By FatherMotherGod… – Posted on 19 July 2011

About twenty years ago I, and several others, all saw another life . I do not know if it was an angel, and inter/multi dimensional being, an alien, or what have you. What I do know is that it was not a trick of the light, imagination, or a case of mass hallucination. The being had a humanoid appearance, was neither male nor female, about seven feet tall, and floated above the ground. It had a three dimensional (what was visible to my eyes), and you could see it's surface as a solid, while at the same time being able to see through it. It was unlike anything else I've ever seen.

It gave off a white light that have made all others before or since appear yellow at best… but to those viewing it, the light changed a short way away from it into rainbows, as if the original light had passed through a prism once leaving it's "". You could see through the rainbows through to the white light at it's center. The rainbows were two fold… a larger rainbow of light spreading out in all directions around it, a living rainbow at that.. as if you could see every color in the same spot at once. Then there were also smaller balls of sparkling light in that first rainbow field that were also multicolored, "living" light. The being had wings, but they were less substantial in form than the rest of it's , being made of the white light more than form. It had an uneven page boy style hair about shoulder length…a "natural" look, not a salon cut, if you will. It was wrapped in a flowing robe, and there was no clear indication that it had legs or feet.It had two arms, and a face like you or I. It communicated telepathically, but with feelings, not with words, and everyone present felt immense love and began crying. No one was on drugs, this took place in a small church. This was not a projection, this was not like seeing Mother Mary in a maple bar, and this was seen by multiple people.

Source: Galactic Free Press