29 May 2011

Channeler:  with a message from Father God

I am your true father, I am your father throughout eternity, I am Father God.

I come to you to speak to all of my children. This is a very important time for all . There is coming a time on earth when there will be a in . and I will become more and more a part of all of humanity's consciousness. This is such a wonderful thing. This is already beginning to happen and this will only continue to grow. This is what your Mother and I have been waiting for, for such a long time in your earthly history. This is all we have ever asked for. We have always just asked to be a part of your consciousness and for you to know us as we know you. I have told you before that I do not wish to be worshipped that I choose only to be known. When you know the great that I am, you also know the great that you are. I am love and you are love. This has always been and will always be.

It has become so difficult for many human beings to open their hearts to Mother and I. The reason this has become so difficult is because of what you have been taught. So many of you believe that you are undeserving of the love of your Mother and I and this is so untrue. We love each and every one of our children, we love all of our creations, we always have and we always will.

It is time now for many of you to begin to live in the reality of your Mother and I. This is a reality of peace, joy, happiness, prosperity, abundance, and love. You no longer have to live in the reality that you have created on earth of pain and suffering. It is now time for you to create your true wishes, your true desires and for you to create as so many of you have asked for. You ask us to create it for you and I tell you to create it for your for you are the creators. All of you can create this if this is what you choose to do. This is why I have given you free will and those of you who wish to create have the will to do it, so create it. All you have to do is believe. It has always been that simple. All you have ever had to do is believe and you will create it.

Your Mother and I live within each and every one of you. We see what you are doing, we know what you are going through, and we are always with you. We are always with you, holding your hand and walking along beside you. All you have to do is to open up to this fact that we are with you and you will know this to be true. I speak to you now as the father that I am, I am always here to protect you, I am always here to guide you, and I am always here loving you. I am always with you. That is not just one of you or two of you but all of you. You are all protected and all you have to do is open your self up to this protection. You are all loved and all you have to do is to open your self up to this wonderful love I have for you.

Your Mother and I and many here in on the Other Side are joining in a great celebration. This celebration is due to the fact that so many human beings will reawaken to their Soul, know who they truly are, and know your Mother and I as we know you. This will happen this year, the year 2011 of your calendar. This will begin to grow and grow and get stronger and stronger as the energy of your Mother and I begins to wrap around the earthly plane and the physical dimension.

Many of you are feeling this energy already and many of you are allowing this energy to flow within you, to flow through you, and to flow outside of you. This is what it should do for energy is always meant to flow. So, open up to this energy, feel this energy, know what this energy is. This is the , the energy of love, this is what you have asked for and this is what you shall receive.

Your Mother and I wish for you to know that there are great changes coming about in the physical dimension. These changes will lead you to wonderful creations in your dimension. Many of you will reawaken to the fact that you are multidimensional beings and that you are not only living in the physical dimension but that you are living in other dimensions at the very same time or what you call the same time. As more and more of you bring this in to your consciousness, you will begin to create beautiful and wonderful things in the physical dimension. Here on the Other Side we ask you to open your heart to Spirit, to open your mind to Spirit, and to allow Spirit in to your life. This is what you truly are.

So many questions are being answered for you here today and all you have to do is believe what you are hearing. Believe the answers that you are receiving and it is through your belief[trust] or your faith that you will be shown. All of you are here as creators and you are creating your own experiences. It is time now for you to create your true wishes and desires. Many of you will be doing this very, very soon. You will be the leaders, you will be the examples, and you will be the teachers.

It is such a wonderful day, this day that I come to you that you call today and that I call now. I come to you with the greatest love of all for each and every one of you and for all of my creations. I wish for all of you to know that you are all loved , that you are all deserving, and that you are all enough. You are enough love. Open your hearts to your Mother and I, we are here to serve you just as you are here to serve your Mother and I. We are all here to serve each other. This is the joy, this is the happiness, and this is the love. I love you all so very, very much my children. I am your Father.