25 July 2011  

Channeler: Yshatar (Ashtar Transmissions)

Dear ones, let love be the nectar of which you drink! Let love fill that thirst that you feel on your Earth. That longing that creates a void. In times of loneliness lift up your spirits and drink from the universal love of the creator. Replenish your being, for this nectar is ever flowing. It can not run out, for it is eternal. Share this drink with others dear ones! Let love flow, let love flourish. In these days many will feel weak, lost, and broken. Tempers will flair just as the sun will flair. Dear ones remember the power of forgiveness, and the power of the ever flowing nectar of love upon which you can drink endlessly.

The days are changing rapidly, many are confused, and experiencing the powerful incoming energies. There are times when the energies are too much to bare, In these times ask for the assistance of your guides who are there to help with this transition. Do not fear asking for help in dealing with the powerful energies that are coming to your planet in great waves at this time. Do not be afraid to be weak dear ones, You have all been strong for so long, indeed dear ones great strength is required in order to have dealt with the many things involved in the history of your Earth. Your civilization has come very far, have done great things, have experienced great loss and have made great strides.

But momentum is building dear ones and great change is coming to your world. The awakening of Gaia is more then just a physical event, it is a spiritual event, her spirit has awakened just like it has awakened in you. Just as you are now remembering who you really are in this moment, so too is Gaia remembering who she really is. The light within her is growing and encompassing everything in your reality. It is a web of light which is growing stronger as the days go by. This growing web of light will accelerate more and more as the days pass, increasing the frequency of her being, increasing the consciousness of your civilization. Transforming the world as you know it.

This web of light will break down limiting thought patterns as more is revealed by her light. It is the transformation of the ages, A powerful shift in reality. This dear ones, for some, will also translate to chaos. Many systems will collapse. Remember dear ones, to drink from the nectar of universal love, Share this nectar with others, bring forth to them the powerful message of love, and of unity, but most of all of responsibility to one another. There is a powerful system in place in your world, however brothers and sisters, it is not more powerful then all your hearts combined. You are the ones who hold true power. Anything else is illusion perpetrated by the many leaders of your world through fear of the illusion of finite existence.

For eons on your Earth, death has been played out in different ways, a constant slew of propaganda of the mortality of the human being. The destruction of your vessels has been entrained in to your minds in order to maintain power of your people, Death has been seen as a form of destruction in your world, a form of suffering and pain, a loss, dear ones it is time to move from this vibration, To see death for what it is, evolution of the soul, transition, transformation, higher densities, greater realities, it is a moving up from matter to light, it is a returning to your true embodiment, for those who have lost loved ones to death, linear time is the cause of suffering, not death itself, to your loved ones, it is but a moment away.

Death dear ones has been a glimpse in to the illusionary separation experienced by the creator in order to give love it's own awareness. To experience itself in different vibrations. In reality there is no death, there is no separation, there is only the illusion of it. In order to see past this illusion dear ones, look beyond what the institutions of your world say reality is.

Remove the veils dear ones by realizing there are no veils, feel Gaias web of light embracing each and every cellular structure in your being, feel her love for you, do not feel bad in being weak in these times dear ones, for your knows the hardships many will endure in these days, and each and everyone one of you have her full support and understanding. There can only be love in her spirit. The present days and the coming days dear ones will at times cause feelings of hopelessness and failure for some extremely sensitive souls on Gaia, especially between July and September. For this reason we bring you this message of the nectar of universal love, so that you are reminded that you have the full support and understanding of not only your but ours as well as the creators. Dear ones you can do no wrong, ease your spirits dear ones, calm yourselves and remember that you are surrounded by an infinite amount of loving energies.

You do not have long dear ones before your world is transformed, hold one dear ones, you are almost there, we will guide you as best we can and assist your world in ways that may not be fully apparent to you yet, but we can not do it all dear ones, for if we did, then all you have done and endured would have been for nothing, for you are in the school of life dear ones and you have studied hard, you've passed many tests, now you are almost at graduation, we will be there to cheer you on as your civilization takes center stage and receives their diploma, remain heart centered, and nothing will deter your path.

Cmder Sheron channeled Through Yshatar