26 July 2011  

Channeler: Selene Aswell

Selene and speaking together:

It has come to our attention that there is currently a phenomenon of romantic proportions circling the globe as Adama becomes more widely known amongst the female population.

That is: many women believe they are the of Adama.

We feel that Selene is an excellent channel to address this issue because she has no illusions to our relationship. Selene is blooming through with her twin flame, Elliot of Telos. And, through about a years worth of intensive work, she has come to accept, wholeheartedly and with delight, her soul’s connection with the one known as Adama. He is her brother.

As is common for 3D humans currently incarnated on the surface, when Adama first told Selene he was literally her brother, not just spiritually, she reacted with feelings of doubt and unworthiness. She doubted whether she heard him correctly, perhaps it was just wishful thinking. Let it be known that Selene did not say to herself, “I feel a strong connection with Adama, he must be my brother.&; No, Adama spoke directly to her saying, “I am your brother, there was once a time that we came through the same physical (3D) mother.&;

Selene cried and cried over the following year, working through feelings of loneliness, abandonment, and unworthiness. Adama continued to be a strong source of love throughout many excruciatingly painful moments. Adama demonstrated how Selene deserved to be loved. He held her as she cried and soothed her to sleep on hard nights.

Sometimes, Selene was angry with Adama, telling him to shut up with his Ascended Master nonsense and just let her be and not some “great lesson.” Adama smiled at this, for wasn’t it just like a sibling? To cry for him and then dislike the kind of help he gave?

Then, as Selene continued to work through her relationship with the Divine Masculine and those who obviously expressed it, Adama sat down with her one night. He said he would tell her a bedtime story, and she could just see him sitting on her bed, one arm around her, holding her to his side. She felt like a small girl, safe and well loved.

Adama told her the story of their life as brother and sister. Selene cried and felt its Truth. Her heart opened, fully, and she accepted that she deserved Adama’s adoration, not just then but also now. Since then, their connection has lost some of its weight, some of its struggle. Adama is much more playful when he is channeled for her and she laughs and laughs.

Selene would like to speak to those women who long for love:

When I first heard of that so many womyn were thinking they were the twin flame of Adama of Telos, my initial reaction was “of course they do”. Who wouldn’t want to be loved by Adama?

And when I heard that someone had asked Adama why he was such a womanizer, I had to laugh. What a completely 3d way of perceiving the situation. Doesn’t that sound like someone who has been hurt by men and therefore thinks that all men are the same?

I think this “phenomenon” is a symptom of patriarchy. (Or at least evidence of how sweeping the experiences of womyn have been, that we would all react similarly to our first interactions with healthy, holy Masculinity).

Let me tell you ladies, I understand perfectly what you are experiencing. When I first began actively, consciously shifting my energy several years ago, I started by working with the Archangel Michael. He helped me so much, by taking my fears (and I had SO much fear), by supporting me, holding me, and helping me to feel safe. He was my constant companion for quite some time.

Ladies, I’m not ashamed to admit that I developed something of a school girl crush on this beautiful being that I experienced as perfect Masculinity. I went through some traumatic experiences during this time, my deep set fear of from men was flung in my face, well, violently. It was Michael who held me as I cried. What other man could I trust to not harm me? There was none.

There was actually a point that I wondered if Angels could father 3D children. I was that infatuated with the energy I felt.

The point of sharing this is not just to say that I emphathize with you all. It is also to help us deconstruct our experience. Let’s look at it this way:

Through living in a patriarchal world for so many lifetimes, we have experienced over and over domination from male bodied souls. We have experienced violence and rejection, subjugation and pain. We have lost our sons to wars and politics. . .

This is of course, not even beginning to address the sad affect patriarchy has had on male identified beings– who wants to harm those they love? But what other examples have they had?

You don’t need me to remind you all of this. The bottom line is, we have been treated poorly for so long that we have come to expect it as natural.

So when we begin to engage in connection with these light beings, we interpret the pure love we feel from them in the only way we know how: romantically.

In other languages there are several words for love, but at least in my native language, there is only one. This doesn’t leave us much room for understanding the wide spectrum of love. We of course understand a mother’s love is different from love between friends, for example. But how many of us genuinely understand the myriad expressions of love, let alone how to express it?

It is my sincere belief that the “masculine” light beings working with us ladies are here to demonstrate how we deserve to be treated. My beloved, Elliot, has actually stopped me from ‘loving’ myself to tell me “Treat yourself with compassion.” My whole scope of giving and receiving love is so skewed that what I thought was an act of self-love was actually an act of violence, perpetuating my personal experience of abuse as normal.

Is it any wonder that when we finally are treated as the goddesses we are that we are so amazed, so grateful and feel so cherished that we fall in love with the being who is adoring us? Is it really hard to understand why?

The womyn who have thought they are the twin flame of Adama deserve to be treated with compassion and respect. Each womon is a reflection of the other. When one is in pain, I am in pain. When she heals herself, it is I who am healed.

Adama would like to speak personally now:


To the Ladies of Earth, I do so love you. I feel such gratitude that you have allowed me into your life, that you have given yourselves permission to feel the pure love I reflect to you.

My dear ones, you feel “a twin flame” sort of connection with me, because I have been acting in a similar role.

The twin flame connection is one that is so powerful, so intensely beautiful that when you experience it, you will know it for what it is. Even our beautiful interactions of love will pale in comparison. I know that is hard for you to believe because our interactions have been more beautiful than anything you have previously experienced in your current incarnation. Trust me when I tell you this:

You are loved by every element of creation. You are loved beyond what you can currently experience or perceive. You are loved beyond what that word can contain.

If you will accept it, I will transmit some of that energy to you in this moment. (Breathe deeply and receive.)

Thank you for receiving so beautifully.

Let me explain my meaning when I say I have been acting in a similar way as a twin flame.

A twin flame is that part of you which you are not. Meaning, when you became , when you split from one flame into two, you choose different aspects of yourself to embody. Your soul is so vast, there is so much of you to experience. You choose to become two souls to multiply the amount of experience you could have. There are multiple meanings to the word “you”. You, your ego or the identity of your current incarnation. You, your soul, which contains all of the wisdom your various incarnations have collected and experienced. You, that HUGE YOU which is all of everything you are, including your twin flame and all of your combined experiences.

When you experience unity with your twin flame, you experience a wholeness beyond what you have ever experienced as an individual, in any experience of the wholeness of your soul. Because even as your Soul is whole, it is at the same time, a part. It is a part of your HUGE YOU. And your twin flame is the other part.

And so, of course, an experience of wholeness with me, while a truly beautiful experience, cannot begin to compare with what you have experienced with your twin flame.

The difference here is awareness. I am consciously aware of what it is to experience the unity of my HUGE SOUL. If you would like, I will send you a taste of what THAT feels like. (Breathe and receive.)

Wonderful. You are as beautiful as flowers, expanding beyond their limitations. It brings me such joy to support your blooming.

My dear ones, please understand, you think I may be your twin flame because you believe connection with your twin flame to be the ultimate in the experience of bliss and unity (which it is!). Frankly, you simply have not yet experienced anything better than me. Yet. Because you will. I am happy to support your shifting into a greater, more honest experience of deserving and worthiness.

You are Goddesses. You are absolutely perfect. You are the whole of creation expressed in a unique way. You deserve, absolutely, to be adored and cherished. And you are, by every atom of creation.

When I am with you, I hold a mirror up, so that you may see how perfect you are. This is much like being with a twin flame. It is no wonder you were confused. My dear ones, when you experience love from me, you are actually experiencing the radiant luminosity of yourselves. It is wonderful.

My dear, dear sisters. I do so love you. Never for a moment doubt that you are worthy of my love. I only ask that you try to experience my love as a reflection of your own beauty.

With all the heartfelt love in the cosmos,
Your Friend,
Adama High Priest of Telos


If you have any questions, or would like any further explanation or clarification, please do not hesitate to ask. lightofselene@gmail.com