8 July 2011

Julie Miller

Good day to you dear ones! It is always a wonderous moment whenever I get to talk to you.

There are so many dear beautiful children awakening as the time draws nearer to 's ascension. I see so many of you trying to play catch up to others who have awakened long before them and who have been on their paths for a very long time. I would like to address that today dear ones. There is no rush. There is no need to play catch up. You are all where you need to be. No one is expecting you to awaken into your new spiritual self over night.

Many of you are noticing what 'gifts' each one has and some wish they had them too or will use them soon. The gifts you have or are just noticing are already being used or you will be soon enough. Some gifts require practice, , and knowledge coming from studies and also. Some of you have been able to know right away you are to do. You have a built in 'knowing'. But there are some that require tweaking or fine tuning.

If you are one that requires fine tuning of your gift(s), there is nothing wrong with that. You have a saying on Earth, "Practice makes perfect". And some of you might wonder, "How do I know if I need a little help or guidance?". You will know dear ones if you ask yourself. And I mean really ask yourself. Ask with your . If you are 100% happy with your 'gifts' and your use of them, then that is your answer. And there may be a time when you might need to take a look at your spiritual growth and see where you might need to focus on.

Your time dear ones to shine with your gifts, will come if they haven't already. The ones who are able to shine now is because this is their time. And they know you wish to be doing the same as I do, as all the know. Really try not to be jealous or envious children. Both take vital and can lead to negativity. Each and every one of you has a special purpose. And there is no one more gifted than another even if it looks that way. It just means some have been at it longer or have had the time to develop thier skills. If you are one of the ones who are just starting, don't be dismayed. This is when you need to work on YOU. Learning who YOU are. Meditate often, reach within yourself to find meaning and calm. And this is a time to . yourself and others equally around you.

I see so many beautiful children caught up in past events, that they have a hard time coping in the present. it is very important to let those events go. Not only do they provide , they also hinder your spiritual growth. Letting go of the negativty many people are doing in order to further develop themselves spiritually. And when they are successful with this, they are able to feel a big weight lifting off thier shoulders. And the removal of access weight or baggage is something that gets repeated. Its not just a one time occurance.

I am called the "Light of God" or the "Angel of Ministration". I am called this because it is I who helps light your way past painful memories and helps transforms your thinking of those events so they are not so painful. Sometimes dearest ones, its hard to see the lesson inside the most painful of memories. It is I who you call upon to help you with this. I will help you unclutter the mess so you can see and learn from what is already within you.

If you have the ability to see, as this one does, or you have noticed a sparkle of specific colours that note I am there with you. When I am around, you may see sparkles of lavender, silver, violet and indigo. You may think that could be anything, and yes it could, but ask with your heart dear ones, and you will know I am there.

I will guide you to open your heart and see what is front of you. There is so much in front of you my dear ones, that many take for granted. Always take the time to tell your loved ones how much you love them and appreciate them. Don't just assume they know. For the most part they do, but they like to hear the words. Be accepting and loving to those who you do not know or ones that are harmful. You do not need to tell the ones that have harmed you, that you love them, but you can send the thoughts in your head. Speak them behind your closed door. They may not verbally hear you, but we do. We of the hear these words of love that you send unconditionally. And we are there beside you enforcing that love. You are never alone dear ones.

I will soon take my leave of this dear soul who has allowed me to enter her mind and spirit. I will share something that happened before I began this discussion. During her meditation [prior to receiving my message], there are words she say along with the one who is singing them. For the last part, she came out sounding like a man. It was not her voice. I came through her singing the few words with her. We love music dear children. We love music like Mozart, but this one was using a dear soul that has a beautiful voice – Snatam Kaur. Everytime she meditates to this woman, she has many beings of light that join her. Quite remarkable actually. I am only sharing this because I know she might not have said that and I can feel her warming to this so I will stop. This is not meant to tease her. I would not tease her or anyone. We are sharing a beautiful moment.

Please dear ones, learn your lessons at a pace that is comfortable for YOU. No one has a stop watch, timing on how fast you learn something. You are beautiful. Each and everyone of you is deeply loved by me. Whenever you are in need of assistance with your burdens, please call on me so I can comfort you and guide you. Dearest ones I also work through the gemstone, amber. Hold the stone and ask for me, and you will not feel so alone. All of us of the Divine are always here for you, waiting for you to call upon us to hold you, offer you support, and guide you.

….And so it is,