This one is a bit late, but is still contemporary.




Your Divine


Blessings ! What a wonderful time it is to speak once again with you through this beautiful vessel.

children you have already the power within you to make all the necessary changes that will bring happiness and joy into your lives. A good many of you refuse to see this or accept this very fact and that is because they fear the truth of themselves. You are all God's children, the Creator's, the Source, however you call the One you pray to, he loves you, you are a part of him as he is a part of you.

Stop denying your true and step out into the light that is bright and filled with so much unconditional love. Allow this light to surround you and fill you with a comforting warmth. Yes there is much you need to accept, but that is all part of your life lessons. Where you grow and move on from.

Dear ones you have the power to do an awful lot. You have the power to choose when to get up in the morning, what clothes to where, what you will eat, who you will talk to first, the list goes on dear ones. Your ability to choose is part of your Divine Power. What I have given you here are very basic examples. But like these examples, you also have the Divine Power inside of you to choose to be in the Light of the Divine, of God, to the one you devote yourself to.

One thing I would like to stress dear children, while you are learning about yourself, your true self, sorting through the exaggerated truths, moving past traumatic events; I want you to love yourself. Love who you have become. Take a look at how far you have come. Remind yourself of all the challenges you have overcome and the love that is within you to share unto others. You are beautiful dearest ones. It is so easy to get lost in the negative parts you find about yourself that lead to so much self doubt; I have seen many of you do this numerous times. If you stumble across something about yourself you do not like, you have the power to change this. You cannot change the past as the past has already been done, but you can prevent further negative situations from arising by addressing certain changes within yourself and going through the necessary steps to improve your present and future.

Your pure intent and purest of love is very powerful dearest children. When you act out of love, your is so strong and you attract so many like yourself around you. You become the sweet nectar the bees are attracted to. Have you not noticed this dear ones? When you are in a moment of despair, you attract others like you or worse that will bring you further down the path of negative thinking. And when you start using positive thinking, you attract others that think like you and encourage you to keep going and trying.

As Masters, angels or other deities that you have as guides, that is all we can do is guide you. We cannot choose for you, as it is your power to choose. We will support you, love you and be beside you, but we cannot intervene your free will to choose. And whatever decision you make at the time regardless if it turns out to be a good choice or not so good choice, you will find lessons. Everything you do has a dear ones. When you eat that is a to feed yourself. Again a very simple example. When someone walks past you and bumps into you, your there is how you react and respond. And sometimes there are several lessons within one act.

I am glad to have this time with this kind soul so I can speak to so many of you. It is time to depart beautiful children. I will be back with her next week. Each and every one of you is doing a phenomenal job discovering yourself and learning your lessons. Always have faith dear ones in all you do, as I always have faith in you.

Namaste, Master,