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Saturday, 16 July, 2011  (posted 21 July, 2011)

My dear friends, we you so very much.

There is a tendency upon your planet earth to label and divide your activities and thoughts into what you consider to be "spiritual" and what you consider to be "mundane." Your mind decides something is "important" and therefore requires more attention than something "unimportant," and while these labels are human and we certainly do not judge them, we see things so very differently up here in the heavens. All your activities can be spiritual dear friends, or all can be mundane. If you sit in church out of a of duty, with no feeling of connection to God, that is less spiritual than the times when you view a single flower with a prayer of gratitude within your hearts, and a of wonder for the majesty of creation. If you perform acts of charity out of a of duty, that is less spiritual than quietly smiling at the in your local convenience store as you buy your gas. It is never the outer activity that dictates the movement within. Rather it is the quality of love that exists within your hearts that dictates the merit of the outer works.

This month many of you are having an urge to clear out and clean out. And while sorting through your possessions may not feel so spiritual, and while you might feel there are more important things to do, consider the fact that laying the foundation of a is certainly more tedious and less exciting than putting up the walls or enjoying the decor. Tilling the rocky soil of a garden patch is certainly hard work and yet it is necessary before you can weed, feed, fertilize, and harvest the beautiful vegetables that grow there. There are times for tilling the soil of your life. You are indeed digging and laying new foundations when you do so. If you want a job, you must prepare a resume. If you want to enjoy order, you have to clear chaos. If you want to enjoy a relationship, you have to throw away old beliefs that no longer serve you.

For every dream you have dear friends, there are soils that must be tilled, and foundations that must be laid. And so this week, we urge you to look at your dreams, and say to yourself, "What beliefs must I embrace to be consistent with those dreams?" "What do I need to change in my home or life to be consistent with those dreams?" What can I do right now, within my means, time, and levels to lay the foundations for the future I desire? Think about these things dear friends and then get busy because you are the ones who set the wheels in motion for your dreams to come true!

God bless you! We love you so very much.
— The Angels

Message From Ann

I have been clearing and cleaning out my house all year. Layer by layer I'm weeding through my entire life's accumulations. These past few weeks the urge hit me to weed out my thousands and thousands of photographs. I had the notion I could get it done in a day. Not quite! After spending most of my fourth of July weekend doing so, I still have more to go. And yet I am having clearing out photos that no longer make me happy, photos that are just plain ugly, photos of places I've photographed so many times, I don't need more photos… you name it. I'm freeing up space on the hard drive, and making room for my creative hobby once again.

I spent another weekend repairing all the clothes and other items I piled in the spare room that needed mending. Again it was tedious beyond words but I felt SO good when it was finally done.

These things that we want to do, but put off because they are boring, tedious, or just not as much fun really sap our energy. And we CAN make them fun. We can put on good music, wait for a day when the weather is too hot to do anything else, get on the phone with a family member or friend if our hands our busy but our minds are free. There are so many ways we can entice ourselves to do those things we put off. I'm still in that mode, slowly but surely doing what I can afford now and dreaming of more later. It feels good. With every old photo I delete, I free up my heart. With every object I donate or mend, I feel the energy lighten up.

Sometimes in the process of manifesting, we do have to make room in our energy, our hearts, and our lives before more can come in. Have fun, and as Snow White once said, "Whistle While you Work!"… enjoy the journey!

Love and hugs,


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