19 July 2011

Breaking down old conditions
Channeled by: Julie Miller

Blessings to each and every one of you dearest souls! It is wonderful to speak again. I really do enjoy my Tuesdays, but I enjoy anyday that I get to share with the beloved children of this .

From the many readings you have read and videos you have watched, you are by now well aware of a great approaching the . And I don't mean the as in her ascension and the changes she is doing. I am talking about the change of thinking for the people of the . Its already taking place in many areas around this magnificent globe.

Many of you are breaking out of old conditions, preventing the of past events to continue and to take control of your lives. You are becoming the Master and the Creator of your . You have worked hard dear ones doing this. You have had to face many fears. And when facing these fears that were holding you back from finding your true self, you learned what was so scary wasn't so bad after all.

I would like to talk about this today. Even though there are many of you that have let go of the old and are embracing the new and preparing for the future, there are many still living in the past. Many dear children do not know how to stop the cycle or to leave old patterns and/or conditions behind.

We need to send these beautiful people the healing of your love and light. They are in need of much love and support. With gentle from us and loving people, the dear ones that are still stuck in outdated beliefs can come out further into the Light and be in awe of themselves. They will breath as if breathing for the first time.

Most people that are stuck in outdated beliefs are because of fear. They fear the new, they fear themselves, and they fear the unknown. There is nothing to be afraid of dearest children. Fear dear ones will prevent you from thinking clearly and cloud rational thought. Dear ones you are encouraged to let go of past events that are no longer relevant. Things that happened in the past cannot be changed. All you can do is accept the outcome of the situation as it was. You need to be focusing on the present dear ones. Focusing on discovering YOU. You are beautiful dear children, the light you give off is breathtaking to us. Each time you discover something new about yourself, we clap our hands in encouragement and pride. We know not every self-discovery you find is not always what you wish to find. When you discover something not so savory about yourself dear ones that is when you discover what you can focus and improve upon. Lessons come in many forms dear ones.

When you leave the outdated beliefs where they need to be and decide to focus on yourself in the present you will feel lighter dear souls. You are carrying around a lot of unnecessary baggage. It does put a strain on you that you will be able to feel on your physical body. Free yourself dear children, lighten the load you carry. You are not meant to carry the world on your shoulders. There is already a fine man with that job, his name is Atlas and he takes his job pretty seriously and doesn't share his responsibility very well [laughing]. And those outdated beliefs that you are going to leave behind do not get thrown in the trash, they become distant memories and that is all.

All of the Masters and other beings of the Divine want nothing but happiness and joy in your life. We cannot bring you either, but it is something you can help create for yourself by hard work on your part. Working on your manifestations, meditating for peace or to communicate with me or another Master or being of light, being willing to give Unconditional Light and Love even to those you would rather not, living without your Ego, so many I can list here but I trust you have the idea. To create your new reality that does not include outdated beliefs is to be done by only you. You will have guidance from spiritually minded friends, Archangels, Masters, Rays and more by asking for who you prefer to work with.

It is very courageous of all of you dear ones when you step beyond the limitations that you have consciously and subconsciously created for yourself. Yes, it can quite frightening to go out of your comfort zone and branch to new areas, but it is also exciting. And its only natural to make mistakes along the way, after all you are learning, learning is a never ending experience. Be kind to yourself as you step out of your comfort zone. Don't be so quick to critize yourself. The self-criticism is part of the reasons why its so hard for you to take on new challenges that can offer so much enlightenment. You are all loved so very much dear ones. Having the right attitude when being faced with a new challenge is important dear ones. Try to be positive and to remain calm in any event. I know its easier said than done. But if you start off being negative to the situation that is in front of you, it will only encourage further negativity and lower your energy. I have seen so many dear souls do this and their energies become so low and the negativity causes additional stress that can eventually cause you to become ill.

Try to remain light in your heart dear ones. You know you never walk alone. If you are finding it extremely difficult to maintain a positive attitude with the current situation you are facing, ask for me or any other Master to come to your aid. We will be there whenever you call, and we will listen and hold your hand. I know you will succeed putting past events behind you. I completely believe you will focus on the present and prepare as much as you can for the future that is coming. You instantly have my unwavering faith in your abilities dear children.

It was truly wonderful dear ones to speak to you about this today. I am looking forward to be here again next Tuesday.

Ascended Master,