(Soul Insight Awakenings,  Dec. 26, 2009)

-vs-Ego is the continual refrain we hear from you, in the light realms. “You will experience your greater purpose once you release the ego&; – we hear this all the time.

Now it is time for a new story. You are your own story – and you heal and build upon your previous stories to hold enough balance so that your “old” stories can be heard or spoken as “not true,” not yours. You are holding a balance, a very delicate balance, to try and keep things straight, so that one seeming truth triumphs over the other. You are not going to get very far this way! It’s time to hear a new refrain.

When your ego is at , your begins to expand. It is also the same the other way around. There is no other way to do it. When your is at , your ego will release. Try this please, right now, where you are. Try healing your own mind. It will freeze up – it will not do anything at all.  If you send this to open your heart, you’ll be reminded that you are okay. The mind will realize all is okay. You won’t have to dismantle your ego piece by piece.  In fact, focusing on your heart – the ego is a shell encompassing a very tender place. It’s place is in the center of the Divine That You Are already, and you never changed that.

There is no soul that does not possess an egoic shell of some kind, because it is the center from which you see and share with others what you have seen. So it is a necessary tool, and as you grow, things always change – a bud turns into flower petals unfolding, and in you too there is a soul light that blossoms when it is ready to bloom. There is no ego that does not surrender in it’s own due time, just as the flower under right circumstances will always bloom.
So, we want you to be provided for – like a garden with good soil and heavy rain.

Your ego has heart in it – it is in your being.  You created it in your journeys as a sharpening tool. You use your ego to know yourself, to relate to other beings, and to what is surrounding you. The mind sharpens itself, it’s intention, by using the ego-structure. When you are lying in bed under a warm blanket, the ego doesn’t make a sound, because it already has what it needs, and you feel comfortable. It’s your ego alone that tells you that you have to surrender it.  It is a very strong command.   It is not meant to be that way.  You only have to surrender what your heart yearns to give up.

Your egoic mind needs parenting, that’s all! So encompass it in a loving embrace of soul meeting light. You are light, and you made this “ego” from that light. There is no need to strangle, or snuff it out of your experience. It is your own experience with mind that makes you fear it. This is your chance to not beat out your ego, but to embrace it, to love it, to cherish it even. That will give you endless love, for if you love your ego, you will love all else, too.  Right?