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Monday, 4 July, 2011  (posted 28 July, 2011)  

We are all concerned about three life areas, love, career and money. Of these, love is the area where we feel the most vulnerable and unsure. And it is the area where we feel we have the least and can be the most passive. After all, love is experienced in partnership with someone else so the love in our life depends on someone's willingness to love us. Right? That's the traditional view of love and it is also a very passive view. With passive love, we can't seem to manifest a partner when we want one. Or we a relationship that does not go in the direction that we wish it would, no matter hard we try. Is it our fault? Are we undeserving of love that cherishes, honors and respects us? Do we believe that we can create love in our life and or have we given up and stopped trying?

It is easy for us to believe, given our history with love, that we are out of control, unlucky or just even jinxed in this area of our lives. And we have proof of that because we have unhappy relationships, disappointments, betrayal and people who take advantage of our love and kindness or we haven't had a relationship in a long time. So instead of taking an active position and using our creative powers to create love, we take a passive stance and hope that one day the will bless us with a wonderful relationship and then we will be happy. In the meantime, we believe that we are not meant to have love and hope that our situation will get better some day and we try to make the best of whatever comes our way.

But we are in control of every aspect of our , even where love is concerned. The key to having wonderful and fulfilling relationships is to be actively within our for love, to learn the lessons of the past and set an for the present. The Universe responds to our thoughts and beliefs without , so our reality reflects what we are really asking for and not just what we want. So if we ask for someone to take away our loneliness, self-criticism and , we will get someone who makes us lonely, and criticizes and judges us.

We must be an active participant in the process of change in order to manifest any change in our lives. That starts with setting the intention and believing that we deserve what we are asking for, trusting that we can have it and setting the energetic frequency to receive what we ask for. And we must have faith in the process, no matter how long it appears to take. Every aspect of our reality is created from the inside out; we cannot get more from the world that we are putting out energetically. Creating love is an active process that reflects our desires, needs, judgments and self love. When we can create the love within that we want to experience from others, we have created the energetic frequency that will attract that love to us. And it will be absolutely perfect.

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