reigned after Gaozong’s death. When she died in 705 AD, her body was buried near Gaozong’s on Liangshan Mountain. It is the only mausoleum where two Tang monarchs were buried.

If we compare the descriptions of the White Pyramid by both Schroeder and Gaussman with Liangshan Mountain, there are seven features which match up:

1. the structures have the same height of 300 meters;
2. the length of each side was given as 500 meters;
3. the description of the color of the sides of the pyramid matches;
4. the name “White Pyramid” has its origin in the color of the stone plates that covered the pyramid;
5. the pyramids are made of pressed clay and covered by stone plates;
6. the sides of the pyramid have depressions which look like natural troughs;
7. there are steps or terraces to the pyramid.

Could this be the lost pyramid?


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