Hello, it is , Aurelia and also Ahnahmar, speaking together. Lately we have all been discussing with our channel Erin the importance of staying where you are, in , without trying to get somewhere, whether it be off to an etheric temple, or to or any etheric city, trying to be one with our hearts, and this also includes trying to advance in your as a professional healer if you do that, or any .

We know this advice contradicts much of what we have previously said. But the importance of not trying to get anywhere is that it reveals where you are and what you are actually working on in the present. There is really nowhere to go anyway, as it's an illusion, this "pathway" to seek for some spirituality. For some it is important to be searching and climbing and finding and we congratulate this with full hearts. There is no "better or worse" way to be, or to experience life.

But we offer this message as an alternative to climbing. This is because is more of a down-ward movement into your essential nature, not so much an upward climb toward something greater than what is present. We use the term "" often as it conveys the small steps necessary to move forward in self-love. But we could just as easily term it "Descension" – not into lower vibrations, but a by way of removing all that is incorrect – it is a wiping away of all that is unclear or cloudy in your understanding.

So start "Descending" out of your mind into the which never goes anywhere, and it is not difficult to reach.

Whether you enter the 5th Dimension of love is not dependent on what your intellect has to say about it.


I was intelligent but missing the point sometimes in my earthly incarnation when I talked about the Ascension process. Adama spoke through me often and I listened to him and the who spoke to me, with rapt attention, and faillessly shared my love and the truths I felt needed to be shared.

But what I have since learned from the Creator has to do with the Already Divine inside you, in your Heart, in your cells, in your entire beingness. So how is there a "path"? How can the Creator see you becoming One with Him when you are all already His own breath? That is the point I am trying to make.

It is the immediacy of God, the transparent Oneness in which all exist, without blemish. You see through God's eyes when you let the attention settle into this, into the heart, fully and unceasingly. That is what I want to encourage you to do. It is Adama's turn.


Have you ever been somewhere, where you felt the Divine flowing through your veins and everything seemed to be glowing in love and beauty to your eyes? This was a state of pristine integrity, and you did nothing to create that experience through intention – you did no work. It came because you welcomed it fully. Perhaps the place you went to has certain qualities that lent themselvse to such revelations of Truth but still you would not have felt it unless you had been open to it.

It is in the stillness where this sort of profound Truth appears and that is what I want to share with you. You can have that revelation any time.

Adama & Aurelia:

God is continuously saying, "I AM here. Don't look. Receive."

We promise you that the enlightenment you seek will pour out to you as you ask this question: God, are you here?

What do you think God will say? Of course God will outpour love for you as never before. And you can have it, without effort. That is one thing in life every person may acquire without any effort, is the outpouring of God's love and blessing.

Those who can advance will fall. Not as punishment, but as a natural course. Stop climbing heights. "Come to Me," is the Beloved's answer in the fog. We promise you, you will find God's longing for you is much more intense than yours has ever been for God at any time. We can assure you of this.

Our every mistake, and that of every person who has ever existed, is extinguished as God answers, "Yes, I AM here, with you always." Come to this understanding. Stop the wait. Just welcome in the Light and the Presence.

You will never regret it.

We are your teachers and friends always, here in Telos.