If you are anything like me (god forbid!) you are getting a bit impatient with this , eclipse sandwich, crumbling of social institutions, etc. It feels like I am always waiting for the other shoe to drop so I know what action to take next. Sound familiar? Problem is, how will I ever see when that other shoe drops, while I am under the first one that dropped! And who says there is only going to be one more shoe?

Folks think I am a patient person because I made all those detailed tapestries and wands that took a lot of  time (and seemingly patience) to create. The patience was not in the physical creation part. I was so impatient to see the given project finished, that I kept working and working until it was complete. Once I had the inspiration to create the piece, I didn’t need patience. I could act! There was nothing I could really do (although I tried!) to hasten the process. The patience came in waiting for the inspiration. In knowing in what direction to proceed.

Right now I find myself in a similar situation. I am surrounded by fog and its not just because its been raining here on top of the mountain and I am literally in a cloud! Just like the sun always, eventually, burns away the fog, I know the sun will soon illuminate my path. It always does and always has. I just require being patient for a little bit longer…….