July 29, 2011 at 3:31 pm





As you watch the events of the

"world" unfold

bless all by allowing only that

which is Real



allow it to flow you

with one intention…




precious hearts

as you have been dropping off much density

within yourself

so goes the world…


as within…so without..!!!  yes??


know that all is in


 you are the creators of your experience..


you can choose how you will experience change…..


~you can choose to see it thru the eye of love~

filling your being with peace

and then skip into your day

or you can choose

to step into the fear…


much like standing behind the curtain

of your own movie

and it is your choice

whether you will be the observer

of the movie

knowing you have designed a grand outcome

or you can step on the stage

and become "one" with the drama

of all the players….


always your choice…

in truth…this is all you are ever doing..

watching the perfect dance of love playing

out as the "world"

that already has the perfect outcome

or stepping into the play

and taking on all of the drama…


you see it is that "choice"

that creates what you will experience…


there-in lies your true Power…


so…my precious hearts..'this day

i ask that you go within and fill

yourself with the pink of unconditional

love of what is…


feel it expanding out into all of ..

fill yourself and the "world" with

the pink ray ………….


Using the pink ray fill yourself and feel

yourself filling with such a love..

such a feeling of peace…

glorious shades and hues of the

pink ray filling each and every

for in truth

there is only the One Heart…


it is the ray of

and it is the god within you

extending itself into creation

giving a grand statement to the universe..






allow it to extend as far as your

imagination will allow…

know that this very act

will lift and touch all involved


~out of chaos comes creation~


the old ways must dissolve for the

new to enter…

so hold all in your heart

and send loving thoughts

to all involved…beginning with yourself…


you are very powerful creators

and to create

is to "choose with love"….


allow me to say that one more time..


to Create is to "choose with Love"


allow your love to be like a symphony

that simply flows thru you

unimpeded…seeing all events as neutral

and giving thanks

for what is unfolding…


new birth is always preceded

by a period of "labor.."  intensity

if you resist the "labor"

it lasts much longer..


yet if you breathe with it and allow it

you give it permission to bring forth

a new and precious life…


does this make sense to you…..????


You are the ..

each of you are playing your own note..

Yet you are the One Song….


~each note is still one with the song~


When enough notes are singing

the song of love..the frequency

of the pink ray of uncondtional love

that is an extension of the mystery

that surrounds each and every now

united together thru intention

the "whole is lifted into the symphony"

in a beautiful dance of harmony…


allow your love to flow

as the symphony…


unimpeded by anything

you think you see…


this is how you heal the world

precious hearts..

you are not separate from the world..


in is all arising "within you"…

embrace it with your unconditional love

and go about your day…


for you are so dearly loved


hold peace in your hearts

and extend a smile to all this day..


i am with you always…




~the voice of love~

blended with denisa…a co-creation



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