16 June 2011


We had a Total Lunar Eclipse today at 4:15pm EDT; seen from many places on the globe (We couldn’t see it here in . Did you see it? Here is a list of places where it was visible in part or in whole: http://fb.me/u1Rjmgon)


I’m a little late in getting this information out, but keep in mind that the effects of an eclipse are in strong effect the day before, the day of, and the day after. In addition, eclipses have a longer arc of effect – from two weeks before, to two weeks after. Some say the effects last even longer than that.




Eclipses are, basically speaking, very ordinary and very basic. They have been occurring since the beginning of time with impeccable regularity – and they will continue to do so literally for millions of years. It’s a drama that plays out like the mystery plays of old, a dance of sun/moon/earth, when sun and moon each in turn – and with abetting from earth – trumps the other and takes center stage.


Some eclipses are more impressive and more potent (psycho-spiritually) than others – especially Total Solar Eclipses when day turns to night. Others are ‘humdrum’ (which btw is how some astronomers are describing this year’s eclipses). Most eclipses come in pairs of two, but they also often occur as a trinity of 3 eclipses. That’s what we have from June 1 – July 1, 2011, with today’s eclipse (June 15) at the center. The maximum number of eclipses that can occur in a calendar year is 7, a rare occurrence which last happened in 1982 and won’t happen again until 2038.




time-lapse total lunar eclipse


Eclipses are time-warps that are rhythmically woven into the fundamental mundane fabric of time here on earth. Eclipses collapse time, bend time, compress time, expand time; they send you through a wormhole in time, they snuff out time’s ticking, and can send you on a time travel expedition. Eclipses are hot spots for altering our personal (and collective) timelines and taking a leap into a new reality. The fact that eclipses are a common and normal occurrence shows us that these opportunities to rewrite our scripts, our stories, our timelines are built into the most basic fabric of life and are openly available to us. The chances for change are as abundant as each breath we take in time.


Total Lunar Eclipses in particular collapse an entire month (28-day cycle) of lunar phases into a few hours.




Today’s eclipse occurs in a very tight alignment with what’s known as the nodal axis, or the nodes. The nodal axis is a pathway of ‘fate’ or destiny. All eclipses are related to the nodes but this one is unusually exact. The nodal axis is associated with the path of the soul from what was to what IS, from past tendencies to future possibilities. The theme here has to do with the ability to re-write our life-purpose scripts to accommodate changes in our consciousness, an ability that is perhaps more available than usual under this eclipse.




PHOTO of today's eclipse: over Kiev – a bridge over the Dnieper River in the Ukraine


During a lunar eclipse, the earth’s shadow crosses over the face of the moon. The moon is usually receiving light from the Sun and reflecting it to earth, but a lunar eclipse leaves the Moon without light.


This eclipse is unusual in its centrality, i.e. it is what’s known as a ‘central’ eclipse where the moon passes through the centerline of the earth’s shadow. In other words, the moon will pass deep into Earth's shadow during totality, actually passing over the center of the shadow at mid-eclipse. The moon will spend 100 minutes fully engulfed in Earth's shadow (making it the longest lunar eclipse in 11 years). The centrality of today’s Total Lunar Eclipse is the reason why its two bookend partial solar eclipses (on June 1 and July 1) are so marginal that the Moon’s shadow nearly misses the Earth in the July 1st eclipse.


Centrality is a simple metaphor for the need to find the central point between the two opposites, the poles of a polarity world. Duality is a constant, constant theme on earth, and is one of the themes of Gemini. The Sun is in Gemini during this eclipse.



galactic center nothing but love here


Today’s eclipse occurs across the Galactic Center/Galactic Edge trajectory of our galaxy. In December of 2010 we had an eclipse across the GC/GE, which was momentous because it occurred on the day of the Solstice. In today’s eclipse, the Solstice won’t occur for another 6 days (on June 21) but it is still significant to have the Galactic plane involved in an eclipse.


The Galactic Center is the heart of our galaxy, from which all life in this galaxy emanates. Our Sun is alive only in reference to the Galactic Center. The Galactic Edge is the furthest reaches of the galaxy, showing us the way into totally new dimensions in consciousness.


The eclipsed Moon is in Sagittarius on the point of Destiny and is also conjunct the Galactic Center. The Sun is in Gemini, on the point of the Past and is also conjunct the Galactic Edge. All of our attention is drawn to the moon, with our focus then on the Galactic Center, not the unknown Galactic Edge. We are sent straight into the Gaping Maw of Love Beyond Comprehension, the black hole furnace at the center of our Local Neighborhood, as well as into our own compassionate heart.




As we look at the shadowed moon – which is occulted by earth’s shadow during a lunar eclipse – earthly realities trump the intuitive, reflective energy of the moon. Emotion and old ancestral ways of thinking are blotted out. The thoughtforms of the past or the age-old tendency to think but not feel – to live in one’s head – is subdued. Old and philosophies (Sagittarius) that destroy humans and can destroy our civilization can here die a quiet effortless death. Beliefs such as: Profits Before People, Blondes Have More Fun; or ‘the world will end on May 21, 2011 er I mean Oct 21, 2011 er I mean December 21, 2012, er…’


Shoot the (Sagittarius) arrow of Truth through the red and darkened moon and send the old junky beliefs into the black hole of the GC to be incinerated and transmuted into a more constructive form. Take a clear look at superstitious thinking. Let hope die, i.e. hope in the false beliefs that do not give life. The mind can collapse to zero point, satori, and be set free in a of intuition. The mind is not bad, what’s bad is to be of bad mind.


The Truth never makes sense. It is beyond the senses. Gemini crazy wisdom shines, and it holds ancient Truth that we no longer access appropriately because we wear nostalgic moon goggles. These pink moon goggles are trained to see only belief systems that seek to dowse life-changing ideas such as the revolutionary love principles that Jesus taught. Truth can then be shut up in musty religions, where it is misinterpreted by fear and watered down by dogma. Look at one of your own most cherished personal philosophies. Could you be wrong about that? What is the idea or belief system that you refuse to part with, that you feel intense fear when it is threatened? It probably isn’t True.




From Guy Ottewell, poet/astronomer, in his ‘Astronomical Calendar 2011’: On this eclipse day, ‘the moon crosses through the constellation Ophiuchus and will be positioned roughly halfway between the bright red star Antares in Scorpius, and Nunki, the brightest star in the handle of the Teapot asterism of Sagittarius. clouds of the summer Milky Way in this particular region of the sky are bright and spectacular…. As the moon gradually becomes immersed in the Earth’s shadow (during the eclipse) the sky will correspondingly darken. During totality, the moon will appear 10,000 to 100,000 times dimmer and will seem almost three-dimensional, like an eerily illuminated ball. From a non-light polluted , the beautiful summer Milky Way appears nearby as a striking backdrop.” Sounds so wonderful. I hope you got to see it!


PHOTO of today’s eclipse: By Liz Gleeson, Townsville, North Queensland, Australia: “This was a stunning eclipse, and a real highlight was when the Milky Way became visible above a Full reddish Moon, stars everywhere!!”




Today’s lunar eclipse began at 1:24pm EDT (17:24 GMT) and lasted until 7:00pm EDT (23:00 GMT). The eclipse peaked at 4:12pm EDT (20:12 GMT) and had 100 minutes of totality, making it the longest total lunar eclipse since July 2000. 100 is a perfect number. 1 is the number of new beginnings and 0 is the number of the All, the One. In addition, 1’s and 0’s are the basic building blocks of another fundamental warp and weave of our daily life: the digital universe. Eclipses are like a glitch in the system and give us an opportunity to rewrite the code.


Note: as I am getting ready to publish this post, pictures of this eclipse are coming in from all over the world, with astronomers reporting that it was one of the darkest lunar eclipses they have ever seen. The ash from ’s volcano is one of the major reasons why the eclipsed moon was particularly dark.


PHOTO of today's eclipse: By Graham Kelaher in Perth Australia: “This was the darkest eclipse I have seen to date, with the milky way becoming easily visible. This shot was at maximum eclipse – 10 seconds @ ISO 800”


with Many Blessings,