By CM Johan

July 10, 2011

This is CMAton of Nebadon, your Sovereign,

As many have heard us calling them Are you Ready, Time to say your 's,
We have opened the channels to test, to be ready indeed.

Time for preparations is over, Time for ACTION is HERE.
Our Father has urged you to look to the East, by now you know what will rise for all to see.

As I take full responsability for any delay as said before, I stand tall and proud of the Plan at hand and it could not have worked any other way, as many of you understandable fail to see, until such time.

Just like a tornado that gives very little or no warning, so are the changes ready to roll, AND ROLLING THEY WILL.
All efforts have reached exhaustion, from warnings, to teachings in this environment, to preparations from our side in alignment with Universal Law, to attempts to make some change their hearts and therefore : ACTION MUST SPEAK NOW, and much louder than you can imagine or others can bear. 

With ALL the Blessings and Accord, we will proceed.
Fear not but Love and Bless and stand your ground as we cross that finish line in style. You will be safe. Rest your bodies and mind for the short time being; see you soon.

This is CMAton of Nebadon, Your Sovereign,

Time to clean out you cubboards one more time.

There might still lay around some skeletons of unfinished business such as cases of unforgiveness, resentment, jealousy, relentless refusal to face responsability on your own. Babysitters have passed the revue, instructions were given, but babies you have remained since the milk is easier to swallow. That was your detriment as you have not learned to chew for yourself. Anything they gave you to swallow, you took it, hook, line and sinker. So very true of this day today, the American Dream, you HAVE to be asleep to believe it, and you did.

We enter different territory now and Divine Mercy is always at work, so take full advantage and regroup quickly and you will prosper according to your soul. If not, you will suffer according to your desires and weaknesses. Even those of you who ' believe ' a membership is good enough to be called: awaken, go back to sleep, we will meet again another time.

Be Blessed, My Children, by blessing yourself. You know what to do, we cannot keep doing it for you. Think instead of swallowing and even common sense will tell what to accept and what to refuse.

Look up and see for yourself the changes that are upon you now. I can say no more and your soul knows just as much to make it out of here and back in glory. Please do not talk but ACT on your own behalf, for its the only thing left to save.

Salu, CMAton of Nebadon.