reflection, BheemI spoke with Adama extensively about this topic. He taught me more about and God-realization and the self.

I was just reading a channeled  article  by Evelyn Kummurle on  "Adama and his effect on the female readership."  I thought this was important because many women feel Adama is their .  In this article Evelyn Kummurle channels a message from Adama on this topic, in which he responds to this question with an absolute "no."   Still, there is this phenomenon.  I believe Adama is sensible to this and tender with people's feelings.

I want to re-enforce what was said through Eve, that Adama has also told me he does not approach women with sexual interest. He is asking me to state firmly that even if a woman on the surface believes she is his Twin Flame, he keeps a clear boundary.  He will not engage sexually with anyone, nor will any Master, though one's own projected can create this illusion if that is what one creates.  This is a projection and will need to be resolved.

Adama says he has two primary roles. One is to lift people up – to inspire and heal them. The other is to reflect a strong energy of Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine equality.  He brings healing for the feminine , bringing our awareness to the Divine Feminine, the .  I think women are looking for this in men, that this is an ideal quality their hearts yearn for, and is probably why women develop a "crush" on him.

In , they hold a collective vibration of pure, natural, complete expression of the Divine Feminine energies united with the Divine Masculine. Adama and others in   project this expression to inspire us to do the same – it is how they are helping us to ascend.  About the Twin Flame question, there is no reason to feel Adama must be a Twin Flame because you resonate with him – he may be someone you've known for a very long time, or be very similar to your Twin Flame.   As always, Adama, as with Christ, loves you unconditionally no matter what.

Whether they are a Twin Flame or not, attempting to merge sexually with an other-dimensional being is a great way to attract lower-vibrating entities.  Especially to someone who perhaps has had several disappointing relationships, it may be tempting to say, "Forget it!  I'm calling forth my Twin Flame in spirit until I can find the right ."

A Twin Flame will unite with their counterpart at a Soul level, which is beautiful but it is not sexual, but happens in the heart.  Turning to other dimensions for romantic fulfillment is possibly a symptom of psychological dependency  upon escaping to the unseen worlds.  Add to this the fact that loneliness is an epidemic in modern society, and you have some vulnerable people.   I believe a being of light will send back to the person projecting it, so that they can incorporate their safely.

Ascended Masters and beings of light will not encourage us to leave ourselves. The role of beings of light is to teach us to be here, in our bodies, and to learn to love this experience unconditionally.  Beings in Telos will encourage us to be here, now.

Adama has something to say:

Greetings, beloved ones.  There are a lot of women who are in pain, because of disappointing relationships in their past, and I am compassionate toward this.  I invite you all to take my hand, and to let my energy warm you, warm your soul, and let this be a pleasant experience for you.

I do recognize you as equals, who are on this amazing journey of self-realization, and the courage it takes to be strong in your societies filled with extreme patriarchy, and the effects this has on your perception of your womanhood, is something we in the Light Cities are sympathetic to!

Of course, our hearts are with you.  I feel the pain in your hearts.  I do not stand on the side, passive, with my offerings of love to you all, but I come with you on your journeys through life, and also I know what it feels like to feel the pain of the third dimension.

If you remember, those of you who read my Aurelia's books that she mentions I am her Twin Flame and should you come to me with this feeling that I Am your Soul counterpart, you need to understand there is more to the Soul's existence than this Twin Flame ideal.  Focusing over-much on the Twin Flame connection can be counterproductive.  With any person, including me, you can have a relationship that transcends "Twin Flame" and moves beyond all concepts of sexuality and romance, and reaches straight to the heart of the Soul, where all concepts of duality vanish.  This is God-Realization.  This is what I have been teaching you lately, to look beyond what appears on the surface and I offer to help you break though the mind's perception of what a Twin Flame and a soul relationship looks like.

The teachings of the recent past have been circulating the idea of a twin soul or Twin Flame that matches your vibration as no other could. What an idealized, fantastic concept, that many see in actuality occurring for them.  So wonderful, but have you thought that God could provide you with more?  With more than a relationship as an ultimate expression of Oneness?

What I am talking about is the experience of the 5th-dimension aspect of your own self.

I am Adama, and your consciousness reaches far out into the stars, and beyond this to God.  Whether you believe I am your Twin Flame or any kind of relationship, my person, my presence, my name, are all stripped to nothing next to THIS PRESENCE of the Holy Spirit, the Divine Spark within each of your beings, and the personality of Adama or anyone else can approach that beauty and magnificence, and no Twin Flame aspect that appears to your eyes to come through me or anyone could ever approximate this divinity of your Soul.

What I am saying is, FIND GOD, and your soul will find peace, everlasting joy.

I work with souls as a mirror of their consciousness.   The clearest mirror is a pure channel of that God within our hearts.  I AM the clearest mirror many of you have encountered yet, in this physical incarnation. But I do nothing but reflect your love and light.

I am reflecting you at all moments.

What Lemuria, and I, represent is the heart of the Divine. One of the practical lessons to understanding oneself is to let go of needing to be defined by another being, whether it be Jesus or Krishna or Buddha or any personification of deity.

Mistakes or errors in judgment or perception is okay.  I have made many mistakes on my long life's journey.  We all have choices to make and that is how individuals and the collective grows.

Also, when your heart turns to me, know that you are becoming more integrated with your masculine and feminine within.  This is an important aspect of working with the Lemurian energy, because your soul wishes to balance the "karmic balance" of male and female.  You are, of course, infinite expressions of masculine and also feminine in all moments, so defining yourself through this split of male and female can be counterproductive, and searching for a Twin Flame element has limitations.  You are so much more than this.

Through me as a looking-glass, find for yourself a model of divine, balanced expression.  Find for yourself all the love you have been withholding from yourself all these many incarnations.

As your mirror, I reflect back to you all of your love.  I also allow you to see your insecurities, but the love of my heart is strong, in support of your healing them fully, along with many others.  This is a process of .

We will speak more in the future, blessed one, and for all, know I, Adama, am available to be your divine reflection.

Don't forget who you are really, working towards realizing your nature as God.  This is your goal, always.  Twin Flame re-uniting is secondary.



(Note: has channeled Adama very tenderly on this topic and Adama says several things in common with this message, read it here. 🙂 )