18 July 2011

Channeler: Jennifer Hoffman

Uriel's Message — Create Your Version of

What do you think heaven is? The place your returns to when your dies? A place where you can finally be at rest, free from the burdens of life? A reward for a life well lived? Heaven is all of those things and more. It is the place where all is at peace, where and unconditional love reign, where there is no hatred, anger or fear. It is a place where you live in perfection with the knowledge that you are perfection in and where you feel safe and secure. But Heaven is not a place where you go, it is something that you carry with you every day of your life. It is here with you and accessible to you right now, at this moment. With your intention and beliefs, you create your own version of Heaven in your life every day.

As the veil between the spiritual and material worlds lifts it is now possible to bring because is moving closer to creating that vibration on this planet. If Heaven is the place where all blessings reside, then Hell is the place of no blessings. has existed somewhere between the two, believing that Heaven was only available to a chosen few after death. That was not true then and it is not true now. Heaven is a state of being, where co-exists with the spiritual world. And you get closer to Heaven every day as you move forward on your spiritual path and surrender to the possibility of being co-creators of your lives.

Do you live in Heaven or even close to it? If that is not how you would describe your reality, then know that it is available to you. Once you decide that you will create your own version of Heaven, where you live in with your Soul's highest purpose, work with the Universal and surrender to your soul's desire for spiritual partnership in your human journey, it will become your reality. You create your version of Heaven when you affirm your perfection, for everything in Heaven is perfect, and live with the knowledge that you are powerful and capable of manifesting every dream. You move away from Heaven when you live in fear and doubt, when you allow chaos and drama to rule your lives and to believe that you are disconnected from the Source.

The veil between the spiritual and material continues to lift as more of humanity embraces their spirituality and allows the vibration of Heaven to reside on the planet. Each person who raises their vibration brings more of Heaven to earth. As you create your version of Heaven you assist in this process. This week, define what your version of Heaven looks like. What do you feel like when you live in Heaven, how happy are you? Know that as you set your intention for your Heaven to exist in your life, you create the energy for it to happen. Your purpose is to bring peace, joy and unconditional love to all of humanity, beginning with yourself. Create your version of Heaven now and watch it manifest in your life..

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