27 July 2011 

Channeler: Karen Doonan

Welcome beloveds we are here to reassure you that all is well and all is perfect around you. Many of you will have spent the past few days “remembering&; events , people and places that you have thought about in many cases for years. This is all part of the cleansing and allowing to go that must happen for the elevation of the human vibration. To allow all to go, to cleanse the from all that is stored there is to allow the LOVE that IS to flow freely through your BEing. That is what this next part of the life experience is all about dear ones, for it frees YOU to be who YOU in truth are.

Many of you have struggled as you tried to keep the emotions and pent up, to suppress the pain that you have been taught resides in your hearts. This has left many frustrated and angry as the rise up again and again for clearance. To try to push these away results in more frustration and so it goes on. For those who trusted in the process and have faith in themselves this will have been an intense time of shifting that which no longer serves. It is in having faith and trust in YOU that the movement through this cleansing is done.

We come to guide on the process and how to move the human vibration higher. This is a natural process that occurs when living from the . As more and more is cleared from the heart another veil is lifted, as more veils are lifted the human vibration is heightened. We guide strongly that there is not way around this, it is the clearing and moving of people, events and places from the heart that triggers the elevated vibration, there is no “quick fix”. Illusion teaches that there is no need to do any of this work, that a visit back into the heart will result in more pain and as events over the world have shown it is a depth of teaching that is taken without question by many. As more fear is triggered within the human BEing more close their hearts to the pain that they have been taught lives there. In TRUTH dear ones the way out of pain is through your hearts.

We are the Andromedans and we ask you to be open to our words of guidance. We sit on the and come through this channel to show UNITY. Many across the planet now accept and embrace the concept of ONENESS and we are here to guide how to reach UNITY. ALL ARE ONE. Many will once more question this channel and question the words that she brings through, we wish to thank her for her openness at channelling an that she has not channelled publicly before. Once more we guide humans to be aware of the illusions teaching around judgement. We ask you not to judge the channel but to process our words through your hearts. For it is only within your hearts that you will find TRUTH. Illusion will seek to teach you that only certain channels exist for the channelling of our energies and we guide you strongly to detach from this teaching.

As many will find over the course of the coming days, weeks and months, many different channels will be sought and used to convey the messages of UNITY that will begin to show across the planet. This channel is but one of those, many channels are contacted but not all channels trust the process nor trust themselves and as yet many have not honoured the request from the many different planets to bring through words from energies they do not “usually” connect to.

We guide now on the connection to energies and wish to guide strongly that ALL can connect to whichever star system energy they wish. All that is needed is the vibration to be able to connect. This is done through the work that humans do on themselves and is through living from the heart. Many will question this guidance and we seek to draw your attention to the teaching of illusion which will teach that rules and regulations are needed before attempting to connect to other energies. We ask who this serves? In a universe full of different energies who sits in judgement of whether YOU can connect to US. For dear ones ALL ARE ONE, that alone gives you all the information YOU need.
The rules and regulations governing the connection of the human to any other energy in the universe are illusion dear ones. Whilst you are taught that YOU need to do x and Y we ask who decided that this was the case? Why would you be taught that you need to protect yourself from an energy that YOU are part of? ALL ARE ONE dear ones and we guide you to take this into the silence within and ask the questions and listen to the answers. The energy that many across the planet term “reiki” is , why would you need to follow rules and regulations around the use of this energy? Do plants follow these rules? Do animals? They are all part of the that exists throughout the universe.

We guide you to question teachings that are put in place that plant seeds of fear. We see many humans struggle with the teachings they undertake when they begin to realise that they have all the knowledge they need within them. For it is this knowledge that you reconnect to dear ones, it is not a “new” skill that you learn when you use energy, you are reconnecting to life times of work previous to the incarnation that you are currently in. We guide you to process this TRUTH with your heart. There is no one way of working with energy and we see over and over many humans who struggle with this concept. Who are taught that there is only one way and this causes them frustrations when they reconnect to the energies and find that they work in a slightly different way than they were taught.

Each one of you is unique and each one of you will hold and process energy at a slightly different level and way. There is no one way dear ones there just IS. For many the frustrations are borne out of following anothers teachings, for many find that the energies begin to work at various levels they have not been guided on from the teachings and this prompts seeds of fear to germinate. This is illusion dear one, there is no right and no wrong there just IS. If you use a crystalline BEing in a certain way that is different from a colleague then so BE it. That is the way that YOU work uniquely with that crystalline BEing. There is no right and wrong, there just IS.

Illusion teaches at all times to move the human BEing away from the heart, away from the seat of truth, we guide you to be alert at all times to this and to detach from it. When you are taught that you need to practice for hours at a time or take weeks or years to move through what needs to be learned we guide you to question this. Does this come from the fear that is present within the or does it come straight from illusion ? Who sits in judgement of YOU? Who is in place to decide whether or not YOU can connect back into the that YOU are? Who does this serve?

We expect that many humans reading our words will be triggered and we guide you to look at why the seeds of fear have germinated within YOU at our words. There are no rules and regulations dear ones there just IS. It is not possible for a human to misuse the energy that they ARE. Energy just IS. LOVE just IS. It is the interpretation of what these are that governs how a human interprets them. It is humans who decide black and white, right and wrong and this is always based on a level of fear.

The new energies have propelled many humans past where they have been before. These new energies are intense and move humans into their heart centres, it is from here that TRUTH is discerned and that the life experience is created. For those who still choose to use the logical mind this will be an intense period of nightmare proportions as the mind cannot process emotion and the world will cease to make much sense. Life that is lived from the heart is life lived in TRUTH. That TRUTH is a FEELing, we ask you to FEEL how YOUr life is, to move away from the logical mind that will be driven into working overtime trying to make sense of something that is emotionally based.

The new world is based on heart living and will make little sense to the mind. When humans FEEL the right way to live they will be at ONE with the universe and themselves. They will bring themselves into alignment with the universe and miracles will start to happen. Humans who live within the mind will see all that they thought existed begin to crumble as the logical mind will make no sense of the FEELings that are being lived by. This will cause chaos and may send many into panic and lower vibration. We guide you strongly to allow your heart to rule your life. The heart is the instrument of TRUTH, it is the ONLY instrument of TRUTH that human BEings have. Use is wisely dear ones for it is your path home.

We are the Andromedans and we sit on the Galactic Council. The Council are available for ALL to connect to. When you read words of guidance that perhaps do not make sense to you or you wish to process at a deeper level then by all means dear ones contact us directly and we will define further for you. Be aware that to fight over the guidance and fight over the channel brings you into illusion. For illusion teaches separation. A human is in no place to judge another human for ALL ARE ONE. As such all are equal and there is no hierarchy, that is a teaching of illusion who would seek to teach humans that some are above others. We guide you to process our words through your heart. The message of UNITY will come through other channels, we guide you to look for the messages of UNITY as they begin to appear across the planet earth. ALL ARE ONE.