6 July 2011  

Channeler:  Julie Miller

and Mercy with Lady
From the Collins on-line dictionary

Compassion: a feeling of distress and pity for the suffering or misfortune of another
Mercy: 1. compassionate treatment of or attitude towards an offender or who is in one’s power. 2. the power to show mercy, they threw themselves on the ’s mercy. 3. a relieving or welcome occurrence or act, it was a mercy you turned up when you did. 4. at the mercy of in the power of,

Children of the Light it pleases me so to be here today with this beautiful child. I had her define these two 'words' from a trusted source and include them with the message I am relating today.

I am the Ascended Master, Lady Quan Yin. It is I, who you call out for when asking for some compassion or "show me some mercy". I am there dear ones, holding you, comforting you.

I see much compassion around this beautiful world everyday, and yet I see so many people who still have trouble with this beautiful characteristic. It is a characteristic that seems to be forgotten by many. Compassion and Mercy do work together, not separately.

When you show compassion dear children, this is one of the most basic human components of yourself. You read the newspapers, watch televised news about disasters and people suffering as a result. You see programs about starving children and abused animals, and your opens up and some of you become teary eyed. You want to do something. That my dearest children is compassion. And for some there is not much you can do financially. We of the higher spiritual realms understand this, and its okay. You are not expected to save the world, not you alone.

What it is that you can do at that moment you feel thier suffering, that costs nothing, is send them your uncondional love. Inside you is a most brilliant light. Each and everyone of you has a slightly different light inside you. Its these beautiful, wispy, gentle lights that can be seen by others. Especially the ones that are suffering. There eyes close for a moment, some longer and they are able to see shades of light. Dear ones you have heard stories of people describing incredible experiences of meeting a light or other aparations when they are about to cross over into another existance as they are dying. These are not all imagined. These are very much real. Your ability to send light and love, does make a difference even if the ones receiving it does not know who or what exactly is helping them either cross over or come back because their time for death is not yet.

There will be more naturally occuring disasters to come before beautiful Gaia has reset herself and finsihed cleansing. Dearest, beautiful children your love and light will be needed then too.

At the same time dear children, you are showing Mercy when you send your love and light to those that are suffering. Compassion and Mercy happens almost at once at the same time.

Another way of showing Mercy, is to towards those you consider your enemy. People that are against you. You have lived in a such a rivaling existance for so long, this may be a hard concept for some. This is when you call on me. Call me, ask me to assist you in giving the one who has done you and your loved ones wrong to help show them Mercy and Compassion. Not just towards you but towards others as well. The people that have done you wrong dear ones are also deserving of your unconditional love and light.

In a world beautiful children that is full of so much upheaval, compassion and mercy is necessary, so very necessary. There are ongoing wars, hunger, violence, cruelty, disasters, and other sad events that need you and your beautiful love and light.

You will feel dear beautiful children, when you do this, a wonderful feeling. A knowing that you did something, aided comfort, light and love to someone across the world in the most purest possible way. It came from your heart. The love in your heart is most powerful. When all of you do this together, no matter where you are, the earth you live on glows. The unconditional love you send to another also assists your beautiful planet with her own changes. So much is accomplished by a simple act – LOVE.

There are other ways dearest children for you do show your Compassion and Mercy, even in the communities which you live. Helping give directions to a lost traveller, Spring clean more often, not just during Spring. When you do this you will find things, like old books, clothes that you don't like but are still good, toys; that can be used by others. You can donate these to a shelter, hospital, or send them to a charitable organization that will help find use of what is cluttering your home. This is another way of being compassionate and merciful. It is another chance of showing your creativity also. Yes, giving is creative, merciful and compassionate.

Dearest children, I will depart you now with my own love and light. It was so wonderful to speak with you. Please call on me anytime dear beautiful children when you are need of compassion, mercy or just need to be comforted.

Blessings to you all – Lady Quan Yin